Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oy, my nerves....

Happy Humpday Ya'll,

I spent most of yesterday lying in bed sleeping off extreme nausea. Caused by either my new thyroid meds or food poisoning from Olive Garden.the night before I had "sent my food back " because the steak was well done. They probably spit on my food.

Anyhow, the whole day was pretty much ruined. By 6 P.M. my spouse wanted to go sit on the boat.I figured I could just as easily be miserable there as in the house. So I moseyed on out there in my pajamas.

He swam a little bit while I sat there and talked about how difficult it is proving to be, to find a landlord in England willing to accept cats.

Really difficult!

It will probably have to be done in person. He will head over there on Saturday.

Cavuto let us sleep in until 8:45 this morning. So...I better get up and get busy.

The rain is finally OVER! Yippee!
We'll be out on the boat this afternoon.

Have a great day peeps!


desert dirt diva said...

why is he holding his head???

Brad said...

Have you tried posting on Craigs list London or UK (there's other cities) ? It might be a way to find kitty loving homes.

myomyohi said...

What cities are you looking for houses in and I'll put out some feelers...

Anonymous said...

So I sez to my spice is that Smocha and her hub just sittin in their boat? She says yeh. I guess that's the next best thing to crankin it up and going out on the lake. Great Britain is known for its cat lovers so it should theoretically be possible to find a variety of lodgings that accept cats - just gotta find one owned by a cat lover - they do understand - and you do have nice, well behaved cats. Start with the Cat Society and go from there. G5

Anonymous said...

Nah, Olive Garden doesnt spit on it. They let everyone in the kitchen lick it, then they step on it, dip it in the commode and then serve it you. G5

SOUL: said...

we have your rain now-- thanks very much. and thunder may i add-- with a thunderstruck dog.... yep eevee-- pacing on hardwood floors-- at 3 a.m...
wake up mom..wake up.
so, what do i do?
well, wake up--of course--and where is she now? well, resting quietly of course. along with sushi.
i'm just a good dog mom.
too bad i can't do as well with people.
got a nice cave to point me to?
somewhere that takes dogs preferably??
and chainsmokers...must have fishing available 24/7 !
i don't need nuthin else--- cept this thermos....and this here ashtray-- and this book of matches...
i wanna be normal.. i wanna go out to lunch.....