Sunday, March 30, 2008

Friends don't let friends have yard sales......

You KNOW you want a cookbook, or a hundred.

How 'bout a vintage jewelry box??? or Three?

Some of our first customers......

More of our first customers.....not even light yet.

Goodbye Ugly :)

Giant floo floo Barbie???

Some reeboks? Giant platter?
Tea jug? Flower arrangement??
Name yer poison!

Go ahead ...Ask!!!

"Does this hula skirt make me look fat?"

Ohhh! so sparkley......

"Help us ,we're freeze......."

"cheap jewelry? Glasswares? ...what's it gonna be mac???"

NO!!! You can NOT have my monkey!!!!!!

"I want my mommy!"


Anonymous said...

Was that your huge barbie? ally kate needs it to go by her barbie tree.... alot of stuff.... glad yall made money. cold, wet day for a sale but you can never tell about this crazy weather! auntie j

Anonymous said...

I saw that huge Barbie and nearly jumped out of my skin. Thought it was a dead body there in the back seat. Had to take a closer look. Felt like CSI. What a relief it was a 36 inch tall Barbie. Wow! Had a reasonable day tho the weather really sucked. Many customers thanked us for being open as the true yard sales had to cancel due to the bad weather. Wish we had a space heater like some rich peeps we know. LOL! G5
PS Didja ever notice that on CSI they ALWAYS examine a room for clues with their little flashlights? They hold the flashlights upside down near their shoulders. I always scream out at the TV: Turn on the lights, you idiots! There is electricity!

desert dirt diva said...

hey damn i want them boxes...and that lovley barbie could've set next to me on the plane.. and that purse i must i really want those boxes tho..........grrrrrrrrrr.......

desert dirt diva said...

I still can't believe you did not wait for me.. oh thats right i have limited space in my luggage...well i relly like them boxes and will be calling you about them.. save them for me.. the girls would love them..

SOUL: said...

how did you end up with so much crap?? why do you have a three ft tall barbie?? those things always scared the crap outta me!!

how much did you make? did you sell it all?

when i get to the end of my last day i start givin crap away--just so i don't have to put it up!!

a hula skirt??
you must have a shopping problem.. lol

are you done?
they don't have many yard sales out here on sundays. you go to hell for it i think. :))

happy recoveryy day-

Smocha said...

Auntie J,
That huge barbie is Lou lou's .It can be yours for 12 bucks. :)

G5 , lol, yeah i always talk to the t.v. too and tell them to turn on the lights.
hope ya'll don't need yer clothes rack til it quits raining. I'll bring it over then.

poodles, I still have the boxes. I only had 10 bucks each on them and no one bought them. How rude!!

Soul, all that crap wasn't mine . Aunt lou Lou came with her car FULL of stuff too.
and the hula skirt belonged to floozie2. lol
Ya go to hell for yard saling on a Sunday here, too. We only had it on Saturday.
That was enough to kill me. ack!!

I have 2 truck loads left which will be going to the cat shelter thrift sto' tomorrow. Come help me!!! :))

Happy Sunday y'all!!

simonsays said...

It looks like it was a hell of a sale...and yes, I have to agree, having a garage sale takes WAY too much time and energy..for the return. On the other hand, what do you DO with all the stuff, if you don't have one? You can't just throw things away these days, it costs alot. So, I will be having one the end of next month....UGH.

I like the jewelry boxes, I love things like that. Don't think I have a need for a big barbie, and why does having one make me giggle? Good hell...

Hope you are resting up today!

myomyohi said...

I think I have avoided having a yard sale by having the "swap" party a few weeks ago. It was a lot of fun, and when it was over, we loaded the stuff up and took it to the Goodwill. EVERYONE said they had a blast. Nobody made any money, but then again, we didn't spend any for all the stuff we brought home either. BTW, since I took the most, I brought home the least. I got a blouse, and a couple of small things. Ah, it was great.

desert dirt diva said...


Smocha said...

Jamie, since I have been working on this yard sale ...since new years, I figure I made about an 8th of a penny per hour of work. lol

I still have two truck loads left (one of which is cook books) they are all going to the cat shelter thrift store ,as soon as it quits raining.

I don't have money to donate to 'em this will make me feel good.

And ,hey, i made enough for a rehearsal dinner at mcDonalds. Woo Hoo!!!

When I was a kid ,I probably would have loved that Barbie. now ,it sort of creeps me out.

Myoh, I would LOVE to have one of those "clothing swap" parties,but everyone I know is completely different ,in sizes. So we'd all be just drooling over clothes that wouldn't fit us. Then taking back everything we brought. Ack!!

Guess, I'll just have to have a drunken slumber party instead. lol

BTW, are you gonna be able to come for "girl week"?

Poodles, I got the boxes saved for ya. :)