Monday, March 17, 2008

Mute Monday


desert dirt diva said...

oh my god the that box....happy st. pattys

desert dirt diva said...

oh i really love that box.. lost trin of thought there

Anonymous said...

Love those cat pics! Especially the action shots - and the stretch on the stove is divine! As the MOG (mother of the groom) you shouldnt have to do anything really as to the wedding except show up and play nice. There is the Rehearsal Dinner - ahem - which is usually the responsibility of the groom. My 2 cost about 900 bucks each but they sure were fun. G5

Anonymous said...

Love those cat pictures! Last rehersal dinner we went to was Bo's nephew in Texas --- out of town guests are also invited. It, too, was around $1,000 but it was at a Mexican place and everyone had 2 or 3 drinks! Could be worse -- Valerie's reception was way up in the thousands, 4 or 5. Same as the Texas wedding reception at a nice, huge country club! Still can't get over Foster breaking your crystal (?)! I still have my mother of bride set. Carol also wore it to Ivans. Nice if cleaned! auntie j

SOUL: said...

thanks for the storm poops!
i can't go out in this crap!
i'm awegic to umbwewas!!!!

Mary said...

Beautiful box - Kitty cats even more beautiful.

Smocha said...

Hi Y'all,

Poodles, are were you drunk? lol

G5, Thanks. That pose on the stove is called his "Ahh Nuld" Like Arnold Sw. back in the day.

I think the grooms parents are supposed to pay for that dinner. We're going to Mcdonalds baby! ha ha (I wish)

AuntiJ, I just can't see spending that much money for a wedding. What can I say ? Poverty made me cheap!!

Soul, yer velcome:)

Mary, Thanks! I got that suede hat box yesterday at the thrift store for 2 bucks.
The cats cost quite a bit more than that. :)

Hope y'all had a good day!

SOUL: said...

a good day?
i was in PRISON!!
did it hit you yet?
it was terrible here (the storm)
anyhow-- i think , and hope it's ovah.. but i'm not sure yet.