Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The day in pictures.........................

Happy Monday Y'all,

Today was the first sunny day since I don't remember when.

This was the bright sky when I left the house this morning.

I was giddy!!!

Today was also a pretty busy day. You didn't know housewives (without kids) could be busy , did you?

There are quite a few homeless people in this town . But most of them stay near downtown.

Not this guy. He's one of the "regulars" and we assume he stays in the woods somewhere, even through the winter.

When I first moved here ,Floozie1 and I used to jokingly call him my boyfriend. Now EVERYONE I know calls him that.

They'll be "Oh , hey i saw your boyfriend today."

At first I thought he might be my first husband.

He's not. LOL

But I am dying to know his story.
(I see him every day)So the next time my friend Poodles comes out here, in June ,I'm going to have her talk to him. I'll let ya know what we find out.

Then I was off to the thrift stores.

I really ,really want this picture that they have.

It used to be $95.00

Today ,I noticed it was marked down to $55.00

Hmmmmm...VERY tempting.

Saw the FIRST sign of spring!!

Last year these things bloomed and the next day rain and wind stripped EVERY last petal right off of them.

I hope that doesn't happen this year.It gives me hope . :)

Next stop ...the car wash.

My poor truck has not been washed in ages.

I have noticed that white actually stays clean looking ,longer than my black truck did.

Who knew?

Next stop ...lunch.

MMMMMMM. It was delicious too.

I wish i could eat that salsa at EVERY meal.

Then , my plan was ....since it was so warm and sunny , I was going to go down town and sit outside and finish the book I was reading and take some pictures.

Well, the sun went away as soon as I got down there, found a parking place and walked down the street.

Some fountain-y thing. :)
That's the technical term.

So I took a few pictures......

Nice SILVER brick wall. What were they thinking?

Some old architecture. and an eagle?

This reminded me of my dad and my husband.

A store window. LOVE those kind of bathtubs.

Been here over three years and never noticed this. ack!!

Then stopped here on my way home.

I was fresh out of happy hour :)

Then I was good and went and forced myself to workout.

I must say , it was not as horrible as it was the other day. But man ...today, when i was driving the backs of my arms were just burning.

More like screaming "work out you flabbo!!"

I saw the lake on the way home and thought "oh my beloved Spring ....where ARE you?"

Just think ...2 more months and I could have my flabby ass out there in the boat.


Hope you all had a great Monday!

Luv me

I just spent like an hour teying to add links to the blogs I read ...and only 3 or 4 of them show up.
What am I doing wrong???


SOUL: said...

and i spent most of it asleep!!!

the ER said they were gonna contact the DMV and i am not allowed to drive for SIX MONTHS! my life is over.

btw--since when are you reilly?

Smocha said...

Oh ...you dawg!!!

It was 50 here and I was all going around coat less. feeling balmy. :)

I was actually wondering about that driving thing. I had no idea they had a "snitch work "going.

Ralph never got to drive ,so it wasn't something that ever came up.

I wonder if they report heart attacks and stuff like that too?

I said "reilly"
NOT O'reilly.
You know , like "living the life of Reilly"

whoever reilly is. :)

What'd you do today?

I might go to the keys baby!!!!

love me

desert dirt diva said...

what are the keys.. thats terrible about soul,can't wait to talk to the guy, hope he is not one of the mean homeless guys..but i will talk and he will talk.. and you will tell me to shut up and get in the car.. it sounds like oh so much fun yea...for us....why can't you go on the lake now.. it would be kinda errie fun..

desert dirt diva said...

p.s. it was in the upper 70's here and clear skies...can't wait for short weather...

simonsays said...

Great post Smocha, you live in a beautiful city - even in the winter.

Your boyfriend is a crack up - why don't YOU talk to him and find out his story? Just wondering...LOL

I like the Lion painting too, hell for $55 I say buy it!

Anonymous said...

try one month till boat time, not 2 months. The lake will be back to full level by March 14 or so. Temps will be in upper 60;s but water still cold. Would be a little chilly at speed but tolerable. I will uncover my boat about then and get its oil and filter changed, then its back to zoomville. G5

Smocha said...

DDD, The Florida keys. :)

Why don't "I" talk to him?
lol One: I'm too shy.
Two: I'm too scared.
Three: Poodles had diahrea mouth and will talk anyone's ear off.
Plus she's 6 feet tall in case he's crazy and mean :))

G5 , well good! One MONTH...even better:)

Have a great day peeps!

desert dirt diva said...

so two days in a row and here i am update.. i'm on my way to doing that myself.. love ya
gooooooooooooooood morning my friend...

desert dirt diva said...

you are sooooooooooo friggin mean diahrea mouth my ass, its called the gift of blah blah blah blah....lol

SOUL: said...

is it me, or are YOU the only person i know that takes pics of homeless people..and BLOGS about them???

is that some kind of talent ... or is it just .. ummm... rude?

and yes, i say talk to the guy---he might be your long lost love!!

Smocha said...

Pinkie was YOUR love not mine.

I think the guy is fascinating. I can't help it. He's a part of life in this town. So ,NO I don't think it's rude to blog about him. I'd let him read it ...if he has a computer out there somewhere. :)

You'd have to be a photography nut to understand I reckon.

Just love me.