Monday, September 29, 2008

What these whitey's do'in here?

Happy Monday Peeps,

I thought I had seen it all.......but nooooo.

This is a purse made out of an actual Razorback football.

Who'd a thunk it?

Floozie1 and I finally found us a real black church yesterday.
It was an African methodist church. We had no idea what to expect.

"are they going to throw us out?"

"will they be mean to us?"

We got there pretty early . Sat in the back. Everyone was very friendly and nice to us. they came up and shook our hands and introduced themselves.

A lot of the women were wearing big beautiful hats.All of them were wearing beautiful shoes.

Here's some things I did not expect. The pastor was a woman and so were all of the ushers.Methodist church does infant baptism. Well we got to see 4 kids get baptized. They were probably aged from 3 to 12.But still ,it was the same process as infant baptism.....with the sprinkling of water. Not the full dunk ,like the Baptist church.

The music was pretty lively ,but not as lively as I expected. The preacher did get to "yelling" from the pulpit. It just took her a while to get warmed up.

The church itself was 138 years old. Absolutely beautiful . But in sad need of restoration and repair.

(click on the pics to make them full size)

Look at those pipes. The built in organ in front of them apparently does not work. Those things are probably worth a fortune.

Tin ceiling, antique pews, gorgeous woodwork . Then add pealing paint, woodwork pulling away from the walls. A shame.

Something quite common in the south though.

The ceiling. This is a big dome with windows. I forgot to take a picture of the outside of it. dang it.

(click the pic)

This is all the historical info I was able to find about the building.

All in all, we enjoyed our trip to the African church.

Monday = chore day.


Oh yeah......go to the bathroom ,get a beverage and get comfortable . Here are Weis's pictures from the big apple. Hopefully ,he will hurry up and give us the finale of the trip:)
There are a few more that I still need to copy to computer.
My captions suck, but you already read the story.

(there's a really tiny arrow at the bottom of the pics to fast forward to the next one)


I DO too fit in this bed.

Have a great day ya'll, Luv me

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The story of a pitbull

Mornin' ya'll,

Cavuto woke me up at 5:30 this morning. How sweet.

I did NOT watch the Presidential debate last night. I think I was scarred for life when I went to visit my dad during Watergate. Boring political shows make me revert to days and days of Nixon on a grainy t.v. ,repeatedly saying boring stuff. I just don't have the attention span for it.
I count on my husband to tell me the highlights .(If there are any)

Yesterday I was a lazy slug . I thrift shopped , ate lunch and took a 3 hour nap. Yes, exciting , I know:)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you always put the boat up this early? There's still good weather days. What happened to your pit? aj

AJ, No I do not usually put the boat up this early. But the water has been cold for quite some time and I have tons of work to do and don't really have time to be lounging around on the boat. AND...this time I had the chance to have help. I have NEVER had help doing that before.It was a chance I couldn't pass up.
I will get to the story of my pit in a minute here.

Blogger Brad said...Is that a Paulsbo T-shirt I spy on that little man? It sure looks like Washington in the background.

Good eye Brad! yes that is a Poulsbo shirt. And yes, that is my beautiful yard in Washington the background.

We lived in Poulsbo for 6 months while I looked at houses. We eventually found one in Port Orchard.My last husband was a union carpenter out there. He worked on the floating bridges and the Museum (the one with the brick arches) I LOVED it there. Seattle is my favorite city!


Ok now "what happened to my pit?"

I will have to start at the beginning here. Ok.

When I first moved in with my last husband he had a pitbull. Her parents had been fancy pedigreed dogs. The breeders were friends of his. This puppy got parvo when she was very young.They were going to put her to sleep but Tommy offered to take her. He managed to nurse her back to health and gave her the hideous name, Shithead.

When I first met her she was about a year old. I pulled up into the yard in my old Ford station wagon, complete with faded wood paneling and one blue door. (the rest of the car was white)
Imagine my shock when this 60 pound pitbull jumps right through my window and into my lap.
It was love at first sight ,for HER. I was a little bit afraid of her.
I had never been around a pitbull before. I had just heard the horror stories.

She had previously been chained up ,outside like a dog! Well, not on MY watch. Once we were all living in our new house it quickly became apparent that she had the soul of a poodle. She was a total foo foo in a mean body.She slept with the kids, she sat in my lap and she went through a phase where she chewed up everything in her path ,including my sons eyeglasses.
We tried to change her name ,since my kids were not allowed to say "Shithead" They called her "spithead" for a while but it did not fit her at all. "Girl" became her name ....and evolved into "Grull"

One day my husband had left for work and the kids had just left on the school bus .It was just her and I in the living room. She stood up and a puppy fell out. She grabbed it and jumped up on the couch. What the hell to do? Was I going to stick my arm in the path of a pitbull (that I barely knew)and her newborn to remove them from my couch? Um, hell no....I didn't have the nerve to try it. She stayed on my couch and continued to have puppies all day. 12 of them.
I had never seen a dog give birth before. And let me just was a whole lot messier and grosser than a cat.

Eventually I got to know her so well , I could practically read her mind. She became MY dog. There was nothing to fear from her. She even loved our cats.

