Thursday, August 7, 2008

Please pass the xanax.......

Happy Thursday Ya'll,

It's taken me about 7 years to realize that having a hysterectomy does NOT get rid of PMS.

The new pimple crop every month.....didn't even make the connection.

The out of place ,overblown rage.....just thought I was a hateful bitch.

The waking up ten pounds fatter overnight....just thought I was unlucky.

Having a blog has allowed me to look back to the last time I felt homicidal. What a coincidence.......a month earlier .

Last night when my poor spouse called I felt like ripping him to shreds through the phone. For NO reason. I suppose I am relived to realize it's good ole' PMS and not the fact that I am becoming a psychotic lunatic.

Lucky for him, this happened BEFORE he got home:)

To say "I'm a little s.....l.....o......w" would be a gross understatement. Man, I'm a LOT slow!

This afternoon I get to go to the dentist for my ONE crown that my insurance will cover. (the other 3?) no idea when that will happen.

I am SOOOOO not looking forward to going. The shots, the white knuckled terror. UGH!

Today we're supposed to have a "cold snap" it's only supposed to get up to 95 degrees.
How refreshing. NOT!

My little garden is practically dead ,I keep watering my two tomatoes that are hanging there on withered vines. I should just throw the whole lot of them in the trash.

Woo, see what a hag I am right now.

I'm shutting up:)

Have a great day peeps!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

Do they sell pills over the counter for PMS ? They use to long ago. I'll never forget when Joey was but a little tyke, living with Tony and Carol, one day carol was in a bad mood. Tony explained to him she had pms, it'd go away in a few days, etc. Then Betty's Bill got real bad with copd. He had never spoken harsh to anyone, let alone the boys. But one day he did. Joey whispered to Betty "I think pawpaw has pms. He'll be ok in a few days". auntie j ps did I tell you we're going to my 40th class reunion saturday? I'm not that old!

Mary said...

I remember PMS - every month I was able to yell and scream all the frustration that had been building for a month. Not pleasant for anyone including yourself. The burdens we women bear!!

Hang in there, Kid. A better (or calmer) day is just around the corner.

desert dirt diva said...

I believe my poops this is what they cal MENOPAUSE and it truly sucks....member how your were hot flasheing when i was there and for once i was not... that would be mentalpause.. as i call it and dave well he just thinks i;m physco

sorry honey we are getting old!

Brad said...

Hope your feeling better sweets!

I'm right behind you on the crowns - I ned two but the insurance coverage is burned up for the year. I didn't know they were painful, never had one...oh joy! Have a good weekend !

simonsays said...

Good heavens, how did I miss three posts! It just seems like I was here yesterday...losing my mind perhaps? Umm...yeah.

Hope you have had a better day than you expected.

How ARE you moving stuff all the way over there?



myomyohi said...

Hang in there and if all else fails, take an extra effexor. That's what I do.

And menopause hasn't eliminated pms for me, or maybe I'm just a bitch... blaming it on pms.

My sister is a supervisor for a small group of people. The other day someone told her she was mean. She said, you think I'm mean. You obviously haven't met my sister....

I told her flattery would get her nowhere...

Hang in there and try not to hurt anyone. :)

Love ya.

SOUL: said...

well who knew-- but ya, menopause makes more sense than the unlikely pms.
love the pic btw-- but that's the natural me-- you should see me when i really have pms in full swing -- oh ya, you have :))
lucky you-
luv me

SOUL: said...

where are you- whaddaydoin-- why are you ignoring everybody-- go read my story.
i came into my room like 2 hours ago to pay bills-- i haven't opened one envelope-or written one check-- what is wrong with me??
come be my money manager person peoplelady.

i can't believe you're moving out of the damn country btw.
there. i said it.
no i am not happy it.
i never see you here-- how do you think i will ever even think of seeing you there? it won't happen. and for HOW long??
i don't even know.
you could speak to us while you are here.
dontcha think?

phew sorry--
bed time i think.
love you :))

SOUL: said...

how RUDE

Anonymous said...

My spouse has never outgrown PMS. She has it every 5 days and it lasts 3 days. Always has. You learn to live with it and duck the flying coffee mugs. Hey all - let's all go over the pond and visit Smocha - we can space our visits out 2 weeks apart and visit Smocha and hub for a week each. We will only expect breakfast tho and clean towels every day. G5

Smocha said...

Auntie J, sorry honey ,you ARE that old! LOL

Mary, I know. My all male family used to cower in fear.

DD, I am too damn young for Mentalpause!!!

Brad, Yes they are painful:) Like getting a filling for 2 hours.Go with the gas!!!

Jamie, We are packing light! Taking as little as possible. Hubby is taking just luggage , when I go we may ship some stuff (on a ship) but not sure yet. He may have replaced everything we'll need by then.

Myoh, I think we're just bitches. :)

Soul, the only thing scarier then ME with PMS is YOU with PMS. LOLOLO

Soul (again) Yes, I was wondering what you thought about England. Better get your passport renewed honey!
The way I figure it is, right now, I see my kids (for sure) twice a year. Summer and Christmas. Well, I will still be HERE at the condo for those times. So, you'll have to see me then if you don't want to come visit in England. :)

G5 , LOL
Yeah, see ,ya'll come see us in England. But bring your own towel. We can't afford any extra ones. :)