Sunday, April 19, 2009

Name me.....

Wow , where is everybody?

It looks like no one has updated .I know I'm wayyyy behind on updating and commenting, that's because I hate to post or comment, when I am a broken(crazy) record.

"wha wha wha , I can't smoke, I'm miserable" or any other excuse that makes me "mono focused"
I hate to think that way and I'm sure everyone hates to read the same shiznit.....over and over.....

"wha wha wha, I can't smoke, I'm miserable" ha ha.
No, really .....I hope I am at the end of my "wha wha " phase. I have been off the "nicotine patch "
since Thursday.
And I must say's just as I suspected.....EASIER ...without ANY damn nicotine.

I did this whole damn thing once, for 7 beautiful months. And then blew it.
But point is , when i quit that time ,I had 3 patches, I used them and then just went cold turkey.

This time, I tried at first, to just go cold turkey but my SAD level was apparently too bad for that to work . So, I did the 21 mg. patches for 14 days, then the 7 mg patch for the next week or so. I was still having horrible cravings for cigarettes.

At 3 weeks into all this suffering ??? Um , NO that ain't right!

Well, memory barely serves me, but I DID recall that cold turkey-ish ...I wasn't like a damn crack whore after 3 weeks.

So , I quit the stupid patch and I am happy to say that i really am doing well on having very few "desperate crack whore" urges to smoke.

Unfortunately, the same does not go for the crack whore urges to stuff snack foods into my mouth.

I never do that!
Normally I eat twice a day and rarely EVER snack. In fact, I don't know if YOU remember, but (I sure do) I had just lost 20 pounds.

Sadly, I am pretty sure I've already gained 10 of it back. I can't be certain because my scale does not work , since the "maraschino cherry " incident.

And that is damn depressing. I'm mental. I'm a face stuffing ,non smoking, verge of crying, mental cracker.

I'll get over that . Hopefully before I need gastric bypass.


Figaro, the( effin ) goldfish is still alive.

Right now, he is at the top of the bowl ,looking like he's dying.

Even though I have done all the damn crap they told me to do.

"blow some air in there with a straw"

"put an ice cube in there"

What EVVV...haven't I got enough problems?

Oh , who am I kidding? I'm worried sick about the stupid fish!

I hope he's ok.

Cavuto and Figaro


I saw this motorcycle at the store and I couldn't believe my eyes.

I thought it was a "furry type cover" but NO , this was the paint job.

I could have understood it if "I" was driving it. But I would be way too chicken to drive a "crotch rocket" as my kids call them.

I would love to have seen WHO was driving it, but I did not. Damn! was it a slightly old , eccentric woman, like me?

Was it a really cute transvestite from Odessa ,Texas?

Was it Brad Pitt "incognito" ?

You have to admit it, you're dying to know who was driving that thing!

Sorry's past my old lady bed time.

Tomorrow we will have a trip to Helsinki and discuss "when did bridal showers include the groom to be"?

Luv me


name this post :)


Anonymous said...

Hey there, it's Aud. Just wanted to pop in and let you know Im reading your post's. Just not enough time to do a "proper" comment.Hang in there. It really DOES get easier with the whole smoking thing. I have been "off the patch" for about 10 years now
Poppin out now, Aud

Sarah said...

You'll be glad you did it when you get back to the UK, I don't know how anybody affords to smoke here.

Love that motorbike, and yes, you're right, I really would love to know who was riding it!

Mary said...

Wow! Now that's an eye popper! Whoever rides that rocket has to have both an ego and a sense of humor. I wouldn't/couldn't ride it but I do think it's neat.

Hang in there with the nicotine withdrawal. Just keep counting the $$$ you're saving.

Dear Liza said...

Smocha--you are doing great. I know i would gain weight if and WHEN (dammit) I quit, it's just part of the deal. But once you feel better, you can lose it. I think it's so wonderful.

Hope your Sunday is awesome. :)

Anonymous said...

verrrry proud of you! Yes, groom to be's have gone to bridal showers for years -- Valerie's, Holly's, Chris', veryone one I've been to. My new dentist has a large picture you'd love! Lion if you stand back, but up close you can see it's made up with 22 wild animals! Hand drawn, it was given to him by his mother's friend when he graduated from dental school 30 years ago. aj

myomyohi said...

That is a very unique bike. I don't think I would want all the attention that would get. But I guess if someone stole it, you could tell it was yours.

desert dirt diva said...

Very ugly crotch rocket, and a couple of things, you do not drive motorcycles you ride them....the only good kind of motor cycle is a Harley... Stock of course!And this is only my opion..spelled that wrong....your doing very well with the no smoking thing, I think i will quit when i go to your house, then i can be all bitchy and no you will understand...are you good with this?????

Just joking.....

Anonymous said...

Gaahh!! 7 months and blew it? Gahhhh!!! All that suffering for nothing. Keep up your good work - it is already worth it. I am so glad you got Cavuto his pet fish. One can see he really enjoys it. I do wish you had hung around long enuf to see who was riding that hideous machine. You will need a new name soon - Smocha will be in the past. You need to start a name contest. G5