Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers day part 2

Hi Peeps,

I had a great mothers day! Hope you all did too.

I went to an art festival at the park with my friend E and 3 of her chillens, and an extra kid.
Extra kid was a little French girl. LOVED her and of course Sissy ..too.

Oh ..the joy you "daughter people" must have sometimes:)

The little ones are adorable too.

Here are our pics from the day.

P.s. G5, I don't know WHY it didn't occur to me to BUY the dumb fat shorts. . I got 'em now!

DUH!!Man I hope I'm NOT senile.

Good night y'all


Don said...

I'm pleased that you had a happy Mothers Day.

I just discovered your blog through some comments you posted on Soul's blog, and when I arrived here, being curious, I wanted to learn more about you. When I tried to read the "100 things" about you I was told I had to have permission from you. I wonder if you would grant me that, and how.

SOUL: said...

i can vouch for don-- let him in.. :))

anyhow those shorts are a HOOT LOL

happy to hear you had a good day. i was thinkin bout you lots yesterday and hoping you were havin fun.
luv me

Smocha said...

Hi Don, Thanks for stoppin' by.
Soul is my sister, you know.

Anyhow ,we can't seem to get the kinks out of the sidebar items. So you will have to send me your email address and I can add you to the list .

Happy Monday:))

Mary said...

The day looks like fun for all. Those shorts! What a hoot. I'm so sorry for the poor person who had the bad luck to actually wear them.

Anonymous said...

Smocha - Now you got the shorts. Make the pic like the Subway commericial! Gotta see that. I tried the profile too and it told me I had to register, so I could not read your profile G5

SOUL: said...

oh-- just had to let ya know somethin

you had forced me to buy the hanson cd-- the other day-- saturday i think...
i have heard nuthin but teasing and ridicule from the soulod clan ever since!
BUT just so ya know-- deep down they LIKE them.. they just refuse to admit it.
in NM.. i was playin the hanson christmas cd-- they were all lalalala.. ooh this is good..who is it-- soon as i said hanson.. they teased me .. and THEM.. every time i played it--
i don't care tho. i tortured them all day mothers day-- and there was nuthin they could do-- hahahaha .. cuz it was MY day, my turn .. hahahaha
anyhow-- now it's headphones, or or by myself.. but that's ok too-- but there's only a few songs i like on there.
have you noticed a couple of the songs sound like ":train"???

desert dirt diva said...

happy mothers day.....looks like you all had a great time..

SOUL: said...

no comment? ruuude!