Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's my precious's birthday......

Happy Birthday to Soul!

I think she's 29 today.


Good Lord! Somebody stop me. I remember what it was that I USED to do BS (before smoking) apparently it was frekin' EATING!

Me, last night. UGH!!!

I need to have my jaw wired shut now.


Gary Sinese.

I've liked him ever since Forrest Gump. Yet every time I see him something nags at me . He looks SO familiar. WHO in the hell does he remind me of?? It drives me nuts.

The other night I was watching CSI and BLAMMO ! It hit me.

He looks just like the Geiko lizard.


Mystery solved!


I'm off to freeze and /or throw away anything edible in this house.

I wonder if cat chow is good for snacking?

Happy humpday peeps!

Luv me

P.S. Check this out!!

— This dude in Illinois hand crafts these cool beer pong tables that transform into a bag set and collapse into a briefcase for storage and transport. Pretty damn sweet! He also custom paints them!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Is that a donkey I hear?

Hi strangers!

Yes, I know I've been a terribly negligent blogger lately. I have been consumed with that thing I'm not supposed to talk about.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't your husband just wonderful to tidy all that computer stuff up for you so you and the cats can lounge away without any interference.


Cavuto's world makes me homesick.

April 26, 2009 10:31 AM

That was my husbands comment. The first time he has EVER commented on my blog :)

I hope that every day will become easier and easier until I no longer even think of it.


Yesterday I had a girls day out. My friend Eva and I went and saw a play "The glass menagerie" all the other plays I have seen in this town have been comedies. This one was a tragedy . I have to say I prefer the comedies.

After the play we went and had a cheap dinner at outback. Salads and baked potatoes. Which was quite delicious ,actually.

Then we took Cavuto for his walk and cackled like lunatics.That's Eva walking Cavuto. I sound exactly like my sister, Soul. lol

Yes, we (Soul and I) do have such soft ladylike laughs. Err..I mean cackles.
What can I say ? We are delicate southern flowers.Bwa ha ha

We had a good time.I hope my sister is having enough fun on her vacation to cackle:)

Hubby sent me these pictures of my little English babies. :(

These are the sights that I see on my walk.

Old hags having a grand old time walkin' the cat.


Some of my chillun's are in Key West right now. Man, would I love to be there!
They even offered to buy me a ticket to go. SOOOO TEMPTING.

But there was several kids going. With one cabin and one tent.

I had visions of my old lady self being stuck in "partay-ville" with no place to sleep, unable to yell at kids that weren't mine "be quiet you! I need my nap!"

So, reluctantly I had to decline. Wes will write us a detailed trip report when they get home . I can't wait to read all about it.

Have a great day peeps!

Luv me

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Uncomfortable in my skin.....

Hi ya'll,

I got my new keyboard hooked up. Believe me, it was no easy task.My husband has everything all wired up so my computer is only able to move about 2 inches. All the wires are zip tied together. It's very proficient and lovely until something goes wrong.

I was wide awake at 4 A.m. ,as I lay there I tried to remember "what did I used to DO before I smoked?"
I couldn't come up with any memory what so ever. I was 14 . You'd think I could remember something!GAH!!

I will be back to answer ya'lls comments this afternoon. It's supposed to be 85 today baby! woo hoo!!

Here's the view from Cavuto's world aka : guest post by Cavuto

Laters, luv me

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Name me.....

Wow , where is everybody?

It looks like no one has updated .I know I'm wayyyy behind on updating and commenting, that's because I hate to post or comment, when I am a broken(crazy) record.

"wha wha wha , I can't smoke, I'm miserable" or any other excuse that makes me "mono focused"
I hate to think that way and I'm sure everyone hates to read the same shiznit.....over and over.....

"wha wha wha, I can't smoke, I'm miserable" ha ha.
No, really .....I hope I am at the end of my "wha wha " phase. I have been off the "nicotine patch "
since Thursday.
And I must say's just as I suspected.....EASIER ...without ANY damn nicotine.

I did this whole damn thing once, for 7 beautiful months. And then blew it.
But point is , when i quit that time ,I had 3 patches, I used them and then just went cold turkey.

This time, I tried at first, to just go cold turkey but my SAD level was apparently too bad for that to work . So, I did the 21 mg. patches for 14 days, then the 7 mg patch for the next week or so. I was still having horrible cravings for cigarettes.

