Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Stolen meme

1. Do you know anyone in prison at the present moment?
Yes ,I do . I know a guy who's in prison for being a dumb kid ,making pipe bombs and playing with them in the desert. One blew up after he was gone and it killed a lady. And my ex-wife -in-law is always in and out of prison , because of drugs.

2. Have you ever logged onto a boy/girlfriend/crush’s myspace?
No, my men/man are too damn old to have myspace.

3. When is the last time you ate peanut butter and jelly?
So long , I can't remember.But I did eat thousands of them when my kids were little and we was po'

4. Do you have a desk in your room?
yes,2 my guest room.

5. Have you ever gotten naked at a party?
lol no... definitely not. Well, not in front of other people I guess.

6. What are you listening to right at this second?
Law and Order ,on the t.v.

7. Are you named after one of your parents or grandparents?
Both parents, inadvertantly.

8. Do you throw up gang signs?
Oh ,yeah, all the time. NOT!!!

9. Who slept with you last night?
My 3 rotton cats.

10. Have you ever broken a rib?
No. Just and arm and a leg.

11. Have you ever been to a farm?
Unfortunately , I transferred to a high school in the 10th grade and one of the the ONLY electives left was livestock science. I was forced to go out to a farm with the 4H kids and watch them MURDER rabbits, and sheep right in front of me!
Once ,they took us out there and I had to watch highschool boys, gleefully stretch a bunny out between them , while one of them hacked it in the neck and it scremed it's head off ,as it died.
Another time ,I had to stand there and watch ,as they slit a sheeps throat.
The final straw for me ,was when we got there and they had baby sheep in a pen, prepered to let them cry and freeze til they were dead beacuse their mom's had rejected them.

12. Who is the most spoiled person you know?
Ummm, ME!!

13. Would you rather have a million dollars or true love?
true love..... and a million dollars?Both ,right?

14. Have you ever had sex in church?
Um , NO!!!

15. Is your boy/girlfriend a marine?
No , but , I dated one once.And a Army guy , or 2 and a Navy guy or 2.

16. Do you watch the Grammys?
no. Why would I care.

17. Would you ever work for the border patrol?
Yes , If I could be a head honcho ,like my dad was. :)

18. Which one word would describe your last relationship?

19. Was one of your family members ever abusive?
Guess I'll have to write my book now ,damn it.

20. Have you ever had a eating disorder?
yeah: I hardly eat and yet stay fat.

21. Do you have a porn collection?
no, do you want to give me yours?lol

22. Do you eat dairy?
yes,Cheese is my downfall.

23. Have you ever been in an abusive relationship?
I hate to say yes but.. I guess I have to...see the book. :)

24. Is your birthday on a holiday?

25. What’s the last thing you made?
A leftover dish of chicken fajitas ,which tasetd like food poisoning.

26. Do you have any friends or family in the war right now?
not that I know of.

27. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?

29: Do you have a bicycle?
No , I've thought of getting one , but I know I'd be too embarrassed to ride it.

30. Have you ever been cheated on?
yeah, good times. NOT!

32 . What slang word(s) do you call marijuana?

33. Are you an atheist?
Hell no! I'm a Christian.Saved and baptized baby!

35. Did/do you think your childhood dreams will come true?
No , I'm no fool.

36. Do you wear your sweetie’s clothes?
ummmm I have.

37. What’s your opinion on gold?
I like white gold best . But I'll take any you want to give me. :)

38. Are you a country boy/girl or city slicker?
I'm pretty much a southern yankee, and all that implies.

39. Is your car a 2002 or newer?

40. Who did you steal this survey from?


41. How does your significant other make a living?
I can't tell you, otherwise, I'd have to kill you.

42. Is he/she able to support you?
Yes, and he does a damn good job of it.

43. Does your family like him/her?
The one's left alive. Yes, they love him.

44. Can love get you through the tough times?
If you're tough enough :) Yes.

Consider yourselves tagged. Do the meme peeps!!!

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simonsays said...

What a great post, Smocha!

I love reading these, they make it easier to "know" each other. Thank you for taking the time to post it.

Sex in church - hmmm...I think that's a bit of an odd question, or do other people do that? LOL

Have a good evening. :)

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desert dirt diva said...

update i say... and be quik!