Saturday, May 31, 2008

Welcome to my world

Ok....ONE of the videos plays......can't get rid of the duds..... sorry:)

here's my day ......don't be jealous.:) Love me


Tomatoes growing like crazy

the biggest , scariest ,most hideous moth EVER!

that thing is bigger than a bird!

A beautiful day in the neighborhood:)

old fogey cove

some kids bass fishing

floozie2 and lakefarmer

cats on the counter :)

"what the hell is she doing?"

you bad boy!

lowering his head in shame. NOT!

giant baby

the only way he can be held or picked up


"I'll kick yer ass!cuz I am mean!"

Friday, May 30, 2008

What does "wawoo" mean anyway?


Happy Friday y'all,

I've have absolutely nothing to blog about. The weather has been cloudy and dreary and it's been BORING around here.

My little terror(Cavuto) tried to wake me up at 4:30 this morning. ack!
I managed to fend him off until 6 by covering my face with my arms and repeatedly throwing him off of me my sleep.

By 6 ..he was still going strong.

Paw in the face..."wow" "wow" wa-woo" ........entire glass of water spilled all over my night stand. little shit! I'm up!!

If my face falls off now it will be from dirty cat litter feet ...petting my face for hours.

Today.....I plan to have some kind of adventure. Our weather is supposed to be back to normal and I shall be out on zee boat by this afternoon:)
It's gonna be 90 degrees. not sure if I should take the cats when it's that hot out.

Have a great Friday peeps!

I'll be back latah with pictures of something (???)

luv me

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial day

Happy hump day y'all,

(damn underlining! )

Well, Monday my spouse was too sunburned to go out on the boat. he spent the day lying around ...boring me to death ...watching hideous old movies.

By the dinner time I couldn't take it any more. I said "after we eat , we're taking the cats for a lesson.Since you're here, we'll try taking Monkey too."

He was too embarrassed to walk down there with me...pushing the cat stroller. lol
He went down to the boat ..after me.

Monkey did GREAT! I was shocked. No crying, no stiff as board terror.She was calm ,quiet and inquisitive.

In fact , the water was really rough so the dock was moving and squeaking. Cavuto was the only brat. he was whining like a baby.

I put the harness's on before we ate dinner.

Cavuto ....nice and feeling paralyzed.

Note to self: try cutting his nails while he has the jacket on:)

Monkey ...first time she ever had hers on. Doing quite well.

O' reilly

"I do not appreciate this!"

Go Monkey!

I could not have been more surprised at how well she did.

She almost looks "normal" lolololol

O'Reilly did NOT try to back out of his harness.

Cavuto ...mid whine.

"why's this dock so squeaky?"

"Do I LOOK spoiled rotten?"

"how 'bout me?"

They LOVED being in the stroller.No whining there.Not even Monkey.


Yesterday we had to get up at 4 to go to the airport. Needless to say , I was worthless alll day and accomplished NOTHING.

Today , I will be back to life.

Have a great day peeps!

Luv me

Crazy cat lady ......go ahead and laugh neighbors.....I don't care.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Pees and fireworks

Happy Monday all!

Well, some of my latest comments are longer than my memory lol, so we're going to make them a part of this post.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why does it not surprise me you went on the wrong night? Glad it was you and not me on the rough waters! auntie j

May 25, 2008 9:09 AM

***I'm sure it doesn't surprise anyone who KNOWS me. :)

Blogger SOUL: said...


********* Ha ! I actually DID warn him about said "curse" .Naturally he scoffed . I think he has seen it in action enough by now, that he some where deep down ...has to believe it. :)

OH LORD-- I did-- (holy crap-- i am NOT going back to change those caps!)

anyhow-- mine had seen and felt the curse prior to marriage and still went forward-- so anything he touches turns to shit now-- and it's HIS own fault--he WAS forewarned.

******** Ditto I'm afraid that when Eva decided to be my Real estate partner ...SHE also became afflicted with the curse.

about the sweet-indestructible phone--i do know your spouse well enough to know he insured that thing---
tell him to say it was stolen-- perhaps from an airport bathroom or something--?? i'm sure YOU can come up with something LOL

they will replace it for his deductible of --prolly fifty bucks.

i'm not dishonet really---- i'm just not rich-- and that is whay we pay insuranse-- correct?

********He hasn't called yet to see if it was insured. I want to go find the stupid thing. If he's willing to let it die on the bottom of the lake , I'm sure one of my kids would love to have it.:))

and btw-- how the hell did it "fall into the lake?"

was he hangin off the side, chatting???

********* I am saving this answer for LAST ...since EVERY one asked .:))

only US ya know--

anyhow-- have a grand day-- and be careful on the lake-- that is exactly why we don't go on the water on holiday weekends-- too many crazy people!

May 25, 2008 9:24 AM

Blogger desert dirt diva said...

yes i am too curious on how the indesrtutable phone fell into the water.......why are they having fireworks on the lake.. can't believe you waited uh for how long??????before you found out that they are tonight..

******* They had fireworks for Memorial day. they do it every year.

glad to hear hubby is home.. how long this time?..

********* He goes back to Mayberry in the morning.


May 25, 2008 3:26 PM

Blogger myomyohi said...

First the new glasses, now a phone. Is he clumsy or cursed?

****** cursed. LOL

So, what's going on with spouse. Inquiring minds are nosey. Staying, going, wth?

