Friday, August 29, 2008

and the casons go rolling along....

May I scream?

After discussing it with "some guy" my husband NOW does not want to drive our American car in England. Too dangerous.

The pressure is on ME now to get the car sold.......otherwise I will have to drive it to Memphis to carmax. I would rather be tarred and feathered. I can barely get it in and out of the garage. Drive it to Memphis? PLEASE DEAR GOD, NOOOOOO!!!!


I sent my husband an ad for these 2 red suede couches for sale. $400.00 US dollars for both.

If not a foreign country to rock some red couches ,then where? Right?

His reply:
"For heavens sake dear DO NOT send me ads with RED sofas........I think I
would rather throw up on it than sit on it......."

Well, excuse me. I think I could have really made those work.The man knows nothing about decor.

Floozie 1 received a sympathy card from her husbands cancer doctor saying:

" Dear Floozie1 , We are so sorry to hear of the death of Mr. Floozie.We never saw an obituary so we had no idea that he had died. "

Floozie1 said "she was so freaked out she had to go look in the dining room to make sure her husband had not really died. "

He is still there, in her dining room , in a hospital bed...alive.(for now)
Now that his medical records have had him dead for 3 weeks.....hopefully this won't screw up his health insurance coverage.

One more reason to love those competent doctors :)

Anyone have any big plans for the 3 day weekend?

Today ,I have a lunch date with Floozie1, then my last doctor's appointment ...before I have no insurance.Then dinner at 6 ,at Noesy and G5's place. We're all having dinner to meet some new neighbors that just moved in. We hope they are fun (like us) lol

I have not seen the boat since my husband left. So I imagine that shall be my plan for the rest of the weekend. They'll be having fireworks Sat. or Sunday night out on the lake. I have never driven the boat at night though. I doubt if I could even find my way home. So..we'll see about that.


"this episode after episode of Law and order is just riveting, NOT."

Gay cat love :)

Have a great Friday peeps!
Luv me

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Your metaphor is digging into my cankles......

Happy Tuesday Ya'll,

I've been spending my days searching England for used furniture and ignoring my house ,which is slowly beginning to resemble a land fill.

My husband would not know how to spot a bargain if it slapped him in the face.Frankly ,I'm worried sick about HIM having to pretty much buy EVERYTHING,from a can opener to a couch.We could be in the poor house before he's through.

I need to be over there NOW!!The cable people are coming in a few days which means he has to buy a t.v. *shudder* is he going to buy a cheap one? Ummm.. I seriously doubt it. I'm having daymares of a 50 inch, plasma flat screen .

He did tell me "don't bother looking for a table and chairs for dining ,because there is no where to put one."

WTH? Who would build apartments with no place to eat?Are we supposed to stand around hanging over the kitchen counter?
Well, I guess that will be money saved. :)

Seriously, I am not used to worrying(any more). LOL I am not liking it.

Oh yeah, also ..that thing that the doctor burned off my that it's healed , guess what? The damn thing is still there!And I will only have health insurance for 4 more days. yep, then I'll only be covered in England.Isn't that special.

I'm going to have to take the "little car" for a drive soon, and I'm scared to death to do it. I nearly wrecked it just trying to take it out of the garage the other day.
Apparently ,it's not car buying season.We'll be shipping the thing to England .
Those Miatas seem to be pretty popular over there. My husbands new "team" of guys ...5 of them have a Miata. (and OURS is the cutest) :)

I'm going to Chicago in Oct. to see my chillun's .So that's something to look forward to.Now I just need to snap out of my depressed,worry mode.I hate that!!

I will leave you with some entertaining "stuff"

This is old, but it still cracks me up.

This is Chase no face, a three legged therapy cat with no face. Seriously. It's pretty disturbing to see.

Think you're smart? well think again:) This is fun to play and someone gets free rice.

I am getting my ass kicked in scrabble from coast to coast...

And finally, does YOUR cat have it's own page on Catster? if not better get busy . All the cool cats have one.

have a great day peeps!

Luv me

Um..yeah..Medusa called , she wants her hair back.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I soooo got nuthin'

UGh! I'm so depressed and I sooo have nothing to blog about.

