Friday, August 1, 2008

Wham bam ,thank you ma'am.......

TGIF People,

Isn't it funny how your mind can run wild sometimes?

Need a 3 hour nap , I bet you have leukemia. Have some "thing" on you forehead?Ugh, I bet it is malignant and they will have to remove your nose and half your face.

These were the crazy thoughts going through my head yesterday. I actually had to tell myself "shut up! you crackhead!"

My doctors nurse called me yesterday "we got your lab work back, you are hypothyroid , we'll call in some thryroid medicine and your white cell count is high, we'll see you back in 4 weeks for more blood work."

Being hypothyroid DOES cover not only my exhaustion , but also my horrible memory,my metabolism of a slug, the dry itchy skin and a myriad of other crappy symptoms.
I am the poster child!

Whew, no leukemia. Thank God.

My appointment with the skin doc wasn't until 2:15 so I had all day to picture horrible skin cancer scenarios.

I finally get there and they sit me in this weird fat chair , my feet were dangling a foot above the ground. Not very comfortable . I felt sorry for little kids everywhere.

The doctor comes in and says "what are we seeing you for today?"

I lifted up my bangs and showed him . He said "Ewww."

"That is a ruptured blood vessel. We can cauterize it right now and it will look like a big scratch."

He whipped the chair back, poked some needles in my head and then the room filled with the smell of burning flesh. The nurse slapped a band aid on it and I was done.

Wham bam ,thank you ma'am. And I've been hiding that ugly thing for 10 damn years.

(nice roots BTW)

No more east indian dot. YIPPEE!!
And no face eating cancer either. Thank God.

Woo Hoo a new box!!

"what in the world is wrong with this woman?
always sticking that camera in my face."

Have a wonderful friday peeps!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

Glad for all your good news. I'm the same way. I went yest for 2nd month chest xray to see if spot still there. I have lung cancer. Oh, well, if I do 'we live, then we die'. Just picked okra and tomatoes. Wish you were here to take it all. I'm sick of it! auntie j

Anonymous said...

ps Bo takes medicine for his thyoid... high or low, I can't remember.

Design PR said...

I'm glad there's nothing seriously wrong with you, hypochondriac!

Speaking of which, I think I'm going to have to go to the doctor for the stupidest thing. A mild, mild sinus/respiratory infection.

I don't have any damned anti-biotics and I know that's what the problem is. My doctor said some people have them and don't know it for years. I'm not sick by any stretch, but I have junk in my throat and a mildly stuffy nose. I wanna be 100% and I'm stuck at perhaps 95%!


desert dirt diva said...

oh my god pr is frigging funny.. glad to hear you will be fine, i don't know what i would do without my beloved witch bag!!!!

Brad said...

I'm glad you don't have face eating cancer.

I'm pretty sure it's in the doctors Hypocratic Oath that they don't get to say 'ewww'

Have a great weekend.

mentlgas said...


SOUL: said...

i think your mother made us both think we are dying at the slightest sign of anything out of the ordinary you know.
headache? brain tumor!
stomache ache? abdominal anyerism!
leg cramp? leukemia!

maybe she just hoped we'd drop like flies????

hey mom!!!! this one has worms!!!

"oooh, i hope its a thirty foot tape that will devour the internals any day!!!""

luv you--
glad yoou are ok!

Anonymous said...

Hiding your spot under your bangs for 10 years? You don't go to a doctor very often, do you? Glad they found out about your hypo situation - and it does splain about the need for naps. Hypo just saps your energy. I am hypo and take 75 mcg a day of the synthetic thyroid hormone, tho I couldnt tell the difference before or after. Anyway,glad to hear of your good outcomes. See, doctors aren't all that bad! G5

simonsays said...

I had to laugh at the chair comment! Happy that you are going to remain among us for a good, long time.