Monday, August 25, 2008

I soooo got nuthin'

UGh! I'm so depressed and I sooo have nothing to blog about.

I have cats...cats and more cats......that's all folks.
Learn to love the Nickleback:)


Anonymous said...

Well, that splains it. You must be very depressed. Your boat has not moved during the whole weekend and that is very unlike you. Glad tho that you are not sick in bed. Boating is good for depression. G5

Design PR said...

Cheer up, Ma!
Think of all the fun we'll have in Chicago!

Love you!

SOUL: said...

did not.
we love your kitties.
and nickleback .
get UP.

what's your Plan?
luv me

desert dirt diva said...

yes get up... smile,stretch,go shopping, get ready to see the boys.....before you know it you'll be up moved and gone!!!!

Brad said...

Nothing wrong with feeling a bit low. And cat's are always cool in my book.

Hope things perk up for you today!

simonsays said...

I'm sorry your day is bad...believe me, I know how those days are.

I love your kitties. Seriously, they are awesome. My boy kitty - mason, drinks out of the toilet, and I HATE it. You should see him braced on the INSIDE of the's seriously an acrobatic move if I have ever seen one. I keep the lid closed, but every now and then, someone else doesn't and he checks both bathrooms every time anyone comes out....maybe I should try leaving the faucet on for him...

Feel better today.