Monday, August 11, 2008


Happy Monday Ya'll,

As if yesterday wasn't boring enough's pouring rain again today.

Even the cats were bored.

I made the mistake of letting my spouse take my turn online scrabble.
he got out the "real board" and tried different strategies for about an hour. ack!

How could I have forgotten how brutally they played scrabble.

Ridiculous. I could have knit an afghan if I'd known how.

I went around all day closing things.....why would a grown man leave everything open like this?

Cavuto will take this as an engraved invitation to jump right into the cabinet.

Left open ....why???

So much for my clean house. he he .

yes, that suitcase is still there. I would move it , but it's wide open!

This, left open .....why????

This .....left open ....why????

Oh I love my lil darling:)

He just left to go to the dentist I have to hurry and clean things up while he's gone.

Not sure what my plan is for today as we are rained in again. No boating.

I suppose i will have to go thrift storing:)

Have a great day peeps!


Design PR said...

bahahaha! maybe you have a poltergeist that's opening everything in your house?

I can't believe that pansy nerd busted out the actual scrabble board! haha. What's his email address? I'll start a game with him so he doesn't have to ruin yours!

Anonymous said...

Should have some sun by late tomorrow and Wednesday will be nice, so get ready to crank that boat up. You are not alone. My spice leaves everything open - I call them booby traps because the upper cabinet doors are perfect to bang my head against and lower drawers are great tripping hazards. She is trying to kill me.Also lights. Knows how to turn them on, never turns one off. Give her half a day and every bloomin light in the house is on. G5

desert dirt diva said...

I am shocked that scott does not close cupboards ect. the man who has to have his pots and pans in meticulus order!!!!lol.....

simonsays said...

Why DO men leave everything open? Except for the dishwasher...mine does NOT know how to open that..

Happy Tuesday.


desert dirt diva said...

Update wichbag, and go comment on my blog........