Sunday, March 2, 2008

Con air is on.....

Whew! I'm pooped!

Today was a great day . But I worked my butt off.
It was already pretty warm when I got up this morning . So I skipped Lucy, put on my cleaning music and got to work.

I swept and cleaned both porches, cleaned out and vacuumed the truck , washed the outside windows , then the inside windows,(of the house)
straightened the house up, and took the trash out .

By then , I was starving. Went and ate lunch and then went to look for more boxes for yard sale stuff. there were no boxes anywhere. I finally found some behind Goody's .

I went to pet "whatever" to get some cat litter.

This poor cat was trying to sleep while some kid poked a stick at him/her.

Apparently it's 85 year old owner died and now this baby needs a new "senior home"

G5 , Nosey.......aren't you tempted?

Then I saw the poor "tumor mice "again.

I don't know if rats and mice play like cats do , but these two looked like they were trying to kill each other.

(note the huge ...tumors) lol

The females seem to be much more civilized.

Wonder why?

Then I went to the grocery store. I was ready for nap time when I got home. But nooooo...
I hosed off and swept the porch , sorted some more yard sale stuff. And by then ...I was plum give out.

Picture, right here , it's like summer in San Diego......

So...instead of giving in to my nap urge.

I got a book and a pillow and a little blanket and went and lay down on my dock and read.

I could have stayed out there for hours if the book hadn't been so crappy.

It was also tempting to just take my nap out there . Maybe if i hadn't been wearing shorts , I would have.

Oh was Heavenly!!!

My waterfront

I know some of you are still dealing with blizzard weather...and MAN, does my heart break for you!!!!

Hope you all had a great day!

Luv me


Mary said...

There's always something to do in San Diego. I spent some time there on two or three occasions when I was doing evaluation of a couple of systems housed with the Navy. How lucky you are to be on the water. I'm pea green with envy.

Smocha said...

Soul and I lived in San Diego back in the day. It was a great place.

We're actually NOT on the water, we're over on the poor side. lol

But our DOCK is on the water. It was great out there yesterday. I hope today is more of the same:))
woo hoo!!!

SOUL: said...

my child bought a MOUSE the other day-- somehow it has been blessed enough to survive the terror that is our three creatures .
she named it "Mclovin"..
and yes-- she did buy it without my permission.. she also put it on my bed last night--and it shat there! eeewwweeee. in fact-- it shats everywhere it has the opportunity--
she thought it was a hamster! well.. what a rude awakening-- it is snake food! but she likes it.
til it bites her.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Oh you are sooooo lucky. But we have HOPE...its 36 now and going to be 44 tomorrow with RAIN all day long. Won't THAT be lovely falling on top of 8 inches of snow? I am hoping that enough of it melts before the deep freeze comes back on Tuesday (21 degrees). Spring? Spring? Wherefore art thou?

myomyohi said...

Gold to silver.... I feel your pain. We still have an ice rink for a driveway but we did have a heatwave today. It actually got up in the 40th, and is supposed to be around that temp tomorrow with thunderstorms and heavy rain, and back to cold on Tuesday. I can't even put into word the degree of jealousy I have over being able to lay on the dock in SHORTS!!! Enjoy it baby.

simonsays said...

It really does look beautiful there, and I am so ready for beautiful!

Hope your week is good!


Smocha said...

Oh you poor cold things.

I don't know how you can stand it. I really don't.

I'm ready to cry when it gets below 50.

Have great (warmish) Mondays!!

SOUL: said...

con air is NOT on anymore-- update!

it's friggin snowing!!!