Friday, May 16, 2008

My garden grows....

Happy Friday Y'all!

I got nuthin' to blog about .

My house is a pig pen, o'Reilly barfed on the living room floor and my refrigerator is about to grow legs if i don't clean it out.

I DO have a miracle on my back patio !

Those of you who know me, know my mad plant killing skills.

Well...check THIS out.

Can you believe it???

Click on the pictures to see the full sized version.

Squash!Actually growing flowers and everything.

Tomatoes thriving like weeds people!

the only problem is , being as cheap as I am......I refused to pay 6 bucks each for tomato cages.

Instead ,I bought some cheap pvc pipes. (which I plan to fashion into tomato stakes. )

However , I need one of my handy dandy neighbors (of the male variety) to cut the pipes in half for me.

G5? LakeFarmer?? Anyone with a saw???

Have a great day peeps!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

Bo said what's for lunch?

SOUL: said...

anything he wants if he brings a saw LOL

i had no idea you could grow squash in a pot !
guess it doesn't matter tho--i'd kill it anyhow--

(do you feel better than you did yesterday?) i hope so-- you sound better-- at least you posted -- and you have LIFE, thriving on your patio ! how cool is that?

anyhow--- i caught you a delicious bass--- come see-- i have to post it real quick first. but it'll just take a second.


happy weekend--any plans?

Smocha said...

ola, just left my plan in your comments.

yes ,i feel much bettah. sank you.

Aunti j and her hubbby came by today . he did cut the pipes and they helped me stake my maters.

mine all died last year . but THIS time ...all i've done is remember to water them EVERY day!

I am sooo impressed:))

p.s. what kind of horrid snake was that? *cringe*

Love me

desert dirt diva said...

very good i'm proud of you!!!!

myomyohi said...

I am impressed. Last time I visited you had pots of dead plants. You're evolving into a gardener.

Smocha said...

DD and Myoh,

Ahhh yes, my pots of dead plants . lol

A life long sight for me. I will just cry if anything happens to these plants NOW. lol

If I could only remember to water my houseplants ,I'd be good all around:))

Happy Saturday!
Love me

simonsays said...

I am thoroughly impressed with your growing skills. I cannot grow anything...and I think you have said that you normally can't, either. SO, WAY TO GO!

I really hope your weekend is great. You need a good one. I love, love, LOVE your kitties!


SOUL: said...

good to hear you feel better--and that bo and aj helped you out-- i hope your veggies become edible-- oh how i love fresh veggies. how did i not get the gardner gene? it's not fawdew !1 (that's "fair, for folks who don't speak speach impediment :))

anyhow-- i updated-- YOUR turn..
luv me

SOUL: said...

ps-- no clue what kind of snake-- but its head isnt shaped like a poisonous one.. i think dangerous snakes are more diamondhead shaped??? i treat them ALL as death tho.
i ran like forrest gump !!

SOUL: said...

update this thing---
and go see my (our) video)

Anonymous said...

Smocha - I will be happy to saw up the pvc pipe for you with my handy dandy saw. Just bring em over. Pvc pipe is rather slick for a tomato to climb on but maybe... Wood is better. But you can tie em to the pvc but may be too slick to support a knot. G5

SOUL: said...

it aint friday any-mo