Saturday, August 9, 2008

Too tired to speak....

Someone's shoe da' fell


simonsays said...

Great video, funny critters...

Hubby comes home today? Have fun!


Brad said...

Big Swarming Masses of Ferret Fun!

I posted Dear - thanks for the kick in the rear.

SOUL: said...

i am intrigued by single shoes on the road .. really i am.

your hubbys home i said hello to him haha-

Anonymous said...

Hub didnt waste any time before taking the boat out. Did he go to the bathroom first or just put his bag down and head for the dock? LOL. Maybe he is beginning to miss it already. He should - it is a beautiful boat. If leaving boat and truck for a very, very long time, disconnect the battery (just the ground cable) to save the batteries. G5

Smocha said...

My future daughter ,Gidget has 2 or 3 ferrets. I had no idea they were so energetic. LOL
They would be a riot to watch. Too bad they kind of stink. :)

Sorry, once an older sister always a bossy nag. lol
I just posted all about the crown experience. Enjoy:)

Soul, so am I . Those shoes were in the parking lot of Pet smart. What happened to the person wearing them? abducted by aliens? I always find it so strange to see shoes like that.

G5 , will do. Yes he actually unloaded the car. (mostly just dumped the stuff all over the floor) before we rushed out to the boat.I KNEW that's what he would do.