Thursday, February 28, 2008

Never thought I'd be that desperate...

Last night there was absolutely NOTHING on t.v.
so I did like the rest of the world and watched American idol.

Seriously, I don't get it. What is the big hype about this show? They talk about it on the news.
THIS is news? I don't think so.

And when did everyone who can sing suddenly become gorgeous too?
How unfair is that crap? Where are all those talented "Mama Cass's "hiding?

That Simon man is so cruel. Who IS he anyway?

I wouldn't know perfect pitch if it hit me in the head. And I really hate that whole "era" of music they were singing.

But the girl who did the Polynesian dancing.......when she sang gave me chills. She was my favorite.

Since you KNOW you all watched it....... :) ..... who was your favorite?

I've been being really good at forcing myself to go workout. And I must say...I'm really loving it. Well, not the working out part......but how good I feel later.

Just moving around , I can already feel some muscle tone.

It reminded of how I "used " to feel ...back in the day , when I was in shape.

Why can't I just become obsessed with it?

I've been trying to download a video onto here for about an hour now. Geez ,how long does it take???

Also , I can not get the links up for the blogs I read. Who wants to do it for me? Soul? you KNOW you do :))

One of my sons girlfriends and her family are going to the Florida Keys. I was all set to go too.
Until the stupid airlines ruined it for me.

The cheapest ticket I could get would be over $600.00...and that's just to GET there.

I know a girl who just flew to ROME for $600.00 WTH??

Needless to say, I am crushed. That would have been sooo awesome. :(


Well , it was another thrilling day here in Paradise. This morning I did some research on cat's teeth. This is what I found out :

Cats have 30 teeth (12 incisors, 10 premolars, 4 canines, and 4 molars), while dogs have 42. Kittens have baby teeth, which are replaced by permanent teeth around the age of 7 months.

Apparently, my baby IS deformed. He doesn't have that many teeth. How odd. But NOOO , I will not be taking him to the vet to be put to sleep to have his yellow teeth cleaned. lol

If I get that worried about it, I'll brush them myself. And he's never going to have to go survive in the wild he can just stay his deformed little self. Maybe he's just a late bloomer.

Then I worked around here ,boxing up stuff for the yard sale.

My font just changed itself to BOLD and will not correct. ack!

Anyhow, I did that til about noon.Then left to run my errands. I ran into Floozie1 so we went to lunch.She had already eaten so she got a giant pina colada margarita.

Next time I go on a trip , I'm having those. YUM!

Finished my errands and by the time I got home it was, yep...nap time.

So ...there ya have it. My exciting day.

Now it's time for leftovers and lousy t.v.

hope y'all had a great day!!!

luv me

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Guest post by Son Number One

Now that I’ve waited entirely too long, here it goes.

The move had me behind on work by at least a week. I woke up and noticed that my computer was off. No big surprise there, it probably had a nice blue screen for no reason in the middle of the night. I turn it on and just as it’s pulling up windows, it turns off in a blink.

For the next hour or so, I try to get windows to boot.. Trying safe mode, different settings etc. No avail.

Then I try booting and just going into the bios (without even touching windows) sure enough, it shuts off on its own.
I busted out the timer and started timing it.. Seems to turn off at around 2 minutes whether I boot windows or not.

Guh.. It must be a faulty piece of hardware. It’s probably past lunch time by now..what a productive day!

I start pulling out the pci cards one at a time and booting the system to see what the problem is. All the while, doing research on my laptop, trying to find a clue. The only thing I could find about a time delay power-off like this was the processor overheating. This means that it could be the cpu or the gpu (the processor on the video card). Well, I’ll try the gpu first.. Oh crap, this dumb computer doesn’t have another video out.

By this time I have all the pci cards out and I’m convinced that it must be the processor overheating.. So I just have to re-seat it. That means I just need my tiny tube of thermal paste.. Yeah right.. I’m going to find a <1 oz. tube of metal paste in this post-move catastrophe of a halfway unpacked house!

