Saturday, February 23, 2008

Please be warm today......

Happy Saturday Y'all,

Needless to say , nothing has happened in the last few days to blog about.

It's been cold and rainy.

Yesterday I went to the library, went to a couple thrift stores, met Floozie1 for lunch and then i went to my first day back at the workout place.

Remember all that nagging I did about canceling our membership?
Well ,my husband went and re-joined (to the tune of several hundred dollars) ack!
So NOW ...I HAVE to go workout :)

My first day back? OH was hideous! I am SOOOOO out of shape . It was all I could do to walk for 20 whole minutes. Every 5 minutes was like an eternity. I hope some of it had to do with my recent flu.

And the weight machines? ugh! I was having to adjust 20 and 30 pounds lower than what I had been using a year ago.

I seriously NEED to be going there ,like everyday!!!

I'm going to aim for every OTHER day. I may be able to scrounge up that much discipline. :)


Last night Floozie 2 and Lake farmer came over for happy hour and we all wound up ordering some delivery food and made an evening of it.

We made plans to have a pot luck St. patricks day weekend ,like we did last year.
That's when we'll try and recruit all the neighbors for our spring yard sale too.

Now we have a little something to look forward to while we wait for SPRING.

Please tell me what y'all are looking forward to these dreary days.


What's my plan do jour?

First I will watch I love Lucy for the next 2 hours :)
then I'll sort some yard sale stuff in my bed room. And take a trip to the cat thrift store (only open on Saturday)
Pin down Cavuto and cut his nails.
Then probably grocery store.Nap and nothing for the rest of the day.

you know you're jealous. lol

If anything exciting happens ,I'll be back.

Have a great saturday!

Luv me


SOUL: said...

i am in lock down here in soulland-- no driving-- little walking-- and no time alone.

"you hate me don't you"
i think won't be in my vocabulary today--
i am loved-- and lucky to have my soulfam--and soul-sistahs!

anyhow-- your future days ahead look
good. hope all goes well.

i love you too-

simonsays said...

This time of year is so hard on everyone - and this year has been the worse. It will HAVE to get better, though. And you have a boat to look forward to!

The gym will make you feel better, if it doesn't kill you first. LOL


Smocha said...

I am waiting for you to update!!
I can not stop thinking about what happened. Can you imagine if you had been driving ?
As for the sore muscles...think of it as a really good work out:))

This year has been the worst...even when we lived in Chicago it never seemed so long as it does this year.
Maybe we've all just become a bunch of spoiled whiners. :))

Yeah...the gym also made me realize how bad smoking really DOES affect me. ack!

Happy Sunday y'all

SOUL: said...

ola-- you update too--hawg--

i woke up really late-- so my update will be late late late--- cuz for now i'm tryin to catch up with peeps.


i know---i'm glad that everything went the way it did!

latah bebe`