At 3 weeks into all this suffering ??? Um , NO that ain't right!

Well, memory barely serves me, but I DID recall that cold turkey-ish ...I wasn't like a damn crack whore after 3 weeks.

So , I quit the stupid patch and I am happy to say that i really am doing well on having very few "desperate crack whore" urges to smoke.

Unfortunately, the same does not go for the crack whore urges to stuff snack foods into my mouth.

I never do that!
Normally I eat twice a day and rarely EVER snack. In fact, I don't know if YOU remember, but (I sure do) I had just lost 20 pounds.

Sadly, I am pretty sure I've already gained 10 of it back. I can't be certain because my scale does not work , since the "maraschino cherry " incident.

And that is damn depressing. I'm mental. I'm a face stuffing ,non smoking, verge of crying, mental cracker.

I'll get over that . Hopefully before I need gastric bypass.


Figaro, the( effin ) goldfish is still alive.

Right now, he is at the top of the bowl ,looking like he's dying.

Even though I have done all the damn crap they told me to do.

"blow some air in there with a straw"

"put an ice cube in there"

What EVVV...haven't I got enough problems?

Oh , who am I kidding? I'm worried sick about the stupid fish!

I hope he's ok.

Cavuto and Figaro


I saw this motorcycle at the store and I couldn't believe my eyes.

I thought it was a "furry type cover" but NO , this was the paint job.

I could have understood it if "I" was driving it. But I would be way too chicken to drive a "crotch rocket" as my kids call them.

I would love to have seen WHO was driving it, but I did not. Damn! was it a slightly old , eccentric woman, like me?

Was it a really cute transvestite from Odessa ,Texas?

Was it Brad Pitt "incognito" ?

You have to admit it, you're dying to know who was driving that thing!

Sorry's past my old lady bed time.

Tomorrow we will have a trip to Helsinki and discuss "when did bridal showers include the groom to be"?

Luv me


name this post :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Random crap....

Hi ya'll,

Well, good thing I didn't sell all of my fat clothes. Here it is 22 of not smoking and I bet I've gained 10 pounds already. My stretch marks have cellulite.

Yeah, that IS f'n depressing.

I am totally sad and depressed. I'm fat ,I'm hideous, I can't smoke, I'm all alone, my hair is beyond repulsive, I don't have a job, it's not spring yet....bla bla bla...yackity smackity.

Yet as miserable as I am, when I think that if I were in England with my husband, poor Cavuto would STILL be in quarantine.Through snow and everything.Then I realize how much MORE miserable I could be. Ahh , sometimes the bright side just sucks too.

What are ya' gonna do? Suck it up and get on wit yo bad self.

I'm sooo behind on blogging. Not that you've missed anything. Quitting smoking is quite the life consuming project.

I've spent lots of time in my bed. I've drug out my errands all day long (on several days),I've read tons of books, eaten tons of pens,pencils,cinnamon sticks,straws and tooth picks.I've squeezed lots of play-doh .

I still have the urge to go get some cigarettes. But I manage to NOT do it day after the next. Ugh. I hope to feel ok... someday.... SOON!!!!!


That damn "lone" fish is still alive. Every morning I wake up expecting to find him "belly up" but nope. When I walk by he will be up at the top of the bowl sucking air, like he's about to die.
Then when he doesn't know I'm watching he'll be swimming around like he's an exhibit at Seaworld.

I think he's messing with my feeble mind on purpose. And what a pain it is to care for one stupid fish. Who knew?

My husband said "why don't you just flush him down the toilet?"

"Um ...NO! Can you imagine what a hideous death THAT would be ?"

Besides Cavuto likes him ,when the water is clean enough to see him.


I tried on my purple dress that I was going to wear for the wedding.
My friend Eva said "it looked like crap! "

It did not fit right. (just like everything else)

So I got a new dress. The one in the pic. I have no idea what it will look like by June. I could weigh 300 pounds by then. God forbid!


On that note, Cavuto ,my little quarantine refugee is also getting fat.

"wha? I'm not fat. I'm fluffy."


Some books worth reading!

They were all good. time to make dinner though so No book reports:)

Happy humpday!

Monday, April 13, 2009

I fixed the video ..doh!

