Thursday, February 21, 2008

A plain ole Thursday

Happy Thursday y'all,

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I worked my butt off all day on my pig sty.
I started out with a 5 page list and got MUCH of it crossed off.

Hands finally hung up, even though my husband lost my hammer.
padlocks make pretty good hammers.

Pantry cleaned out for the first time in 3 years. :)

no more 5 year old boxes of opened cereal.

Clean living room.
Yee Haw!!!!

A lot of it had to do with finding and boxing up stuff for my coming yard sale. Something I've been working on since New years. :0

I worked to the very loud sounds of my brand new Hanson CD . I totally LOVE it!
Every song on it is great. Go buy it NOW:)

Extra glasses GONE and dusty damn shelves Clean buddy!!!

Even my laundry room is spotless.

whoo does that feel good:)))

I also talked to two of my chilluns . I talked to the 3rd on Friday. so ,It's always good to know that everything is fine in their worlds.

My husband will be driving home from his business trip today but he probably won't get home until this evening. that means I pretty much have all day to do what ever i want.
So my Plan du jour is work on my list some more. Than I must get out of this house today. That means I will have to go eat some mexican food and go do some thrift storing.

Boring ? yes. But such is life. :)
At least i am in a much better mental state than I was a few days ago.

Come on SPRING!!!!

hope you all have great days in your neck of the woods.

Luv me


Mary said...

I picked up your blog from Soul's blog. Welcome to your very own blog. Spring will be here soon and then we'll all feel better. Hang in there.

myomyohi said...

5 freekin degrees here this morning when I left the house - at 5am I might add.

Did everyone enjoy last nights lunar eclipse?

Went thrift storing last weekend. Got 5 pairs of trendy dress pants for work, three shirts and a santa for $35. I did good.

Smocha said...

Hi Mary,

Thanks for stoppin' by.

There was a lunar eclipse? Damn I missed that too.

The high was 34 today here and raining brrrr.

I found some good stuff today too . 3 brand new pairs of shorts.

Now all we need is spring. :)

simonsays said...

You have been so BUSY!

I am jealous, I will never, ever get my stuff cleaned out...I am just a storage unit for my children...

Have a good day!!!

SOUL: said...

looks good!
come clean my house---
i've been on my deathbed aaalll day.

Anonymous said...

I thought hubby was to be home this week? mlou wants to have yard sale with you. call her. everyone will get this blog from soul's like mary did. ??? me

myomyohi said...

Where did you get the hands? I like those.

desert dirt diva said...

now its time for you to fly out here AND HELP that would be so AWSOME

Smocha said...

I got the hands from (believe it or not) Midnight Velvet. lol
Now I have to pay for them.