Monday, September 1, 2008

Is that a church mouse in my mirror?

Hi all,

(ignore the stupid underlining) I had without a doubt, the most boring weekend ever!
I did not go anywhere, I did not see anyone, I did not do anything.I did not go out on the boat , I did not go see the fireworks. What do I blame it on?
Believe it or not........I think my hair is so brown is ruining my self esteem and just making me generally despondent.
Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous?Neither have I, but it's true.
Last time I had brown hair ,my sister saw me and the first thing she said to me was

"WHY do you look like that?"

lol , that tell's ya how bad it must be. :)

Note to self: quit being so damn cheap and go get your hair done.


I have spent many more hours looking at furniture online. Still no luck.
Wouldn't my husband just LOVE this couch?

Remember that red velvet flocked wallpaper ,back in the 70's ?

That is what this couch looks like:)

And this baby could be yours for about $3,000.00

Yeah, I know! about THIS monstrosity
lamp for $4,000.00?

I have looked at lamps until my eyes want to bleed. And they are all...UGLY!
Not to mention way too expensive.

$300.00 for THIS? Um..hell no!
It looks like someone took a 5 dollar lamp from the thrift store and spray pained the whole thing.

No offense England. But what is with the ugly lamps??

The that's a different story.

Witness these adorable shoes! One of the first things I buy over there is going to be these shoes.

Woo hoo!!

Well, it's Monday . Thank God that weekend is over.

Hopefully, today I will be back out there among the living:)

Oh yeah, I did watch 2 movies this weekend.

"Felon"....had Val Kilmer in it. Man, has he gotten old since Top Gun.I liked this movie.
Val is an old murderer, he killed 17 people. This newby guy kind of gets railroaded into prison and Val reluctantly takes him under his wing.
I give it 4 stars!

"What happens in Vegas" ....Ashton Kutcher (what's not to love, right?) and Cameron Diaz.
Two people get married while drunk in Vagas, then win $3 million dollars, they both want the money of course, but the judge sentences them to be "happily married " for 6 months.
Parts of it are really stupid , but all in all , it was a cute movie. I give it 3 stars.

That's all folks! Hope you all had a good weekend.

Maybe I'll be back later with something fun or exciting to report.

Have a great Monday peeps!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the lamps! Todays a holiday.Will your stores be open? sos will be closed. Yes, quit being so cheap! Hey, Holly has people driving 100 miles for her to color their hair she is so good. x8745, not working today. auntie j

SOUL: said...

oh bumer i wanted to be the first to let you know that the weekend isn't over yet.
so ya, your best bet is to take the boat out---or hope for a yard sale or two. what are your pals doin today-- maybe you can crash a bbq???

what else??? omg-- the shoes? am i more out of the loop than i know? i do not like them sam i am. nope. ug-leeeeeee.
same goes for the lamps- you described the blue one perfectly!!!!!!!!! you should be a catalog "author" ! LOL

hmmm.. ya , so , anyhow-- i "fixed my post-- go schegitout.

and re- the lounging around smoking like cruella deville-- i resemble that remark...
i thiunnk.
but it was more like
collapsing in the moment from exhaustion risking life and limb under the influence of sleep meds lookin like an asshole in a bed near flame-up.

crappy description. but whatever.
you had the cruella deville part right-- my hair is strangling me again.
my child complains often about her hair never growing-- why does mine try to kill me a month after i cut it???? how is that possible????

happy labor day-

desert dirt diva said...

I' agree with soul, and no mor e drinking for me.. don't know how people do it all the friggin time...ack...thats what i did this weekend.....went to a party taked to u and drank, went to the fair, watched truck pulls and yep drank, went to a bbq and yes you guessed it drank.. going to another bbq and nope i do not think i'll be drinking...

Golden To Silver Val said...

Get your hair back blonde and you will feel good again. I was a natural BROWN-head and always hated it. I went blonde in high school and never regretted it. Every once in a while I would go back natural to give my hair a rest and I always HATED it and found that it negatively affected my mood. So I'm sure that's what's wrong. Go blonde girl, go blonde. I'm slowly turning silver...when its all silver, then I can save some money. LOLOLOLOLOL

Anonymous said...

Blondes have more fun, so go have your hair done. You will be happier. That sofa - did you ever see one of those documentaries on TV about legalized prostitution in Nevada? They show a cluster of manufactured homes all pushed together and take you inside. The first room is a large living/reception room where they parade out all the "girls". The room is furnished with sofas just like the one in your pic. Do not buy one, it might have a STD. You are right on about the blue lamp. LOL! G5

simonsays said...

Well good heavens, then go change you hair!!! Money be damned, we cannot have my favorite cat lady in a slump..


Mary said...

Run - don't walk - to do whatever is necessary to get your blonde back. If it makes you feel happier the cost is nil!

Darn, there must be some ugly stuff on the market in England. Maybe it's because the natives are holding onto the good stuff and serving up the bad to expatriates. Not cool!!!

Brad said...

I say a picture of you, in the black boots posed on the red couch with a english lamp strategically placed is in order.

Just saying...

myomyohi said...

The couch is too pink red. I don't like this one, and I agree, if brown hair makes you unhappy change it immediately. Those of us afflicted with depression know that we must do what makes us happy. Buy online and have it shipepd.