You've been Quit 20 days. $207.48 and 5 days, 3 hours of your life saved!

And still going crazy :)

Cavuto ,looking at 2 huge ducks outside the window.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Guest post by my son, Logan

Someone answered my desperate plea! Thanks Log!

So, as everyone might be aware of... Beth and myself are set to have a wedding on June 6 2009. WHooooO! I'm very excited... if feels like were actually doing something productive for a change. I'm not the rock star that i thought id be by now. I'm not a successful entrepreneur yet. We were going to elope... not a bad idea right? But people wanted us to have the ceremony. "you gotta have a ceremony, its something that you ll definitely regret in the future if you don't do it". Well, were doing it... and i don't expect anyone to help us... but a little support would be nice... great Awesome!... I'm not going to go into detail of the wedding let downs, but it feels ???? Whatever right.

Were having a wedding shower next Saturday... and were not inviting anyone... because my family is out of town.. and most of which can't make it to the wedding anyhow...(not there fault, but doesn't make it feel better) and the rest of the families that are up here won't show, and or bring enough to even meet the cost of the plates at the shower.

We moved into a sweet house... we have a dog named Maverick.. he just chewed up my hat. Oh well. We have 3 extra bedrooms in our home because it is so big... its nice... feels like were part of civilization now.

Beth is Graduation from college on may 9th... CONGRATULATIONS!!! She spends everyday studying and working and looking for a real job... but with less success than she would like... she did find a job for the summer, but it doesn't pay as well as she deserves.

I'm on an endless journey of school... or until this year i guess you could call it a never beginning school venture... but it feels like forever still.... I'm not as young as id like to be anymore.... I still have my childhood aspirations and dreams... but the color has faded to black and white... its depressing.... The most depressing thing in my life right now is my philosophy class, where we talk about depression and other bull shit.. But its not so much the theories we discuss in class, but the way that the general population thinks, and reacts to things. It makes me want to shoot a nuclear missile into the sun, setting of some extreme solar flares, and wiping out the entire population.... I don't care about any ones opinion any more..... i don't want to hear about Obama, or the stock market.... i don't want to hear that some football player hit someone with there car ( i do enjoy football small talk but, lets leave the gossip for TMZ huh?)

Lets start a new paragraph shall we

My band is playing out.... its not what i want to do but i want to do it. "Does that make any sense"? I mean its not the stuff i would play if i were paying myself to play music. I like the music but, it lacks the creativity that goes with playing originals. I'm sure at some point we will do some cover songs. I am impressed by Ian... its awesome when he tries to do things because they generally have an exceptional result. Its fun playing with my brother, Andy and Matt. We plan to play with Wes when he comes down for the wedding... that should be fun!

We have a house now.... like i said before... we have a 50inch flat screen tv, and nothing but one single reclining chair for us to sit in.... we have 4 plates, and a set of silverware. We have a fridge that is full of vegetables and fruit and bread.... nothing else.......the chair I'm sitting in is part of an old mikassa patio set, and is not level, i am leaning forward like a trap door on a game show or something. I'm not trying to complain but it feels like one of those "exponential 10" moments.... and i can't afford to be flipping coffee tables and punchin walls...... Venting is the right thing to do right.... I'm not even angry,... i guess I'm just a little sad.... some things like the band, the home, Beth's success, are awesome... and probably all that's holding me back from flipping out. (and the dog)

Well lets try to write one complete positive paragraph.... Yeah to Beth.... CONGRATULATIONS!!! Ian is an awesome singer (seriously) My house is completely empty but enormous. We have a bunch of fruit... and healthy food.... that will come in handy for me to try to loose some of my obesity fat. My phone bill is $200 dollars a month, but at least i have a phone..... WOW wrong direction... well..

I guess everyone have a terrific Easter... and i hope to see most of you in the future.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

True story du'jour

This morning I went to the pet store and bought some stuff that promised to "clear cloudy water with just one drop."

The water was so cloudy you could barely see the fish.

I ran the rest of my errands and when I got home I added the "one" magical drop to the fish water.

Then ,instead of my usual old lady nap, I had to watch this movie because it was already late.( I NEVER watch t.v. during the day.)

I had read this book before so I knew that the ending would be sad. But I didn't expect to bawl my head off ,knowing what was coming.
Well, that's what I get for thinking . ha.

