Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The day in cats......

Yes , it was THAT boring of a day.

Freezing and windy. ack!

Nap time.

"I can NEVER totally RELAX, I'm watching YOU!"

" whip cream"

"Mine too, but I gag over it"

"What? I'm SPECIAL, ok?"

"I'm too sexy for this couch...too sexy for this couch...."

"Just call me Burt ...or Brad...mmmm K"

"I'm coming to get you my dahlink"

"Just put ME in the nut house , cuz that's where I belong."

YES , we know you do honey. We're just too damn kind.

"This movie is boring me"

"Shut up , you asshole, this movie is GOOD!"

"oh , please...don't wake me from that boring movie!I'll scratch your damn eyes out!!~!"

"Holy crap! my back teeth are YELLOW.and most of them seem to be missing."

Note from mama: shouldn't a 2 year old cat have some back teeth?Something doesn't look right here.

"don't hate me because I'm beautiful"

"I" think you're beautiful , BIG BOY , even if you do have yellow teeth"

JEN!!! Shouldn't he have more teeth than this?

Hope you all had a great Tuesday!!

Luv me


SOUL: said...

see what happens when you feed your pedigree cat whoop cream!?? LOL

do you also remember when you said me and my hubby were "retahded" because we bought expensive animules??

do you also remember the time my husband spent EIGHTY dollars to have sam's (our rotties) teeth cleaned??? i still laugh at him about that!
anyways-- how long til YOU pay 80 bucks to clean your cats teeth???

your life is apparently as exciting as mine lately!

happy humpday

Anonymous said...

... you have too much time on your hands! auntie j

myomyohi said...

I want to be one of your cats in my next life....

Anonymous said...

do u think he might have some kinda dental diase.....they have kitty dentist ya know....v