I searched and searched.. Through boxes, drawers, boxes, drawers... (there are a lot of them) ...nothing.

By this time, I have an appointment for the comcast (cable) guy to come by. (On a side-note, I was using the neighbor’s wireless to do my research.)
Since the cable jerk is supposed to be here ANY TIME IN THIS 2 HOUR WINDOW, I’m stuck and can’t run to the store for thermal paste!!!!

I called Klam and asked him to pick some up for me on his way home from work.

Now, we wait. This computer, my only computer set up to work on is dead in the water. I tried to get a little bit of unpacking done. I tried not to think about how this was the second time this computer had left me high and dry in less than a month!

The cable guy finally arrives... An hour late!! I could have easily slipped out to the store for the paste.... Go figure.

I still have my computer’s guts all over the floor, and naturally the comcast guy has to offer his “expert” opinion on what the problem is. I don’t remember what he said, but I know he was wrong. He’s annoying and is taking forever!

He had to dig a trench, drill a hole under the sidewalk and run a new wire! It took the bastard like 3 hours!

Klam finally gets home with the thermal paste and I go to work. While I have the processor off, I pull out all but a single stick of ram. (I should have done this sooner).

After re-applying the paste and re-seating the processor, the computer actually boots up and stays on!!
Amazing. Nobody breathe in the general direction of this shitty computer please.

I put the hardware in a bit at a time.. Careful not to upset the delicate balance that this entire day’s been wasted on achieving.
The cable guy is finally gone, it’s about 10pm and I can finally take care of a little bit of work shit.. Cute.

The next day, I was livid about having wasted the second day in a matter of weeks to computer problems. I had priced out a nice new pc build for less than $800. However, the thought of dealing with windows disgusted me. I was telling edward about my computer woes and once again, he brought up the mac and how solid it is. I looked on ebay for s&g’s (which I had done before) and found one that was exactly what I was looking for.

I showed it to edward and scott (both mac users) and they agreed that it’s a great deal. I decided to go ahead and buy it with the company credit card. I couldn’t afford to keep losing days like this. My initial plan was to pay cash for 50% of the new machine and finance the other half, but this couldn’t wait any longer.

I messaged the guy on ebay and asked him how much it would be for adding shipping insurance. He said it’s $50 and that he would throw in an extra 2 gb of ram if I bought it today. Woohoo!! It was already a good deal, now it was a great one!

I bid on the item using “buy it now” and went to paypal to make payment. I ensured that my business credit card was set to the default card and submitted the payment. It would not allow me to add the $50 manually, so I clicked “send money” and proceeded to send the $50 in another pmt. When I selected the item number, little did I know that it populated the price field with the full price of the auction, erasing the $50 that I typed in. After submitting the payment, I realized that I had double paid for a $2,000 computer. Crap.

I sent the guy a message explaining that I had double-paid and asked for a refund. A couple nervous hours later, he issued the refund so then I sent him the $50. After that, I realized that he had issued the refund MINUS the $50.. So I had to ask for a second refund! DUH!!!

Whew! Finally that debacle is over. The computer is ordered and my days of being chained to this lousy pc are numbered!

The next day was Friday and I was hoping to have my new mac by Tuesday. I picked away at some work and then had a nice weekend.

Monday morning rolls around and I jump online to check out my finances. Much to my shock and horror, my business account balance is -$1,500!!! Upon further inspection, BOTH computer payments were taken from my bank account and NOT MY CREDIT CARD.

I feverishly pulled up paypal’s contact information and got them on the phone. I explained what had happened and demanded to know why the money had come from the wrong place. The hag explained to me that unless specified for the transaction itself, the default funding source is the bank account. Regardless of which credit card is set to primary. My blood was boiling and I had nobody’s face to spit it in! I called compass bank to explain what had happened. This was totally my fault, but it was an honest mistake.. Bah. I have never allowed my business account to get under $200... Much less $1,500 below zero! Compass told me that there was a 6 day period in which they don’t charge overdraft charges. This was pretty amazing since they are usually disappointing me with their shitty methods of doing everything.