She was the perfect dog. Except for that Houdini thing. She was the best escape artist EVER.

She refused to stay in the yard.

Once I had left her in the truck while I went in the library. I look down and see this dog in the library .
"aww, how funny , there's a dog in here"

Then I realize it is HER!

Another time the dog pound knocks at my door with a red pit on a leash and says "Is this your dog?"
I actually said "No, she's in the house. I just saw her 2 seconds ago."
It WAS her. She had snuck out the window.

We moved from Calif. to Washington state. Our yard had an entire acre of grass and woods. My husband fenced the whole thing so the dogs could be loose.(we kept one of her puppies at this point ,Star)
Well, Grull did not appreciate her fenced acre. She constantly got loose.Once I went upstairs and watched her from the window ,while Tommy called her. She was climbing over the fence just like a kid.
So, bad girl had to be on a chain while she was outside. One time her chain was tied to a railroad tie. My neighbor knocked on my door one day and said "I think I have something that belongs to
HER! She had drug that railroad tie about a block down the street to his house.

Ok, fast forward a few years. My husband has died. After 6 months ,I move to Florida where my sister Soul lives. I drive out there ,pulling a trailer with 2 pitbulls, 4 cats and 3 kids.
(that's a whole 'nother story)

I rent a house a few blocks from Soul and try to put my life back together.I had a fenced yard.And a dog kennel. But naturally MY dogs will NOT stay in the yard OR the kennel.
All they did was escape and go sit in their own front yard. But my neighbors did not take it lightly. They were literally calling the police on me EVERY day . "Oooh! there are vicious pit bulls loose in our neighborhood."

Well, in case you didn't know......they will put you in jail for that.As refreshing as a vacation in jail would have been, I had 3 kids to take care of.

So desperate measures had to be taken. We found a new home for Star. But Grull was way too spoiled , loved and was also 9 years old.

There was no WAY I could ever get rid of her. So I put her on a plane and sent her to California to my friend Desert Dirt Diva ,who lived out in the desert.I sent her dog support. And Grull continued to be loved and spoiled in the way she had become accustomed:)

By the time I was in a place where I could have gotten her back I couldn't bring myself to take her away from Vicki and her kids. They LOVED her too much now.

So she stayed with Vicki , she continued her Houdini ways and she was finally hit by a car and killed when she was about 14. She died doing what she loved best, defying boundaries and running free like the bad girl we all loved.

Pass me a tissue please.

I hope each of you will know a dog as special in your lifetime.

Have a great day!

Luv me

Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh , I'm tired ....old and frail.....

Wow, I can't believe it's Friday already.

Yesterday was a back breaking "work day" ,I had my little helper ,Eva's 17 year old son and it was still hard work.
I had a whole list of "man work" that needed to be done.

I had to help him get the boxes up into the attic ,the kid is so huge(6 foot 7) his giant feet kept getting caught in the ladder.

and I had to help him detail and put the covers on the boat.
He wouldn't have known what to do ,if I'd just said "go do the boat" :)

Trust me when I say ,it is hard work.
Getting those stupid covers on, reminds me of trying to put up a circus tent .

Thanks again Bubba...there's no way I could have done all that by myself!

Last night I watched 2 movies.

This one, which of course .....was totally stupid. That's how slim the pick'ens are at the movie store.

I knew it would be stupid. But it actually wasn't quite as low budget as I thought it would be.

Watch it if you're desperate:)

I give it 2 stars.

And this one. This one was good. It was set in the 50's ,a coal miner just got laid off and his self centered ex wife won't let him see his daughters unless he "pays up" ,there are no jobs to be had. So he gets desperate enough to let his beloved pit bull fight in illegal dog fights.

If the dog fights were this bad in the 50's , I shudder to think how awful it must be now a days.

The daughters reminded me of Soul and me ,as kids .

I give this one 4 stars!If you love dogs it.

And of course the pit bull reminded me of my long lost little soulmate ,Shithead.
AKA Grull.

There she is, the sweetest pit bull that ever lived.

I will always miss her.

Well, today is going to be a lazier day. I am going to do the minimum of housework and then hit the thrift stores ....looking for treasure.

Hopefully I will receive the finale of Weis's trip to the big apple AND the pictures , today .Hint..hint.

Have a great day peeps!

Luv me

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hi Ya'll ,

Man, I soooo have nothing to blog about.'s some random pictures.

Me and my Dad, back in the day.

One ,in his Lexus

Two, Three and One

Two in his Jager outfit that he MADE.

I have no idea. I stole this one off two's myspace.

Three ,jumping over his drumset.

Three, sporting the results of jumping over his drumset.

ready to travel.

Prepared for take off...

"I love ya man."

Cold flight.

Have a great day peeps!

Luv me

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Part 3: Weis's trip to the big Apple

Hmmm.. Let’s see if I can actually remember.

