Friday, March 28, 2008

There's a bug in my salad...

Hi y'all,

I had these tomatoes sitting on a plate, which was sitting on top of a Monkey statue.

Yesterday ,I heard this huge clatter. Cavuto had knocked the plate ..clean off the Monkey .

He was sitting there ,lookin' all stupid ,like he was after a bug or somethin'.

I went out to see what the ruckus was, and there he is , just staring at the tomatoes....Like this.

The next day, he's still staring at the tomatoes. Only now ,he's doing his "bug talk"
It sounds nothing like a cat. More like a dove or something.

So ,I say to him"what is wrong with you, you little crack head? you think there's a bug in there?"

I open the tomato packet, just to mess with him, and what do i see?

A nearly microscopic GNAT! You can not fool the great white BUG HUNTER.Don't even try it.

Mama's sorry she didn't believe you , Cavuto.

All us girls are home alone. so we just had a big fat happy hour over at Sue-zies house. It was me, Floozie2, Nosey, Sue-zie and her 2 sisters.

It was fun. Why can't men be as fun as we are? We just sat there and talked and cackled.

Good times. We ordered take out, we looked at each others yard sale happenings,(I made 5 bucks) and I smoked some yummy menthol cigarettes.we my have even male bashed ,a little. But ,it was all out of love.

We love y'all. :)))

We just don't understand why you can't be more fun. :)))) less boring.

Oh well, we love you anyway.

# hillbilly speak was done as a joke:)

Have a great Friday peeps!

Luv me


desert dirt diva said...

don't doubt the bug-a-nater...who are these peeps you speak of....thanks for finally updating...

simonsays said...

I love your posts about you cats. And your kitty's are beautiful, btw. My Miesha will sit in the window for hours and chatter at the birds, I never knew a cat could make sounds like she does!

Yes, men are boring.



SOUL: said...

jitterbug is our chatter-bug talker. usually to birds and squirrels etc in the yard. it's the greatest thing in the world. i do wonder why they talk like that rather than meow--- who DO they think they're foolin????

5 bucks at a yard sale aint much-- what did you sell?

Mary said...

Cavuto is beautiful. Who could not love that face. Cats can make some interesting talk.

Your evening with the ladies sounds like fun. I really enjoy getting together with a few of the girls. Lots of laughs, jokes, and a little serious talk.

Anonymous said...

Cavoto's Mama didn't raise no fool ! He may have been born at night, but not last night! Have fun with auntie lou. auntie j

desert dirt diva said...

u need to u hear me??????

Anonymous said...

Male bashing out of love is an oxymoron. Women should appreciate strength and wisdom when they see it and fall at the men's feet with gratitude and adoration. Women seem more fun because women get together and yak,yak,yak,yada,yada - Most of which is not worth a bucket of warm spit when it comes to content. But that's why men fart and women don't. Women talk so dam much they never build up enough pressure. G5

myomyohi said...

Yes, men can be incredibly boring, bossy and irritating. Want mine?

Anonymous said...


About a week ago I was subjected to the blabbering of 2 women. They were discussing whether or not they, as a veterinarian would euthanize animals or go through great lengths to save them, put them up for years, steal them from the owners and keep them alive instead of killing them, blah blah blah.

I kept wandering into the other room in hopes that when I returned, they would have finished their asinine "conversation", alas it continued long into the night. A thousand hypothetical scenarios about different animals with different ailments were analyzed. Feelings were discussed. Eyes were all teary. I was ready vomit.

It wasn't exactly the hen house cackling that you mentioned, but it's sewn of the same seeds as all silly lady yap yap!!

Anonymous said...

My Bible says in Ephesians, chapter 5 verses 22-33 how a man should love his wife. I was taught to 'walk beside me, not behind' as the muslims do. What does the Bible say about the 'fool' ? It is a fool that thinks a woman should bow down to her husband. A heathern, not a christian! Instead of talking without listening to what you're saying, read your Bible. auntie j

myomyohi said...

I believe I hear oinking....

Smocha said...

I'll get caught up on these in the morning. In the mean time I have the strength for one question.....
Auntie J, What in the hell are you talking about? :)
I'm soooo confused. lol