Friday, March 21, 2008

A boy moms job just never ends....

Woe is me.....

THIS could have been ME ,tomorrow.
(only fatter)

Tomorrow is the day I could have gone to Key West.

This afternoon ...the phone rings.

Ring ...ring.....


"Oh , hey mom ,I just wanted to let you know that we made it to Florida. "

"You liar! You can not afford to go on that trip. You better be lying!"

"I'm not lying, are you sure you don't want to get on a plane ?"

The air seeps out of me ..for

A. the relief that the fools made it from Chicago to Florida, in God only knows what car .(I forgot to ask)

And B. The relief that I didn't KNOW they were making this drive.

" much as I wish I could, no ,I can't get on a plane...NOW."

This is Three and Gidget , by the way . You know the one's who need to be SAVING money for their wedding. :)

I finally hear enough background noise to BELIEVE that they are really in Florida.

"Well , what's new about the wedding? I assume Gidgets sister in law and sisters are helping her plan it and stuff?"

"Oh , she's not planning it, I am."

I swear , I almost peed my pants.

Now THAT is trust .Especially if you know The boy.

"Why are YOU planning it?"

"Because I have more free time"

Somehow, that doesn't comfort me.

I try to just shut my yap about that entire subject.And the money subject.

*stuff it down ,mommy*

"Well, so what are you supposed to do , since I can't goto key west?"

"Have Gidget write a diary everyday ,about it, and take millions of pictures."

(I had told HIM to write about it ,everyday)

But...that will work.

"Remember , don't get drunk and fight with your brother.I don't think that mom is used to a bunch of sons."

"we only fight when we're sober" ( very funny)

No , they don't.

They are going with ONE's girlfriend and HER mom.

Lord have mercy on that poor woman. :)

 it and weep honey. We should all be there.

happy *sniff* Thursday


desert dirt diva said...

go read my blog..sorry u couldn't make the trip....

SOUL: said...

i wanna be there teeeewwwwww.

Anonymous said...

Aw, Smocha. You should have caught a plane quick and gone down there for coupla days. You would come in handy keeping that mom out of trouble and giving her some moral support - in addition to getting a great start on your summer tan. G5

simonsays said...

LOL. I loved this post. Oh my, what WOULD we do without the litle shits?


myomyohi said...

You should have gone. No job, no husband, what's holding you back? But then again, they'll probably have more fun without you there to cramp their style, even though you are a very young, vivacious, hip mommy.

I saw something today I wanted to share with you. Here in Mayberry Ohiya, I was driving through the nearby town of Waldo, when approaching the only intersection I see a very unusual sight. Sitting in the middle of the intersection was an ambulance. What's so unusual about an ambulance you ask? Well, nothing except the emt happened to be on TOP of an 8' ladder, which was standing on TOP of the ambulance, in the middle of the intersection. Seems one of the bulbs of the flashing traffic light had gone out, and he was changing it. That should have been a safety poster.

SOUL: said...

update hawg

and yes eevee met the cats-- she couldn't care less-- but the cats dont like her