The clock strikes 5:30 am. Ramya, with fire coming out of her nostrils and snakes writhing in all directions emanating from her scalp, bursts into the room. She is hurling projectiles and swinging a tornado of whips and chains, flaying the very flesh from our sleeping forms. In a voice more deafening than thunder, she barks out orders and obscenities, shaking the building from its foundation. Bonnie, Al, Danielle and I cower in the corner, trembling like canaries in a cage of cobras. Just kidding, haha. She said that I demonized her in my previous installment for waking up early, so I had to up the ante. The truth is, Ramya is a very cool chick and a gracious host. I am ever so grateful that she let me stay at her place!

I think the time is 9:30 and almost everybody else is already up and about. Me, being the lazy ass that I am, am trying to push the envelope and get every last bit of sleep possible as the room starts to buzz around me. Finally, I get up and join the living. Today’s plan is to get brunch at some place across town and then go to central park. Nirali is supposed to be joining us (finally!) Nirali is the nice Indian girl who let us stay at her place back when I came to NYC with Logan and Klam a few years ago.

We all get ready and wait for Nirali to show up. We watch some TV and bullshit for a while as the clock ticks away and our collective hunger grows. Ramya has to leave for Boston later and I guess Al and Danielle have places to be as well. We decide instead of going across town, to go to City Grill for brunch. We also decide to have Nirali meet us there. We all head out to the restaurant, which is just a few blocks away.

When we came here a couple of days ago, they weren’t serving brunch. I order the western omelet and some delicious coffee! Everybody’s food comes out and Nirali is still nowhere to be found. Everybody is too ravenous to wait for her. I’m sure she’ll understand! The western omelet is a pretty standard menu item. You see them at ihop and waffle house. No biggie. However, this is one of the most delicious omelets I’ve ever eaten! I wish I knew what their secret was! After devouring my food and guzzling down a few cups of coffee, lo and behold.. Nirali is here!

We seem to be seated at the only table in the place that can accommodate 6 people. There’s a gaggle of people eyeballing us from the front of the restaurant.. Coveting our table, no doubt! Finally we settle up and saddle up. We head back to the apartment to regroup and digest our delicious food. We watch some more “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” It’s a great show! You should check it out if you haven’t.

It looks like we’re losing most of the group. Al, Ramya and Danielle are going off to handle their business, while Bonnie, Nirali and I are going to central park. Al is the first to disappear. The girls are having a heated debate about who the top ranking cup cake bakers are in town. I am making fun of their tendency to make lists and rank everything. I suggest that they may want to make a list to determine who has the cutest purse before we leave.

So we’re off on our journey and it’s pretty hot outside. We step into a small place called crumbs. They have some pretty crazy looking cup cakes. Being the exciting old man that I am, I simply order an iced coffee while the gals all get cupcakes. At this point, Ramya and Danielle head back to the apartment and Bonnie, Nirali and I head for central park. Oddly enough, I’ve been to the city twice before and never made it there. I snap a photo of a lady digging through the trash. She didn’t appear to be a bum, so I thought it peculiar. I snap a few photos of the park as we approach and I’m chastised by Nirali for being a tourist.

There’s a large body of water in the park. The surface is covered in many parts by a mysterious green film. We find a spot with a nice view of what appears to be a beach made entirely of guacamole. Nirali enjoys her giant cup cake and we kick back taking friendly jabs at one another. After a while, Nirali notices that she’s super popular (among the ant community, that is!) An army of ants is attempting a hostile takeover of her bag. She freaks out and Bonnie helps her swat them off her luggage while I snap pictures and point and laugh.

Nirali has someplace to be, so we leave the park. It’s a pretty nice day. Bonnie and I decide to head over to Chelsea to check out the improv show at the UCB theatre. The show isn’t until 9:30, but it’s free, so you have to get there way early and stand in line. We arrive around 8pm and there’s a pretty long line. It’s not clear whether or not we’ll even get in, but we have nowhere else to go!

We wait and wait and wait. Bonnie holds our position in line while I take a walk. I use my fancy phone to locate a cigar store and purchase a cheap mini cigar to puff on. I head back to the line and wait with Bonnie. Finally, 9:30 rolls around and we actually get into the theatre! Naturally, there’s not an empty seat in the house, however there is a ramshackle old bookshelf. I give it a test sit and there’s a piece of wood jutting up and making it too uncomfortable to make a seat out of. Using my master improv skills, I turn the shelf around et voila! I decent seat materializes before our eyes. I can tell that our fellow stander uppers are green with envy. Bonnie and I now have a place to sit!

Bonnie leaves to go to the bathroom and get some beers. I start BSing with this girl named Sarah. As it turns out, Sarah has just moved to NYC about 3 months earlier and is taking one of the improv classes offered by the theatre. I’m insanely jealous. She doesn’t seem too thrilled about living in the city though. Bonnie returns with the beers. The show is underway and Horatio Sans from Saturday Night Live is in the house! It’s pretty damn funny for the most part. Definitely worth the wait!

After the show, Bonnie and I are pretty hungry. I send Edward a text message to see if he wants to meet up for a midnight dinner, since we’re on his side of town. We decide to go to this place called “Dallas BBQ.” The hostess asks us “two?” I tell her, “Yes, but could we have a table that can possible seat one more?” “No, we don’t do that. If you want a table for three, you have to have three people! We’re closing in 15 minutes anyway!” What a freaking hag! I’m literally in awe. I get a text message from Edward. He declines meeting up with us anyways, saying that he’s still recovering from last night’s boozing.

