Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My shame, never before admitted

I was in the Army a very long time ago ,not for long, but my best friend in boot camp was a black English teacher. She cussed like a sailor and she let ME call her Nigga.
Her name was Theresa Bostick.
We were tight homie :)

But, I lost her contact info. I think she was from Detroit.

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever admitted to anyone.

When I got out of the Army ,I was planning to go retrieve my 14 month old son (in Washington state) from my mother, and then return to my husband ,whom my mother despised(in California)

So what did I do? Because I feared my mother sooooo much?

I tore up my basic training "group photo" with everyone's contact info on it. Because ...ooooh ! I was soooo scared of my mean mommy.Some of them had autographed it speaking of me going "back " to him.

I was 19 at the time...but now blows my mind that I was so controlled.

What a bunch of Sh*t!!!

I also was friends with Sparkle Brown and a girl who's last name was LOVE. Her husband had hung himself.

If any of you guys find this "it's me BLACK!"


desert dirt diva said...

are you ok and whats with this secret blog

Anonymous said...

When I get my next American Legion Aux magazine, I'll check on putting a note in it. Tomorrow cold again, in the 40's high! Could be worse!

SOUL: said...



alrighty then.
luv me

Smocha said...

I had to start it some

Something made me think of that today.:)

Smocha said...

Is that YOU aunty J?

myomyohi said...

Well, you're always an unraveling mystery.

SOUL: said...

oooooh yes, an unraveling mystery
LOL myo---
if only you KNEW

update hawg

Anonymous said...

So - what's with the public blog??? Army? Good grief. You need to write a book. G5

Smocha said...

LOL ,you guys act like I had a breakdown or something.

My blog WAS public , remember?
Then i had to make it private ,as you know. Well having it private is no fun.

I used to have like 50 readers a day. Once it became private I was down to maybe 8.

It's just more fun to write a blog for the world...not just my loved ones. :)


Luv me

Anonymous said...

can't sign name without account which I can not open as you know. Will try to put name at end. me