Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh , I'm tired ....old and frail.....

Wow, I can't believe it's Friday already.

Yesterday was a back breaking "work day" ,I had my little helper ,Eva's 17 year old son and it was still hard work.
I had a whole list of "man work" that needed to be done.

I had to help him get the boxes up into the attic ,the kid is so huge(6 foot 7) his giant feet kept getting caught in the ladder.

and I had to help him detail and put the covers on the boat.
He wouldn't have known what to do ,if I'd just said "go do the boat" :)

Trust me when I say ,it is hard work.
Getting those stupid covers on, reminds me of trying to put up a circus tent .

Thanks again Bubba...there's no way I could have done all that by myself!

Last night I watched 2 movies.

This one, which of course .....was totally stupid. That's how slim the pick'ens are at the movie store.

I knew it would be stupid. But it actually wasn't quite as low budget as I thought it would be.

Watch it if you're desperate:)

I give it 2 stars.

And this one. This one was good. It was set in the 50's ,a coal miner just got laid off and his self centered ex wife won't let him see his daughters unless he "pays up" ,there are no jobs to be had. So he gets desperate enough to let his beloved pit bull fight in illegal dog fights.

If the dog fights were this bad in the 50's , I shudder to think how awful it must be now a days.

The daughters reminded me of Soul and me ,as kids .

I give this one 4 stars!If you love dogs it.

And of course the pit bull reminded me of my long lost little soulmate ,Shithead.
AKA Grull.

There she is, the sweetest pit bull that ever lived.

I will always miss her.

Well, today is going to be a lazier day. I am going to do the minimum of housework and then hit the thrift stores ....looking for treasure.

Hopefully I will receive the finale of Weis's trip to the big apple AND the pictures , today .Hint..hint.

Have a great day peeps!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

Do you always put the boat up this early? There's still good weather days. What happened to your pit? aj

Design PR said...

I miss that dog!

desert dirt diva said...

Yes she was a great dog....I miss her so much too.....she was alex's shithead in the end and they loved each other so much.....RIP.. love that piture too.,thinking about her makes me cry.. damn...menopause!

Brad said...

Is that a Paulsbo T-shirt I spy on that little man? It sure looks like Washington in the background.

cute pup -

Have a great weekend dear!

SOUL: said...

i love that pic of the boys-- one of my faves !!!