Bonnie and I are seated at a microscopic table for two and I express my contempt for the hostess. We get menus and junk. I scour the menu for a chicken sandwich. There’s none to be found. I decide on a turkey burger and Bonnie gets a veggie burger.

The turkey burger arrives and it’s a regular coronary waiting to happen. The giant burger tosses about in a sea of BBQ sauce. The bottom bun completely soaked through. On top of the huge ground turkey patty is half a pig’s worth of bacon. Atop that is practically a cup of deep fried onions. Too starving to care, I scrape the fried onions off and dig in. It’s actually pretty good as long as I keep the notion of eating healthy far out of my mind. It is definitely one of the messiest things I have ever seen.

After eating, I’ve got BBQ sauce up to my elbows, all over my face, under my nails, etc. The restaurant is emptying at a rapid pace and I’m expecting the hag of a hostess to start breathing down our necks at any moment. We pay our checks and I go to the bathroom to wash up.

We decide to call it an early night so we can sleep in tomorrow. Aww yeah!
Kindest Regards,
Wesley Black
Fuel Multimedia

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hey, you're not black......

Happy Monday Peeps,

Well if you know me , this will come as no surprise.
I picked the blackest church I could find. It was in an all black neighborhood , right across the street from the projects.

We were expecting a "boogie in the aisle's " FUN church experience.

We expected ladies giving us chills with their awesome singing ,a preacher yelling from the pulpit , big beautiful hats, loud and fun.

Imagine my shock when we got THIS instead.....

A plain ole boring white milk toast Baptist church.

WTH? How could this be? Where were the black people?

If not in this neighborhood, then where?

I guess I will have to do better research next time. Damn it.

It's the curse ,I say!

Have a great day!
Luv me

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Part 2 :Weis's trip to the big Apple

I didn’t have a chance to consult with Bonnie on this.. So there may be some inaccuracies.


From the couch I can hear Ramya mulling about all morning. Each time, I just roll over and go back to sleep. I notice that Bonnie is trying to sleep in as well. She’s bouncing from the bed to the love seat and back, trying to avoid the clamber created by Ramya’s morning routine and phone calls. Finally, ten o’clock rolls around and we both reluctantly get up. Today is Saturday and tonight is the Buck 65 concert. Our plan is to go on a tour of the Brooklyn Brewery. I have no problem deciding which of my one pair of shorts to wear. The 3 pairs of jeans that I brought are likely going to sit in my suitcase the whole trip!

After lazying about for an hour or so, we have to head out so Bonnie can go to the bank before they close. First order of business is coffee! There’s a very conveniently located Starbucks less than a block away. We walk to Starbucks and then a couple blocks to her bank. After that, we descend into the subway station and head for Brooklyn. We arrive at the brewery and purchase a couple of beer tokens. I notice that the guy at the counter is munching gingerly on some strange looking chips. They’re guacamole flavored tortilla chips.. Hmmm. At the bar, I order a beer with my token and a bag of those mysterious chips. Surprisingly, the chips are pretty good. It’s probably well past 2pm and we’re both pretty hungry. The picnic tables we were waiting at were littered with carryout menus from local pizza joints. A nearby table’s delivery has just arrived. We weigh the pros and cons of the various pizza joints and decide on a true victor. The plan is to go there after the tour and satiate our growing hunger.

The tour begins and we are lead into the next room of the warehouse where there are various giant containers. The overly energetic girl gives us the rundown on the company history. She tells us about the founders, about the brewing process and about the variety of brews. It’s fairly interesting, but Bonnie is disappointed because the “tour” pretty much entirely takes place in a single room. I think perhaps our hunger made us into a rather fickle audience.

By now dying of starvation, we leave the brewery in search of the pizza joint. Being the big music dorks that we are, there’s no way we could resist the tiny record store as we passed by. We stepped in just to take a “quick look.” After we both scour through every single used cd they have in the store, we decide on a couple of purchases each and are back on our way. By this time, the beers at the brewery have made it into our bladders and the urge to urinate is actually surpassing the desire to eat.

We poke our heads into various restaurants that don’t appear to have bathrooms. Finally we duck into a bar and feel obligated to validate our bathroom use with a beer each. Despite the heavy foot traffic outside the front door, this place is a ghost town. The only other patron leaves shortly after we belly up. The bartender is friendly and the music they are playing is decent. The men’s room is pretty atrocious, but does have plenty of soap and paper towels. What more can you ask for? Bonnie and I are quite pleased with this place. There’s a photo of the bar on the wall from what appears to be the 1920’s. After taking our respective trips to the restrooms, the bartender asks us if we want the free pizza that our beer purchase entitles us to. We’re still set on the pizza joint that emerged victorious during our comparison at the brewery, so we decline.

After a little bit of deliberation it seems that something terrible might happen to us if we turn down free pizza. After all, we are both working on rapidly diminishing budgets and we’re starving! We reconsider the bartenders offer and anxiously await our frizza!! About 15 minutes later, she brings out two 8 inch pizzas baked just for us, still the bar’s ONLY patrons.