All I needed now was a couple thousand dollars to tide me over while I wait for the paypal refund to process (7-10 days) and then the transfer into my bank account (3-5 days) to take place. Jeez!

I realized that I had recently opened up a line of credit on my personal bank account for use as overdraft protection. Thank goodness!
I called them up too check on what kind of fees might be incurred. They only charge for interest. Nice.

I borrowed $2,500 and put $2k into my business account. WHEW!! Talk about a freaking aneurysm.

So Tuesday night I check my business account (into which I deposited $2k) and what do you know? It’s back in the negative because a $700 check that I wrote had just cleared. Crap.

Moving, coupled with these computer problems had knocked me out of my accounting routine and I overlooked that check.

I got up extra early again and ran to pull more cash out to add buoyancy to my business account. This time, I went into the bank to see about opening up a line of credit with them so this crap doesn’t happen again. Aaah.. Now here’s the old, crappy, archaic method of doing things that compass is famous for!!

It took over an hour to get the line of credit PAPERWORK filled out, then she had to fax it to the branch in which I opened my account blah blah blah..


Anyways after that I tried to have some semblance of a normal day. Reaching for my inner zen master and trying to be as patient as possible while awaiting my computer salvation to arrive.

Wednesday went by and I was starting to lose said patience. Thursday morning I checked ups’ website and they said the package was delivered ON TUESDAY!!!!!!!! I called them up and demanded an explanation. The person on the phone, naturally a condescending jerk, explained to me that the package WAS in fact, delivered.. Delivered to 746 Hamilton St. on Tuesday... Nearly 2 days earlier... Whoa.

“THAT’S THE WRONG ADDRESS!!!” I growled into the phone. The foreign weirdo on the other end said “Sir, you will have to contact blah blah blah, inc.”
“wha... Blah blah inc...!? Who the hell is that!? You people just left a package that size on the porch of an empty house!? Nobody had to sign for it!?!?” “No sir, we do not require a signature. It is our policy blah blah... You need to contact blah blah, inc.” “WHO IS BLAH BLAH, INC!?” “The people who sent the package...” [CLICK!!!]

It was clear that this was my own damn fault... I must not have fully changed my address. Just like everything else that’s happened in the past week. It was also pretty clear that despite my having paid for insurance, I would likely have absolutely no recourse in the event that the computer is gone.

I hurried out the door.. My mine racing.. The blood drained from my face. It was a 12 minute drive to the old house with no traffic. There was traffic. It took everything I had not to peel around every corner. I had to constantly remind myself that this could, in fact, get worse.

As I approached the half way point, I felt a sinking in my stomach. I thought about how I would react when I pull up and see that empty porch. I had to start coming to terms with the fact that this entire hellish week was nothing but a waste of over $2,000. I had to think about how I might somehow have learned a lesson out of all of this.

I got closer to the house.. I was gripping the wheel... Trembling. Stomach felt like it was ready to heave up any contents it may contain. I get a view of most of the porch and it’s empty. I thought that the neighbors may have picked it up (it had been raining.. Plus it’s clearly an empty house).
I pull into the driveway and there on the left side of the porch.. Crammed into the little enclave (is that the right word) is a big box.

I poured myself out of the car onto legs of jelly. I wrapped my arms around the heavy package.. Almost dropping it as I ushered it to the backseat of my car. HOLY SHIT!!! This computer had sat here on my ghetto ass front-porch for one and a half days.. And nobody ran off with it!!! This house, this whole part of town, being known for its scavengers. No sooner than you put something on the curb, do the vultures pick it clean... And this $2,000 piece of gear had survived!

I can barely contain my joy, but I also pessimistically assume that maybe it’s broken and the saga will continue.

I get it home and IT WORKS!! Hot damn, now I just have to work for 3+ weeks straight configuring and learning to use it.
The End.

The moral of this story: NEVER MOVE!!!!