I have cats...cats and more cats......that's all folks.
Learn to love the Nickleback:)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Part 2 of the new digs..scroll down to part 1..

well, it won't let me add any text to that..grrrrrrrrrr!!!

I was well aware how small everything is out there.I've been looking at apartments online for months.

I'm sure that one is just great!And ...the "garden" is a big plus for me. That way you have some privacy and a place for a kiddie pool , should I ever have the desire to tan during the 70 degree summer:)

Note in the pictures ......the crank out windows ...with NO screens. They have no screens and no air conditioners over there. We will have to nail some screen over the openings or something ....the cats can't get out and we can't roast.

also note the fancy thing in the kitchen ,that is the minuscule washing machine?

The dryer will look something like this.

Only that "windmill' style on a know, the same one we used to have back when I was 5 years old.

They do HAVE dryers over there, but not as a rule. So the houses don't really have any where to put one.

No garage either.So, that's out.

Note the small single sink, and the built in drain board?
That other appliance ...may be a dishwasher ...not sure. Could be the edge of the fridge.

All in all , I love it! Hubby did a great job and got lucky.

I won't even tell ya'll the price , lest you weep for us:)

That's about it ......except this......
lately (well for a couple years) I've been thinking about getting a new tattoo to cover up my (old) hideous tattoo.

Here's what I've come up with .Vote for your favorite.

(cat only, not the background) and if this is YOUR design...let me know ...I'll be happy to credit you.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The new digs.....

One of 2 things going on here....
either the rooms are so small that you can not back up enough to take a picture OR
my husband is a really terrible photographer.

I think it's the first one.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday tidbits....

Happy Tuesday Ya'll,

Thanks for all the Birthday wishes!

Here's the prezzies I got.

Cute overload calendar.....

and Red Door from my eldest son.

Awesome zebra dishes from Floozie2 .

And hubby got me a bunch of stuff from bath and body works.

Thanks you guys!!!!

I spent the day out on the boat. Floozie2 and Lake farmer were out there in their boat too.

The water was cold! I don't know if it's because of all the rain we had or what.

It was a lovely day.

Lots of yachts out too.

It cost about a thousand bucks to fill that thing up with gas.

(click on the pictures to see the full size version)


And here we have our first glimpses of England.

When I spoke to my spouse about 8p.m. it was so cold he was wearing his leather jacket.

Look ,they really do have those cute red phone booths:)

This is a pretty rich area. We will not be living in this neighborhood.

I have no idea what this stuff is......he did not send any explanations with the pictures. (big surprise huh?) LOL

Now for some good news!

He actually found a house yesterday.
Naturally, he forgot to bring the camera. gah!
So, I have no idea what it looks like.

All I know it's new, it has 2 bedrooms, it has two stories ,a little "garden" (which is sort of a patio) it's unfurnished and it takes cats!

It's also in a suburb called Whiteley. An English mayberry:) The town has about 3,000 people.

My spouse had THIS to say about what it's like to drive over there.

"……….I had no idea that the “turnabouts” would be such a problem……….it isn’t the driving on the wrong side that’s a problem , I think I was up on the curb more than I was off of it. The turnabouts really confuse the hell out of you and you don’t know who has the right of way……ughhhh!!!! "

If HE"S confused.....I don't think I'm going to want to do much driving:)


It's raining again it's the perfect day to stay home and do laundry and clean my pig sty.

Have a great day peeps!

Luv me

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to me....

Happy Sunday Ya'll,

Well, my baby is gone:(
His plane made it safely to England. He called me about 6:30 this morning and said he was at the hotel.

He has an appointment in the morning to go look at apartments.I hope he can find something in one day!Then work starts on Tuesday morning.

Some of you noticed that my spouse is the grammar patrol.(as we like to call him) lol

There is a reason for that...besides the big nerd factor. When he was a little boy his dad got tongue cancer. The doctors had to remove about half of his tongue. After that he had to listen to some kind of tapes to learn to speak again.

Picture it .....the 1950's .....a little, big eared kid spending hours sitting around with his dad, articulating and practicing proper grammar. LOL

There you have it:)

Personally, I barely remember anything I learned in grade school English.