The free pizza is the nail in the coffin. Charleston Bar & Grill is our favorite place in Brooklyn. We decide that it should definitely become a tradition henceforth. Finally, we pry our fingers from the edge of the bar and head out the door. Full of cheer and no longer hungry, we descend into the subway station. Curiously, this one lacks the stifling heat shared by most other stations. There is a strange bearded fellow strumming merrily on his guitar and humming lyrics that neither of us could quite make out. There is no rotting flesh, body odor or feces aromas assaulting our noses. Much like Charleston Bar and Grill, there is something magical about this place. Our train pulls up and we hop on, both of us still gaping in awe.

Halfway home, we have to switch trains. It’s obvious that the magic of Brooklyn has been left behind us. We’re now waiting in a very crowded subway station. This crowded hellhole is equipped with the aforementioned stifling heat, it is devoid of music and worst of all it is bursting at the seams with the powerful smell of feces! The scent literally drains the color from our faces. It’s atrocious! The seconds tick away like hours as we pray that every arriving train is ours! Eureka! The number 3 arrives and we board as quickly as possible. There’s nowhere to sit on this crowded ass train, but it’s still quite a welcome escape from the giant toilet we were just trapped in.

We finally arrive on Manhattan’s Upper West Side and make our way to Ramya’s Apartment. We lounge about for a while telling her stories about the fairytale we had experienced in Brooklyn. Bonnie and I convince Ramya to join us at the Buck 65 concert. She purchases tickets for herself as well as Al, her boyfriend and Danielle, neither of which have arrived yet.

The plan is to go to another vegetarian restaurant located in Chinatown, which is near the Knitting Factory, which is where the concert is. Al arrives and Bonnie and Ramya continue getting ready. I’m on the verge of passing out again on the couch. I decide to get my arse up and be social. Al is a 32 year old, black computer guy with a great sense of humor. It’s nice to have another guy around in this ocean of girlies. I have already been subjected to numerous episodes of 90210 (both the old and new version) and now I have somebody to talk with about poker and computers!

Danielle arrives and we’re just about ready to embark. Danielle is about our age, blonde, sharp-tongued and apparently likes latin dudes. With so many witty people in one place at one time, you can imagine that the insults are flying and it looks like this is going to be quite a fun evening.

We take the subway to Chinatown and step into the tiny Chinese vegetarian restaurant. They seat us and we order appetizers. I try some kind of bean soup, which was not bad. There are some kind of seaweed rolls, which were pretty decent and a tortilla topped with some kind of veggies and sauce that was rather delicious. I ordered something, the name of which I have completely forgotten. I think it started with an “s”. It was pretty good and very filling. I tried a piece of Ramya’s food, which was General Tso’s Soy Protein. Surprisingly, it was very very good!

After dinner, we all head to the Knitting Factory for the rap show! Ramya and Danielle are having some major problems walking in their uncomfortable shoes. They are making it well known to the group. We arrive at the concert venue and the show has not started yet. There’s a DJ spinning some pretty good hip-hop jams on stage. Al, Bonnie and I order some drinks and we all stand around awaiting the show to start. The space begins to fill up and Alias, the first of three acts, takes the stage. Halfway through his set, Danielle and Ramya can’t stand anymore, so they retire to the bar in the next room so they can sit. After Alias plays, Buck 65 goes on and it’s a very cool performance. He plays new songs that have never been heard before. He displays his amazing turntable skills. He plays some old favorites. I take a ton of pictures. The performance is absolutely fantastic! There is some French dude and his girlfriend all grinding on each other and dancing into everybody, which is very annoying. Eventually we make our way in front of the offenders and avoid their annoying wrath.

After Buck 65 plays, Themselves take the stage. Dose One and Jel (the members of the group, Themselves) put on a phenomenal show. They’re extremely talented and it shows! Finally, the third act is done and everybody’s feet are sore. We settle up with the bartender and head out of the venue. Ramya and Danielle refuse to walk another foot, so we decide to take a cab. The only problem is there are now six of us. This guy named Jose, a very small Mexican dude with good taste in music has been charming Danielle all night and has joined our clan. He lives near Ramya and is now traveling with us. We decide to split up and take 2 cabs. After Jose valiantly flags down a taxi, which Bonnie and Danielle join him in, we stumble upon a minivan cab, which would have held us all. Oh well. Al, Ramya and myself head back to the Upper West Side in the minivan cab. We have a rather extreme driver who’s crazy ass driving is rather amusing to Al and Me.. Not so much to Ramya, who was by now, tired and cranky.

We arrive at Ramya’s building, she ascends while Al and I go across the street for some pizza. They have pizza by the slice and it’s like $4 per. I called Bonnie to see if she and Danielle wanted any. Four slices of pizza is almost $20 and drunken Al is razzing the foreign guy behind the counter about the highway robbery. It’s pretty funny.