********* going. just waiting for all the pieces to fall into place.

Bro and I worked in yard all day, and both got burned to a crisp. Me with my lily white skin, which is now flaming red and hurting. His face is pretty red, but he normally doesn't burn & peel like I do.

********* we also got burned to a crisp yesterday. Do you ever get tan?

May 25, 2008 7:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I, too, am fascinated by how one drops a cell phone into the lake. I think the water over there in fireworksville is about 50 ft deep. I do have an underwater TV camera that can go down 60 feet, has little halogen headlamps on it to see at that depth. If you know precisely where you were floating we can drop the camera down and take a look - has to be precisely because at that depth the camera can only see 12 inches. G5

********* Sa-weet!!!! lets look for it! I kind of marked the spot my mind. I know almost exactly where it is. AND it was right by that little island it may not be that deep there.

May 25, 2008 11:33 PM

Ok ...there we have the comments to the comments :)

Except for THE burning question: How the hell did he drop the phone into the lake?

I didn't explain HOW it happened because I thought it just may be TMI.
But ...since inquiring minds want to goes :)

Picture's dark out, the lake is as rough as the ocean. fool on cell phone decides to stand on the back of the boat and take a wizz (a pee, a leak) while not missing a beat of his phone conversation.

I am assuming one needs 2 hands to take a wizz (a pee, a leak) so he automatically does the shoulder /neck hold on the cell phone. The boat lurches to and fro....He can barely stay standing in one spot......
BYE BYE cell phone :))

And THAT my friends is how one drops a cell phone into the lake. :))


Yesterday we went out on the lake from about noon til4 . It was wayyyy too hot to stay out of the water. My face was dripping sweat after about 10 minutes out there.

The water is now up to 82 degrees. BTW. Once you're in it's fine.

Being a holiday weekend ...the cove was packed with boats.

AND one of the boats of the naked-o's was out there as well. In all their gross naked glory.

That's them in that farthest boat. *cringe*

Our friends and neighbors Nosey and G5 were out there too . They tied up with us for a while.



By the time we got home...I was ready for my nap!! But nooooo...I never got to take one.

Hubby cooked steaks on the egg. we ate and then I was even MORE tired.

By 7 P.M. I was on the couch ..barely able to keep my eyes open. when my spouse kept saying "NO! don't fall asleep! we're leaving in a minute."

Back out to the boat with our sunburned selves to see the fireworks (on the right night ) LOL

It's pretty neat. So I'm glad we went.

There's so many boats lined up when it's time to leave ,it looks like a boat freeway.

Too bad my camera takes lousy night pictures.

Y'all should have been there:)

Not sure yet what my plan is for today. Hopefully something fun/funny or exciting will happen today.

have a great day in your worlds!

luv me

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Man , what a sweet phone

Happy Sunday Y'all!

Oh great...back with the wild underlining. (ignore it)

Last night ,they were supposed to have fireworks out on the lake.After hours of "my spouse keeping me waiting" while he tried to rid my computer of virus's .....we finally head out to the boat.

Spouse"do you have my cell phone."

Me(admiring his new cell phone) "yeah, you think it's big enough?"

Spouse" that thing is indestructible, you could throw it across the room and it wouldn't break. It could even get wet and it wouldn't hurt it."

Me"sweet! that's the kind all the kids need."

Sitting around ...waiting for fireworks.

There was so many boats out ripping around ...the water was rough like the ocean.

The bridge in the distance.......notice there are ...NO fireworks.

Spouse talking to his sister on his sweet indestructible cell phone.

For the last time ever.....

moments later......

The dark view of where the sweet ,indestructible cell phone fell into the lake .

After calling one of my neighbors we find out the stinkin fireworks are TONIGHT.

Welcome to the curse baby. LOL

I vote for going out to the spot and searching for the phone . Hubby says NO.

Ok , fine. Throw the money away :(

Have a wonderful day peeps!

luv me

Friday, May 23, 2008

May I bitch...........

Happy Friday Y'all !

I have to agree with Soul, this week has been unusually boring. Bleah

I feel the need to bitch about some stuff I am hating right now. So let's start with that. Shall we.

1. Not sure if I am the only person in the world who uses "sweet and low" or not.....but lately , I have bought and had to throw away 3 boxes of the stuff because it tastes like bitter POISON.
What the hell is up with THAT?
As we speak ,I am having to drink coffee with a ton of sugar. ack!!
Nothing ruins the morning worse than lousy coffee.

2.AWFUL commercials. Such as that idiotic T-mobile commercial with the nerds and the wizard.
WTF? Some one actually got PAID for creating that swill??
Every time I see it , it pisses me off. It sooo STUPID and makes no sense what so ever.
Advertising people : more hot guys , less fat ,ugly or stupid nerds,wizards and Neanderthals.
You're making my eyes bleed!

3.This years Womens shorts . What are you people thinking???The only shorts available this year are down to ones knees or up to ones crotch. Neither of which look the least bit flattering on middle aged ,short, fat drumstick legs.What are real human beings supposed to wear ? You morons!!!

I have panties longer than this!

Over my dead body!

Ok...that's enough for now. I feel better .LOL

Here's my first lame attempts at scrap booking. (keep in mind , my theme here is lazy and cheap) :)

click on the pics to see the full sized version.

I'm out. gotta get busy.

Have a great day peeps!

luv me