Kindest Regards,
Wesley Black
Fuel Multimedia

The day in cats......

Yes , it was THAT boring of a day.

Freezing and windy. ack!

Nap time.

"I can NEVER totally RELAX, I'm watching YOU!"

" whip cream"

"Mine too, but I gag over it"

"What? I'm SPECIAL, ok?"

"I'm too sexy for this couch...too sexy for this couch...."

"Just call me Burt ...or Brad...mmmm K"

"I'm coming to get you my dahlink"

"Just put ME in the nut house , cuz that's where I belong."

YES , we know you do honey. We're just too damn kind.

"This movie is boring me"

"Shut up , you asshole, this movie is GOOD!"

"oh , please...don't wake me from that boring movie!I'll scratch your damn eyes out!!~!"

"Holy crap! my back teeth are YELLOW.and most of them seem to be missing."

Note from mama: shouldn't a 2 year old cat have some back teeth?Something doesn't look right here.

"don't hate me because I'm beautiful"

"I" think you're beautiful , BIG BOY , even if you do have yellow teeth"

JEN!!! Shouldn't he have more teeth than this?

Hope you all had a great Tuesday!!

Luv me

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The day in pictures.........................

Happy Monday Y'all,

Today was the first sunny day since I don't remember when.

This was the bright sky when I left the house this morning.

I was giddy!!!

Today was also a pretty busy day. You didn't know housewives (without kids) could be busy , did you?

There are quite a few homeless people in this town . But most of them stay near downtown.

Not this guy. He's one of the "regulars" and we assume he stays in the woods somewhere, even through the winter.

When I first moved here ,Floozie1 and I used to jokingly call him my boyfriend. Now EVERYONE I know calls him that.

They'll be "Oh , hey i saw your boyfriend today."

At first I thought he might be my first husband.

He's not. LOL

But I am dying to know his story.
(I see him every day)So the next time my friend Poodles comes out here, in June ,I'm going to have her talk to him. I'll let ya know what we find out.

Then I was off to the thrift stores.

I really ,really want this picture that they have.

It used to be $95.00

Today ,I noticed it was marked down to $55.00

Hmmmmm...VERY tempting.

Saw the FIRST sign of spring!!

Last year these things bloomed and the next day rain and wind stripped EVERY last petal right off of them.

I hope that doesn't happen this year.It gives me hope . :)

Next stop ...the car wash.

My poor truck has not been washed in ages.

I have noticed that white actually stays clean looking ,longer than my black truck did.

Who knew?

Next stop ...lunch.

MMMMMMM. It was delicious too.

I wish i could eat that salsa at EVERY meal.

Then , my plan was ....since it was so warm and sunny , I was going to go down town and sit outside and finish the book I was reading and take some pictures.

Well, the sun went away as soon as I got down there, found a parking place and walked down the street.

Some fountain-y thing. :)
That's the technical term.

So I took a few pictures......

Nice SILVER brick wall. What were they thinking?

Some old architecture. and an eagle?

This reminded me of my dad and my husband.

A store window. LOVE those kind of bathtubs.

Been here over three years and never noticed this. ack!!

Then stopped here on my way home.

I was fresh out of happy hour :)

Then I was good and went and forced myself to workout.

I must say , it was not as horrible as it was the other day. But man, when i was driving the backs of my arms were just burning.

More like screaming "work out you flabbo!!"

I saw the lake on the way home and thought "oh my beloved Spring ....where ARE you?"

Just think ...2 more months and I could have my flabby ass out there in the boat.


Hope you all had a great Monday!

Luv me

I just spent like an hour teying to add links to the blogs I read ...and only 3 or 4 of them show up.
What am I doing wrong???

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Stolen past......

Hi Y'all,

Did you know that if you go to the website of the library in major cities, like L.A. you can find archived images of everything you could imagine?

Who knew?

Below is a collection of "cool" old photo's I have "borrowed" :)

I have nothing new to report. Maybe later this afternoon.