We get back up to the apartment and dig in. Finally Bonnie and Danielle arrive and after our ever-so-healthy 2am pizza snack, we all find a place to sleep and crash. Bonnie and I relish in the possibility that since we kept Danielle and Ramya up so late, there’s no way they could possibly be up at the crack of dawn!! We may get to sleep in yet!

I curled my hair...for THIS?

Happy Sunday ya'll,

Last night Floozie2 and I were supposed to go out to dinner, at night time, like grown ups.

A neighbor of ours had invited us ,the night before while we were sitting here watching chick flicks.

WE were told it would be "pretty late" as this neighbor has a hellish work schedule.

So, Floozie 2 comes over at about 6:30 , we sit around yacking and starving and waiting . Finally we gave up around 8 p.m.
(We had been stood up)
and she drove the 2 of us to dinner at this fish place.

I was too cheap to get the Mahi Mahi for 17 bucks. It really makes no sense , because the money comes from the same account. It just seems more justifiable when my hubby is the one paying.
Go figure.

We were home by 9:30 and I was in my p.j.s the minute I got home.
Damn we're exciting.

I do have an adventure planned for today though. My friend Floozie1 is ready to try and start living again. As you know ,her husband recently died.

Before he got so sick that she was unable to really go anywhere, her and I had been "church hopping". You know, trying a different church every week.
Well, today ,we're back in the saddle. We're going to an African American church.

I have not been to one since boot camp, back in the day. I do remember loving the energy and the passion though. So, I think it's gonna be fun!

I'll be back later to let ya'll know how it goes.

Have a great day in your worlds!

Luv me

Friday, September 19, 2008

Guest post, rotten cats and un-pc-ness

A conversation with my cat.........

me: "um, excuse me, I can't see the computer."

"Um, excuse ME, but I am reading this."

me: "It's MY computer.Move it!."

"What? I can't even hear you. "

me: "I'm gonna tell."

"go ahead, Daddy likes me best."

Me:"I'm not kidding ,MOVE!"


Me:" I'm telling."


My husband seems to be fine. He is sore from his tumble ,but hopefully ok.
He was going to go home (to England) early. But could not change his flight. So he is staying in Sweden at a friends house. I am glad because the friend will be there to notice if he starts showing signs of a head injury. :)

BTW, He was not drunk. My first question was "how do you know you didn't faint?"

Of course he does not know, because he can't remember the fall. But he is claiming to have tripped on the new shoes I bought him. (Likely story) lol

My post about his fall was supposed to be funny. (even though I am worried sick)
I guess my sarcastic wit is above some peoples heads. (or ,maybe I am just too damn sarcastic)

Last night my neighbor ,Dr. Man rang the doorbell wanting to know how hubby got an epidural hematoma. I said "No, I was just saying it was possible. Because he did NOT go to the doctor afterwards. "

Sorry for the confusion.

I realize that I sometimes say things that may seem un-PC. I am sorry about that, I do not mean to offend anyone. That's just the way things roll sometimes.

I promised a guest post by my eldest son.....and here is PART 1:

Disclaimer:I have nothing against gay people ,and neither does my son. It just happens to come up sometimes. Just like the white trash ,black chick I had to sit next to at the beauty shop. But that's a whole 'nother story. :)


Part 1:Weis's trip to the big Apple


This trip is to be my third trip to New York City. I’ve always wanted to go to a taping of the Conan O’Brien show, but it’s really tough to get tickets! By some miracle, Bonnie has procured them this time! Holy Crap!! The only catch is the taping doesn’t leave much time afterwards for me to get to my plane. I decide not to check any bags in order to save time at the airport.

I have learned to accept the fact that I simply will not get any sleep the night before taking a trip of almost any kind. It’s a fact of life. I’m ok with it... Sort of.

Bonnie says that it’s likely to be chilly in the city. I’m pretty thrilled about the idea of cool weather after the hellish Florida summer. I pack one pair of shorts and 2 pair of jeans (a third pair which I’m wearing on the way there). Two whole pairs of jeans take up about 2/3 the space in my tiny carry-on suitcase. I don’t think I’ve ever packed so light in my life. It’s kinda nice actually.

I’m all “packed” before 10pm.. Wow! Usually I’m not finished until 2am. I take a shower and then I decide to start copying videos to my laptop and music to my iphone. I update to the latest itunes and there’s a cool new way to make playlists! I separate my stupid gels and liquids into a quart-sized zip-loc baggie. I carefully decide which pills I should bring. Allergy meds, check. More powerful allergy meds, check. Caffeine pills, check. Sleeping pills, check. Nyquil, check. Dayquil, check. Multi-vitamin, check. Antacids, check. (you never know what tiny ailment will ruin your vacation!!) I go over my inventory, itinerary and anal-retentatively confirm that I haven’t forgotten a single detail.

What do you know? It’s now 1am!!!

I finally lay down to sleep after setting my alarm for 4:45am. I toss and turn for what seems like an eternity. I can hear my roommates talking in the other room. I can tell they are being very quiet, but my amplified insomnia hearing allows me to hear every rat fart in a ten mile radius!

Finally I manage to fall asleep and am immediately awoken by my alarm.


I spring from my bed and start my normal routine of coffee and breakfast.

