Tuesday, April 7, 2009

True story du'jour

This morning I went to the pet store and bought some stuff that promised to "clear cloudy water with just one drop."

The water was so cloudy you could barely see the fish.

I ran the rest of my errands and when I got home I added the "one" magical drop to the fish water.

Then ,instead of my usual old lady nap, I had to watch this movie because it was already late.( I NEVER watch t.v. during the day.)

I had read this book before so I knew that the ending would be sad. But I didn't expect to bawl my head off ,knowing what was coming.
Well, that's what I get for thinking . ha.

So the movie ends. I am bawling .I go into the kitchen to get my stuff ready and dry off my tears ,to take the movie back and go to Walmart. What to my horror do I see?

3 of the goldfish floating dead in their bowl. (with the still cloudy water BTW)
That stuff killed them! Yes, this made me bawl some more.

I rescued the remaining fish and got him out of that poisoned water. So far, he is still alive. But who knows how long that will last.

The other 3 had a very quick funeral.

Later on I thought "hmmmm, I hope they were really dead and not unconscious."

Oh well, this turn of events does not surprise me. I hadn't named any of them because I figured something like this would happen.



Dear Liza said...

Oh honey, you did have a crappy day. I'm sorry.

UGH. I am in such the same mood--I can't even come up with anything good to say...

tomorrow will be better. It has to. Because I said so.


Anonymous said...

I've got to try to remember the name of book/movie. Sorry about fish....who would have thought! Joey leaves the 13th. I'm sure he'll end up in Iraq or Pakistan. Tonya had big hamburger cookout Sunday. He seems so young, turned 19 Monday. That's the age they want; in war act before thinking. aj

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the fish.When I wanted to get rid of my yard sale leftovers, I posted it on Craigslist that I had a bunch of stuff free and they had to take it all. Then I left it on the corner.

desert dirt diva said...

i had a goldfihs name algiy because thats how it lived when i cleaned the water the fish died it also had a quikie funeral.....i bought marley and me last week and yes it is a must see....for everyone.. i bawled...call me

Anonymous said...

I would go back to that pet store and demand to know what was in that stuff that one drop killed your fish. I would also insist that they give me replacement fish. They are fish murderers. Of course, when I fish the lake and catch a bass I am not a fish murderer, I am catching dinner. G5
PS One fish is not enuf for Cavuto to watch - so go.

Brad said...

Hi! - I came by to say something but forgot what it was - I'm sore and tired from scrapping wall tecture crap off cement floor and sanding - Muscle are not being very forgiving - hope your doing good!

Sarah said...

I've never been much good at keeping fish - except in the pond but the heron stole most of those a couple of weeks ago (only the expensive fish though, of course).

I too thought Marley and Me would be a bit kinder to it's audience than the book had been, especially as it seems to have been marketed mainly towards kids - we all sobbed like babies at the cinema :(