Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pass the I give up button

Well, how exciting this week has been . NOT!

For over a week I've been on the "give up happy hour.....lose your gut "diet.
Have I lost one damn ounce? Of course not.

I'm still behind on my chores and running out of time. ack! My hubby gets home in 2 days.

Yesterday ,I head off to town to run my errands and who do I see?

This guy! I haven't seen him for a couple months and was actually beginning to wonder what happened to him.

Well, there he was in all his spandex glory. He was wearing the spandex shorts ,a skin tight sports bra and ...ready for this?
a 6 foot garland of fake roses ...wrapped around his neck.

Score! I have the camera with me!
I point and shoot. Excited to share this moment with all of you.
Naturally e'ffin batteries are DEAD!!!
Am I surprised? Um ..NO.

I also saw my "boyfriend"
85 degrees out and there he sits in those boiling hot coveralls and a stocking cap.
He normally dresses more appropriately for the weather. So I have to wonder "has he gotten more mentally....whatever he is?"
"does he have NO clothes, besides those coveralls?"


I have spent HOURS researching "getting cats to England"
What a royal pain in the ass.
Everyone (who has already done this) agrees that the damn requirements and paperwork for their cats was more complicated and stressful than doing their OWN Visas..etc.
I concur!

WTH?? That just isn't right.

Speaking of cats.......One of the things I must know is how much do my cats weigh.
I just weighed Cavuto and O'reilly this morning.

You know....Cavuto:Gigantic
O'Reilly: little string bean

Can you believe Cavuto only weighs 2 pounds more than O'Reilly?

Cavuto 12 pounds.........looks like he weighs 25. lol
O'reilly 10 pounds of (apparently) solid muscle.

Go figure.

Well, I will try and take some pictures today of what? Don't know yet. I shall be home bustin' ass ,cleaning.

Have a great day peeps!

Luv me


SOUL: said...

come clean my house while you're at it-- it isn't very messy-- and i only have a few dishes. it's MY laundry! that i just can't face- ugh.

i wanna go fishin.

i should go right now-- THEN worry about the work and stuff-- but i need to get caught up. i shouldn't have fired my "maid". :))
oh well.
it's better without her actually.

i do ok.
and i like not paying her.

anyhow-- did i mention that sushi weighs like 17 pounds? she's a mutant !!!
chicky weighed 4 and a half !!!! LOL

ok.. i gotta get busy here
luv me

desert dirt diva said...

hey yes i can believe the weight differnce, victoria and michelle are only a couple of pounds diffrent but michelle looks much much bigger.. gotts go to the dr.s now...

simonsays said...

I love the post with the pics of your "kids"...thank for sharing them.

Good hell, taking the kitties to England? You are brave.

Love the pic of the dude with roses, and maybe you should ask your boyfriend if he is out of clothes...or not.

Have a happy weekend, enjoy having your hubby home!