My mouth is scorched from eating pizza for dinner the night before. Scorch-mouth makes even the most delicious coffee taste like bile. I drink it anyway! I toss my 2 small bags and coat into the car and head to my friend, Scott’s house. He lives pretty close to the airport. Scott drives me to the airport in my car. I jump out with my coat and luggage. I pre-printed my boarding pass so I don’t even have to check-in!

I get on the plane and try to sleep. I’m unsuccessful for the most part, however I do manage to doze off just long enough to be jolted awake by the gum in my mouth. Fortunately I didn’t a) choke on it or b) wake up with it smeared all over my face and hair.

The plane lands in Newark, NJ and it’s a frigid 68 degrees. No need to wait for my checked baggage.. A nice touch! I step outside and Bonnie pulls up in a matter of minutes. She informs me that she also got about 2 hours of sleep the night before. We communicate in mostly grunts, sighs and shrugs as we make our way into the city in our sleep deprived states. We pull up to Ramya’s apartment building in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. I elect to help Ramya bring our luggage up while Bonnie watches the car. (Parking is out of the question)

Ramya comes out of the building and we load up with luggage, board games, blankets and pillows. I have all these games balanced perfectly on my suitcase and slowly start wheeling it into the lobby. Two women have just finished smoking. One of them helps me pull my ridiculous load up the step while the other one pretty much heckles me. “It’s going to be awful when that scrabble game spills all over the floor.” “It sure is going to be fun to clean up blah blah blah.” The dumb hag’s heckling causes me to speed up my pace, which of course, sends the pile of board games toppling over on the lobby floor. “I knew that was going to happen blah blah blah.” The less haggish of the two women helps me pick up the uno cards and we left the games on the front desk while we lugged the rest into the tiny elevator and up to the 11th floor.

Back down to the car, Bonnie and I head to Queens to find a parking spot. Her friend, Vinnie lives there and there’s usually ample parking. When we arrive, we quickly realize that the ample parking is only there on the weekends. On a Friday, there’s nowhere to park! We finally find a spot after circling for about 30 minutes. We get on the subway and make our way back to Ramya’s apartment. We stop at a mini grocery store to get some coffee (they have a name for this kind of store, but I can’t remember what it is). They were having a special on overripe bananas.. Only 35 cents!

We meet Ramya at a place called city grill for lunch. We are quite ravenous. I ordered a chicken club sandwich. It was pretty decent, except for the hard ass bread, which wasn’t very pleasant against my scorch-mouth!

After lunch, we go back to Ramya’s apartment. I change into my only pair of shorts and pass out for a nap while Bonnie and Ramya go boot shopping. They return without any boots. We chill out and watch a couple episodes of “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia.” Bonnie gets ready to go to the Hayden concert. I put on my shoes and we’re off.

We make it to happy hour at this place called “nice guy eddies.” Thus begins a night of too many beers. After that, we head to Bowery Ballroom for the Hayden concert and we are way early! As soon as we walk in, Hayden is at the bar. I figure I’ll have plenty of opportunities to talk to him, so I don’t bother. After that he disappears... Blast! We’re super early, so we might as well keep drinking!

Finally, Hayden takes the stage and the show is phenomenal. He plays a nice mixture of old and new songs. A great time is had by all. After Hayden is done, Juliana Hatfield is playing. We leave before she goes on. We meet up with Edward at this vegetarian Thai restaurant. On a side note: Bonnie and all of her friends are vegetarian. Edward is vegan (super vegetarian). This is the first of many vegetarian dining experiences.

My pseudo-chicken curry is pretty damn good. I ordered it extra spicy and they didn’t disappoint! Edward heads back to his place and Bonnie and I go off to continue our drunken rampage. After we separate, Bonnie and I start bickering about whether or not Edward is pretentious and/or gay. We stumble into a random bar so Bonnie can use the bathroom. We have more beers. We head for this karaoke place called lemongrass. We order beers and these lesbians start to sing “come to my window” by Melissa Etheridge. It is just about the worst thing either of us have ever heard. We quickly down our drinks and head to the next stop. We find what appears to be a regular sports bar, but they are playing ambiguously gay 80’s music. There are very very few females in there and a bartender with an Irish accent. Bonnie and I determine that it’s a gay sports bar. Who knew?

We have a couple beers here and finally stumble back to Ramya’s apartment. The Edward debate rages on pretty much the whole time. Bonnie and I both like to argue. Especially when drunk.

We made it to Ramya’s in one piece!!! It’s a miracle! I make my bed on the couch and Bonnie jumps in bed with Ramya. Side note: Ramya’s sleep schedule is that of an 80 year old married couple, so she goes to bed at 9:30 and wakes up at 6am!!

To be continued....

What head injury?

Picture it, night before last.... at a restaurant in Stockholm ,Sweden.

Several men are having dinner after work. Discussing boring topics such as work, work and more work.

One man gets up to go to the restroom. An extreme amount of time passes. he does not return to the table.
None of the men get up to go check on him.

Instead ,they sit there thinking to themselves
" hmmm.. I wonder what happened to him. I hope he's ok. maybe I should go check on him. NO! If I did that everyone would think I was gay."

