Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Let the good times roll

Hi Y'all,
Yes, I am still alive. :)

I spoke to my son ,Three yesterday . They are thinking that the wedding will be in August.
Do you know what this means?? It means I have to get skinny enough to have a waist by freakin August!!!


The biggest wedding I ever had was like 50 people.....reception at HOME ,catered by yours truely.These kids are thinking WAYYY fancier than that. 120 people. DJ, dance floor, sit down dinner. My head spins for them. And HOW they are gonna pay for this kind of shin dig.

I'm a nervous wreck already! I feel sorry for HER mom. I'm just the M.O.G.
The mother of the bride is the one who should be a wreck. Why do "I" have to be such a damn worry wart??

OMMMM.....OMMMMMM..... *deep breaths**** let it go........
I stayed up until midnight last night waiting for my husbands flight to get in. This morning ,he was kind enough to call and wake me up at 7 .

I said "what? you just wanted ME to be miserable too?"

"yes, that's exactly it."

You sweet thing you.

How 'bout this crazy weather? One day it's snowing like crazy. Two days later it's so warm we're sitting in the driveway with the neighbors ,drinking ,like a bunch of hill billies.

Two more weeks until we "unwinterize" the boat. I am LIVING for that day.

A few weeks ago I discovered that cats were supposed to have 30 teeth. Well, my dummy baby only has 24. If his brain was in one of those missing molars ...that would explain a lot.

Well.....blogger won't let me move my picture. ack!

Well, my exciting plan du jour is to put my house back together. After that ...the sky's the limit. ha ha
as if ..there's anything to do.

Saturday ,we're having a potluck.So that's sumthin'

Ok, I'm going to take a shower before I bore anyone to death.

Have a great Tuesday !!!


Mary said...

Our last two weddings were just such events. I don't envy you this experience one little bit! Keep Jack Daniels close.

Kitty doesn't need the extra teeth to make him handsome.

SOUL: said...

ooooh dawggieees... you sound about as exciting as we do... :))
you number three called me toooooo. that was a nice surprise.
but he mainly wanted to say happy bday to the soulkid

Smocha said...

Were you the mother of the groom at either one of those events?
If so, spill your guts woman...tell me EVERYTHING!!!:)

Did 3 tell you any details about the
I was in the thrift store when he called me . I really know zip ...so far.

I DO know I'm supposed to pay for the rehearsal dinner....
I'm gonna have to get a J.O.B.

Would you like to call "Roberto" and order him to save money?

What big expensive items can i sell at my yard sale?

hmmmmmmm....crap...I'm fresh out.

What'd y'all do today?

Mary said...

I was the step-mother of the groom. The mother lived in PA and showed no interest. I don't know that I did everything correctly but no one complained.

I was quick on the draw in saying that I would take care of the rehersal dinner. (That is usually the grooms family.) Then I contacted several local restaurants to get an idea of menus and prices. I also contacted some caterers (Spelling??) just to compare. When I had information in my hip pocket, I talked to the happy couple and gave them alternatives. Three restaurants were good candidates. I didn't give them the whole wide world to choose from. They selected the restaurant and the items for the menu list that I also provided. I decorated the room myself with the restaurant providing table linens, table ware, etc. If you''d like details of what was served and the decorations, send me your email address and I'll send the info to you. The whole deal was a bit expensive but certainly not over the top. You can pick up my email on my blog at the end of my profile. I might add that everyone was impressed. The son workes at a local TV station and we had lots of publicity.

SOUL: said...

i have an offer for ya--- (evil grin)

i have soooo much crap to get rid of-- including furniture-- i MUST have a yard sale. i have a perfect house for one.. corner -- right across from the school.. parents line the street at pick up and drop off time.. we'd be swamped --- plus the rec center is down the street-- so when they take the kids there on the weekend they drive by too-- and the library is close .. and wally hell-- just all kinds of traffic goes by here...


you know i don't have the strength -- or the energy to sort or move all this crap--- and stez doesn't have the time--- BUT---- you could come and help us--- and i would let you have --- ummmm... wellllll--- name your price-- i just want the crap gone!!! whadday say???


SOUL: said...

well.. i take that as a no???
hmmmmm. k