In the mean time enjoy the photo show.

Have a great day! Luv me

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Please be warm today......

Happy Saturday Y'all,

Needless to say , nothing has happened in the last few days to blog about.

It's been cold and rainy.

Yesterday I went to the library, went to a couple thrift stores, met Floozie1 for lunch and then i went to my first day back at the workout place.

Remember all that nagging I did about canceling our membership?
Well ,my husband went and re-joined (to the tune of several hundred dollars) ack!
So NOW ...I HAVE to go workout :)

My first day back? OH was hideous! I am SOOOOO out of shape . It was all I could do to walk for 20 whole minutes. Every 5 minutes was like an eternity. I hope some of it had to do with my recent flu.

And the weight machines? ugh! I was having to adjust 20 and 30 pounds lower than what I had been using a year ago.

I seriously NEED to be going there ,like everyday!!!

I'm going to aim for every OTHER day. I may be able to scrounge up that much discipline. :)


Last night Floozie 2 and Lake farmer came over for happy hour and we all wound up ordering some delivery food and made an evening of it.

We made plans to have a pot luck St. patricks day weekend ,like we did last year.
That's when we'll try and recruit all the neighbors for our spring yard sale too.

Now we have a little something to look forward to while we wait for SPRING.

Please tell me what y'all are looking forward to these dreary days.


What's my plan do jour?

First I will watch I love Lucy for the next 2 hours :)
then I'll sort some yard sale stuff in my bed room. And take a trip to the cat thrift store (only open on Saturday)
Pin down Cavuto and cut his nails.
Then probably grocery store.Nap and nothing for the rest of the day.

you know you're jealous. lol

If anything exciting happens ,I'll be back.

Have a great saturday!

Luv me

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A plain ole Thursday

Happy Thursday y'all,

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I worked my butt off all day on my pig sty.
I started out with a 5 page list and got MUCH of it crossed off.

Hands finally hung up, even though my husband lost my hammer.
padlocks make pretty good hammers.

Pantry cleaned out for the first time in 3 years. :)

no more 5 year old boxes of opened cereal.

Clean living room.
Yee Haw!!!!

A lot of it had to do with finding and boxing up stuff for my coming yard sale. Something I've been working on since New years. :0

I worked to the very loud sounds of my brand new Hanson CD . I totally LOVE it!
Every song on it is great. Go buy it NOW:)

Extra glasses GONE and dusty damn shelves Clean buddy!!!

Even my laundry room is spotless.

whoo does that feel good:)))

I also talked to two of my chilluns . I talked to the 3rd on Friday. so ,It's always good to know that everything is fine in their worlds.

My husband will be driving home from his business trip today but he probably won't get home until this evening. that means I pretty much have all day to do what ever i want.
So my Plan du jour is work on my list some more. Than I must get out of this house today. That means I will have to go eat some mexican food and go do some thrift storing.

Boring ? yes. But such is life. :)
At least i am in a much better mental state than I was a few days ago.

Come on SPRING!!!!

hope you all have great days in your neck of the woods.

Luv me

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My shame, never before admitted

I was in the Army a very long time ago ,not for long, but my best friend in boot camp was a black English teacher. She cussed like a sailor and she let ME call her Nigga.
Her name was Theresa Bostick.
We were tight homie :)

But, I lost her contact info. I think she was from Detroit.

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever admitted to anyone.

When I got out of the Army ,I was planning to go retrieve my 14 month old son (in Washington state) from my mother, and then return to my husband ,whom my mother despised(in California)

So what did I do? Because I feared my mother sooooo much?

I tore up my basic training "group photo" with everyone's contact info on it. Because ...ooooh ! I was soooo scared of my mean mommy.Some of them had autographed it speaking of me going "back " to him.

I was 19 at the time...but now blows my mind that I was so controlled.

What a bunch of Sh*t!!!

I also was friends with Sparkle Brown and a girl who's last name was LOVE. Her husband had hung himself.

If any of you guys find this "it's me BLACK!"