The man who went to the restroom..never got there. Instead ,he woke up in an empty bar ,somewhere in the restaurant with the manager and the paramedics hovering over him.

Apparently , he had fallen down the stairs and been knocked unconscious.Naturally, he refused transport to the hospital. He just wanted to go back to the table and eat his meal.

He returns to the table after this seemingly LONG trip to the restroom, acting all nonchalant.

The other men would never have known a thing about his unfortunate incident .....if not for the
huge goose egg and the black eye.

At least nobody's gay.

In conclusion.....Men are stupid.

Yes, that man was my husband.

And I am now worried sick about my stubborn husband POSSIBLY having an epidural hematoma (or concussion)while thousands of miles away .And not bothering to go get checked.

On a lighter and more boring note......

Where were these things when MY kids were little?
A haircut could have been less than a trip to hell?

And a separate one for the little princess's.

Who's spoiled?

I spent practically my entire day ,yesterday, getting my hair done.

I had to go outside, across the street, looking like THIS to smoke.

It was smack dab in the middle of the gangsta' hood.

I actually chuckled out loud every time a brutha' drove by in his donk and did a double take ,as he laughed at me.

That is the price one must pay for beauty.

That and $75.00

Worth every penny. No?


TGIF ya'll ! and hope/pray that my spouse is really "just fine" would ya.

Thanks! Luv me

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Comment post.....

Happy Thursday (I hope)

It's time for a comment post because my memory is too crappy to remember what y'all said unless i am looking right at it.

Anonymous said...

I knew it was a small apartment but there are no closets?! plus, he has no egg! What will the poor man do without one!!! auntie j

That's right ,there are NO closets. You have to go buy your own ,which they call wardrobes.

the "egg" she speaks of is a big green egg.

This thing. the best grill in the world. I have already checked . they do not sell them in England.

Blogger Mary said...

Whatever would a man do without a TV with a remote and a bed to watch from? Typical man, I say. Ya gotta luv 'em.

At one point Harry was working out of town and the company provided a furnished apt for him. When the contract was over and he 'moved' home - well words are not adequate and I don't have pictures. He carried the stuff he'd collected while living there to the car and threw it in - unpacked, I might add. (He lowered the windows and threw it all in.) When he drove in the driveway the car was full - front and back - to window and dash level with everything just thrown in - clothes included. Open the trunk - TV with remote neatly wrapped and taped to the top, computer, laptop, printer, and nothing else. All neatly packed and padded. A man is a man but a computer man is something else again.

Are you sure we're not married to the same man?This cracked me up Mary. I wish i had a picture of that car.

That's exactly the way my youngest son packs when he comes to visit. Usually the clothes are dirty as well. he just scoops them up off his floor and throws them in a suitcase. I was hoping he'd outgrow that. Now you've dashed my hopes :)

Blogger desert dirt diva said...

oh my god how friggin funny, is that a box for the table.. well at least he go ya a chair, my poops...don't people in england have big famlies?????the refig would not dooooooooo.....

DDD, Yes, I believe that is the box that the new flat screen came in. Pretty snazzy, no? Yeah, that fridge is not very comforting. The big double door one I have NOW is too small.

Blogger Brad said...


Excuse me while I go beat my laundry with a rock down by the river.

You'd better get over there quick.

Tell me about it! The reason he doesn't have internet is because first he had to wait about 2 weeks for them to come out. Then ,they did not show up...twice. Then when they finally did show up, he was informed that the "router" or something must be sent in the mail.Hopefully it is waiting for him when he returns from Sweden this weekend.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

He has the essentials. All the rest is fluff and frills. All yall just look around your rooms and look at all the fluff and frills. Smocha, you can save a lot of money if you dont buy another stick of furniture. And, wouldnt it be fun just kinda campin out! Hub can make an egg out of two used wash tubs. G5

Spoken like a true caveman . And NO it would not be fun at all.LOL It would be depressing. I am gonna fluff and frill that hideous place up, as soon as I get there!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like dddiva said, it looks like a box for a it? auntie j

Yep, the t.v. box. I am almost sad for him:)

Blogger simonsays said...

This made me laugh.

How one earth does one survive without the internet? LOL

Happy Thursday.


Hey Jamie, I know I couldn't! He hasn't either. He usually works until 6 or 7 at night . then by the time he eats and watches t.v. it's bedtime. But on the weekends he's been either driving all the way to work or they do have a starbucks near the apartment. He's gone there to use the internet too.

Thanks for your comments my friends.

This primitive living reminds me , yesterday I heard several people (while I was out shopping) saying that their electricity had JUST come back on. Since our storm this PAST weekend. UGH! I would have died.
No internet, no t.v. , no air conditioner!OMG! Those poor people. Do you know how humid it is here?All the food rotting.
My place is all electric. I don't know what I would have done.

My oldest son just took a fun filled trip to New York city. I am anxiously waiting for his trip report and pictures which I will stick up ,as a guest post. Because the life of a 28 year old is soooo much more exciting than mine:)

Hope it's a great day in your worlds.

Luv me