Friday, May 30, 2008

What does "wawoo" mean anyway?


Happy Friday y'all,

I've have absolutely nothing to blog about. The weather has been cloudy and dreary and it's been BORING around here.

My little terror(Cavuto) tried to wake me up at 4:30 this morning. ack!
I managed to fend him off until 6 by covering my face with my arms and repeatedly throwing him off of me my sleep.

By 6 ..he was still going strong.

Paw in the face..."wow" "wow" wa-woo" ........entire glass of water spilled all over my night stand. little shit! I'm up!!

If my face falls off now it will be from dirty cat litter feet ...petting my face for hours.

Today.....I plan to have some kind of adventure. Our weather is supposed to be back to normal and I shall be out on zee boat by this afternoon:)
It's gonna be 90 degrees. not sure if I should take the cats when it's that hot out.

Have a great Friday peeps!

I'll be back latah with pictures of something (???)

luv me


Anonymous said...

Know what you mean! my spouse woke me at 6am asking questions about bank account! My eyes aren't open and I have to remember? He's been up allllllll night. I have garden club business at 930 so I'd planned to sleep later since I can't work outside and get dirty/sweaty until I get back. Enjoy boating! auntie j

Mary said...

If dirty cat litter feet would make your face fall off, mine would have been gone for a while now. Kittys can be worse than a two year old terror.

Have an exciting (happy-exciting) adventure today and tell your readers all about it. Most times I live through the adventures of my blog friends.

myomyohi said...

How come you don't keep bottled water by your bed instead of a glass? Then if they knock it over, it won't spill.

My alarm went off at 4am, finally drug my lazy butt out of bed around 4:30, left the house about 5:15 and was at my desk before 6am. Worked through lunch and left at 6:39. Nothing exciting about my day. I guess I'll have to have fun vicariously through you.

SOUL: said...


i'm stahvin.