Sunday, April 12, 2009

Guest post by my son, Logan

Someone answered my desperate plea! Thanks Log!

So, as everyone might be aware of... Beth and myself are set to have a wedding on June 6 2009. WHooooO! I'm very excited... if feels like were actually doing something productive for a change. I'm not the rock star that i thought id be by now. I'm not a successful entrepreneur yet. We were going to elope... not a bad idea right? But people wanted us to have the ceremony. "you gotta have a ceremony, its something that you ll definitely regret in the future if you don't do it". Well, were doing it... and i don't expect anyone to help us... but a little support would be nice... great Awesome!... I'm not going to go into detail of the wedding let downs, but it feels ???? Whatever right.

Were having a wedding shower next Saturday... and were not inviting anyone... because my family is out of town.. and most of which can't make it to the wedding anyhow...(not there fault, but doesn't make it feel better) and the rest of the families that are up here won't show, and or bring enough to even meet the cost of the plates at the shower.

We moved into a sweet house... we have a dog named Maverick.. he just chewed up my hat. Oh well. We have 3 extra bedrooms in our home because it is so big... its nice... feels like were part of civilization now.

Beth is Graduation from college on may 9th... CONGRATULATIONS!!! She spends everyday studying and working and looking for a real job... but with less success than she would like... she did find a job for the summer, but it doesn't pay as well as she deserves.

I'm on an endless journey of school... or until this year i guess you could call it a never beginning school venture... but it feels like forever still.... I'm not as young as id like to be anymore.... I still have my childhood aspirations and dreams... but the color has faded to black and white... its depressing.... The most depressing thing in my life right now is my philosophy class, where we talk about depression and other bull shit.. But its not so much the theories we discuss in class, but the way that the general population thinks, and reacts to things. It makes me want to shoot a nuclear missile into the sun, setting of some extreme solar flares, and wiping out the entire population.... I don't care about any ones opinion any more..... i don't want to hear about Obama, or the stock market.... i don't want to hear that some football player hit someone with there car ( i do enjoy football small talk but, lets leave the gossip for TMZ huh?)

Lets start a new paragraph shall we

My band is playing out.... its not what i want to do but i want to do it. "Does that make any sense"? I mean its not the stuff i would play if i were paying myself to play music. I like the music but, it lacks the creativity that goes with playing originals. I'm sure at some point we will do some cover songs. I am impressed by Ian... its awesome when he tries to do things because they generally have an exceptional result. Its fun playing with my brother, Andy and Matt. We plan to play with Wes when he comes down for the wedding... that should be fun!

We have a house now.... like i said before... we have a 50inch flat screen tv, and nothing but one single reclining chair for us to sit in.... we have 4 plates, and a set of silverware. We have a fridge that is full of vegetables and fruit and bread.... nothing else.......the chair I'm sitting in is part of an old mikassa patio set, and is not level, i am leaning forward like a trap door on a game show or something. I'm not trying to complain but it feels like one of those "exponential 10" moments.... and i can't afford to be flipping coffee tables and punchin walls...... Venting is the right thing to do right.... I'm not even angry,... i guess I'm just a little sad.... some things like the band, the home, Beth's success, are awesome... and probably all that's holding me back from flipping out. (and the dog)

Well lets try to write one complete positive paragraph.... Yeah to Beth.... CONGRATULATIONS!!! Ian is an awesome singer (seriously) My house is completely empty but enormous. We have a bunch of fruit... and healthy food.... that will come in handy for me to try to loose some of my obesity fat. My phone bill is $200 dollars a month, but at least i have a phone..... WOW wrong direction... well..

I guess everyone have a terrific Easter... and i hope to see most of you in the future.


myomyohi said...

Sounds like you're feeling a bit overwhelmed right now. Hang in there. And, though my opinion doesn't count, I say if you would rather elope and spend the money on something else, DO IT. It's your wedding, your life, and your decision. Don't have a "wedding cermemony" if it's not exactly what you and Beth want. You own the experience and the decision. Entrepeneurs don't follow others, they make their own decisions.
Just my two cents.
I'm very happy for you both, and CONGRATULATIONS BETH!!!

SOUL: said...

yes-- congrats to beth-- and happy easter---

lots of stress in your post-- but i was happy to see it. i don't hear enough from you.
or about you.

i am really sorry the wedding is sounding a bit drab.. i really wish we could go-- it's just not a possibility right now.
trust me though-- ten years from now-- it won't matter-- all that will matter is that you two have weathered the storms--and yes-- i do see you together ten years down the road--- if anyone has the loyalty for a long term marriage-- it's you.

don't be so hard on yourself log-

i love you--
and i wish you the best of the best on your new journey.

ps-- ian does sing very good and i didn't even know that til recently.

anyhow--- happy easter-- it doesn't matter whats in the fridge or what chair your sittin in.. you are with the lady you love.


SOUL: said...

ps-- happy easter to you too smocha---any plans?

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Logan. Im sorry too your overwhelmed. Every wedding is stressful. It will be worth it when she walks down the isle. I hope all the best for you! When exactly is the wedding? And what state are you in? Uh, when can you post those band and Ian videos? I didnt know you guys were talented like that! I remember Wes making funny videos in Orange. But who knew???

desert dirt diva said...

The house sounds great, remember you have your mamas genes and things will falll into place, the thrift shops are a great way to decorate.....your house sounds awsome...sorry i can't make it to the wedding...when you have as many kids as i do weddings out of state are impossible, but I no your day will be great! I believe i met beth once and from what your mom says, she is a great lady and you have grown into a good man...even tho life is a bit stressful, it will get better!
Have a happy easter.. and you too my friend...smocha

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Beth and good luck in the job search. Somewhere out there is the perfect job. Sounds like good, healthy food in the fridge. Eat lots of fruit. We need a video on this blog showing Ian singing. G5

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. June 6 is the date of the allied invasion at Normandy Beach. Ask your philosophy class if there is any significance to that. G5

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

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