So the movie ends. I am bawling .I go into the kitchen to get my stuff ready and dry off my tears ,to take the movie back and go to Walmart. What to my horror do I see?

3 of the goldfish floating dead in their bowl. (with the still cloudy water BTW)
That stuff killed them! Yes, this made me bawl some more.

I rescued the remaining fish and got him out of that poisoned water. So far, he is still alive. But who knows how long that will last.

The other 3 had a very quick funeral.

Later on I thought "hmmmm, I hope they were really dead and not unconscious."

Oh well, this turn of events does not surprise me. I hadn't named any of them because I figured something like this would happen.


Monday, April 6, 2009


Ola peeps,

My yard sale was just fine. Got rid of lots of stuff but I still have more than I'd like to have left.I need some yard sale fairies to come take it away. It was hard being stuck here all day.

There is absolutely nothing going on around here.I went to bed at 7:30 last night. Good Lord, I'm becoming an old woman.I tried to watch the movie "Rachel getting married" ,it was awful! Too awful to finish it.

I have "Marley and me" for tonight. I read that book. So I hope the movie is good. The book had me bawling my head off. (what a nerd)


My little English crumpets. Oh I miss them so much :(

Taking a break from bitchily screaming.

Daddy's little helper :)

In the midst of the action ,as usual.

Finally worn out.

Have a great day ya'll!

Luv me

Sunday, April 5, 2009

morning sucks...........

My Stats:
Your Quit Date is: 3/25/2009
Time Smoke-Free: 11 days

Cigarettes NOT smoked: 381
Lifetime Saved: 2 days, 21 hours
Money Saved: $120.12

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Stop the car ! It's a yard sale......

Floozie1 will be here shortly to be my assistant and the savages should arrive around the crack of dawn.

It's going to be a fun ,fun day .Right?

Good bye fat clothes :)

Hmmm....I need more junk.

Happy Saturday ya'll!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

So shiny ,so gold.......

I was at my usual Wednesday happening , sifting through the racks of "fresh meat" new merchandise,the blabber mouth next to me is yacking a mile a minute .She is always yacking. You can hear her voice throughout the store. She is a regular, like me, here every Wednesday.
Only for the first time, I notice the overwhelming smell of smoke wafting off her person. I didn't even know she smoked. The smell was intoxicating and delicious, yet repulsive .

"Oh.... I smell cigarettes." I say with longing to no one impeticular. "this is my 8th day of trying to quit."

A stranger the next rack over hollers to me "What's your first name honey?"

I yell it over to her. She says " I'll pray for you."


I spent the next 3 hours sitting on the floor next to another stranger sifting through jewelry which had been marked down to a dollar. A dollar!

She must have said 10 times "I'm gonna have to take a break and go smoke a cigarette."

She never did. But I was fine. I did not smell smoke on her. I did not feel like throwing myself on the floor in a fetal position and crying to smoke.

The rest of the day was the easiest one yet. I kept thinking "whatever you prayed lady, it is working!"

Matthew 18:19 ".....if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in Heaven."

All of you, please pray for me :)


A while back I jokingly told Floozie2 "I wonder if I should get Cavuto a fishbowl?"

He's soooo bored. Well, yesterday I happened to find a dang fishbowl for one dollar.

Next thing you know ,I'm over at Walmart telling some hick "I know nothing about fish."

Presenting Cavuto's new 28 cent pets.

I hope I don't kill them in less than a week.

He finds them fascinating. I do need some kind of cover for the top so he can't stick his head in there.

My hideous emergency cover made of pipe cleaners. :)


We're about to have a nice big thunderstorm. It's yard sale time around here so that is my plan du jour. getting more stuff ready for my yard sale. Whippee.

P.S. Here's the jewelry I found during my scavenging . Not bad for 6 bucks.

Have a great day peeps!

luv me

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Too mental for words......

Day 7, the worst YET. Like being in labor all day.

I do NOT want to be HER.

"Oh ,are you having a problem?

well, so what, I want MY walk."

"oh a bird, how fascinating!"

"What? Was I on duty?"

My "anti smoking" arsenal

The BIG prevent anti smoking "random snacking"

The body guard

Yeah, he's kind of a slacker.
And I'm kind of a hag right now.

The wind made him a bitter hag too.