"what's going on around here?"

Naturally my house is in shambles. I need a 6 year old to come do my dishes. ha!
My plan du jour is to clean and then maybe go out on the boat .....all by myself.

Since we all know how boring Sundays are ...I'm going to leave you with some fun stuff.

Like Craigslist for the UK. Check out their weird furniture and houses.

Odd British groceries.

This is really neat...try it !
When you click on the link, a series of about 15 pictures will come up. Click on a photo in that category that appeals to you.
Again, 15 different pictures will come up, click the one for you and move on. Just continue to keep picking.
At the end it will give you a profile of yourself.... It's called a visual DNA.... Your choices dictate your profile.
At the end click on all of the TABS to read about yourself. It's fun & accurate.

Well, wth?? Why the giant font?

Have a great day !
Luv me

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The night baby is gone....

Happy Friday peeps,

I had all kinds of problems getting anything uploaded.We weren't really drunk. My mad filming skills just make it look that way. We were really just having a blast.

Yesterday Auntie J and her hubby came down to see my spouse before he leaves. Her and I went thrift shopping (and found zip,BTW) the men went out on the boat and then we picked up some bar-b-q for lunch. THAT was my mistake. As soon as I ate ,I was sick again. gah!
For the rest of the day. We were supposed to be over at Floozie2's at 6 P.M.
They had made a "going away " dinner for my hubby .

Floozie 2 really put out a spread too. they had pulled pork, chicken, salmon, broccoli casserole, Nosey's famous olive bread, home made mac and cheese, apple salad, rolls, brownies. I'm probably forgetting something. I was so sick ,I couldn't even eat macaroni and cheese.

Nosey and G5 were there, with their son and 2 grandsons .(age's 2 and 4 )
They have a 6 year old son as well.. He didn't come because school just started.

We have the best neighbors EVAH!

Today ,we did nothing much. Lazed around for most of the day. Now my hubby is packing. *sniffle*

He ALWAYS waits until the last minute. I could never do such a thing!
He's off for England tomorrow. We actually got an email this morning from a Realtor who said "oh, the cats should be NO problem."
I hope she means that:)

The rest of this is day before yesterday.....the ONLY day we got to go out on the boat. We had a great time.

The Capitan smiles...really ..he does.

Ahhhh...this is the life:)

A beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Yet another well done steak.....they refused to take it back. I said "great , give me a to go box ,maybe my cats will eat it."

The fishy-est mahi mahi I've ever tasted!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oy, my nerves....

Happy Humpday Ya'll,

I spent most of yesterday lying in bed sleeping off extreme nausea. Caused by either my new thyroid meds or food poisoning from Olive Garden.the night before I had "sent my food back " because the steak was well done. They probably spit on my food.

Anyhow, the whole day was pretty much ruined. By 6 P.M. my spouse wanted to go sit on the boat.I figured I could just as easily be miserable there as in the house. So I moseyed on out there in my pajamas.

He swam a little bit while I sat there and talked about how difficult it is proving to be, to find a landlord in England willing to accept cats.

Really difficult!

It will probably have to be done in person. He will head over there on Saturday.

Cavuto let us sleep in until 8:45 this morning. So...I better get up and get busy.

The rain is finally OVER! Yippee!
We'll be out on the boat this afternoon.

Have a great day peeps!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Happy Monday Ya'll,

As if yesterday wasn't boring enough's pouring rain again today.

Even the cats were bored.

I made the mistake of letting my spouse take my turn online scrabble.
he got out the "real board" and tried different strategies for about an hour. ack!

How could I have forgotten how brutally they played scrabble.

Ridiculous. I could have knit an afghan if I'd known how.

I went around all day closing things.....why would a grown man leave everything open like this?

Cavuto will take this as an engraved invitation to jump right into the cabinet.

Left open ....why???

So much for my clean house. he he .

yes, that suitcase is still there. I would move it , but it's wide open!

This, left open .....why????

This .....left open ....why????

Oh I love my lil darling:)

He just left to go to the dentist I have to hurry and clean things up while he's gone.

Not sure what my plan is for today as we are rained in again. No boating.

I suppose i will have to go thrift storing:)

Have a great day peeps!