Monday, September 29, 2008

What these whitey's do'in here?

Happy Monday Peeps,

I thought I had seen it all.......but nooooo.

This is a purse made out of an actual Razorback football.

Who'd a thunk it?

Floozie1 and I finally found us a real black church yesterday.
It was an African methodist church. We had no idea what to expect.

"are they going to throw us out?"

"will they be mean to us?"

We got there pretty early . Sat in the back. Everyone was very friendly and nice to us. they came up and shook our hands and introduced themselves.

A lot of the women were wearing big beautiful hats.All of them were wearing beautiful shoes.

Here's some things I did not expect. The pastor was a woman and so were all of the ushers.Methodist church does infant baptism. Well we got to see 4 kids get baptized. They were probably aged from 3 to 12.But still ,it was the same process as infant baptism.....with the sprinkling of water. Not the full dunk ,like the Baptist church.

The music was pretty lively ,but not as lively as I expected. The preacher did get to "yelling" from the pulpit. It just took her a while to get warmed up.

The church itself was 138 years old. Absolutely beautiful . But in sad need of restoration and repair.

(click on the pics to make them full size)

Look at those pipes. The built in organ in front of them apparently does not work. Those things are probably worth a fortune.

Tin ceiling, antique pews, gorgeous woodwork . Then add pealing paint, woodwork pulling away from the walls. A shame.

Something quite common in the south though.

The ceiling. This is a big dome with windows. I forgot to take a picture of the outside of it. dang it.

(click the pic)

This is all the historical info I was able to find about the building.

All in all, we enjoyed our trip to the African church.

Monday = chore day.


Oh yeah......go to the bathroom ,get a beverage and get comfortable . Here are Weis's pictures from the big apple. Hopefully ,he will hurry up and give us the finale of the trip:)
There are a few more that I still need to copy to computer.
My captions suck, but you already read the story.

(there's a really tiny arrow at the bottom of the pics to fast forward to the next one)


I DO too fit in this bed.

Have a great day ya'll, Luv me


Anonymous said...

you need to find a black Baptist church..more lively.. aj

Mary said...

You girls had a really good experience. Black ladies are always dressed to the limit for church. Where on earth do they find the hats.

My blogging is out of sync but anyway. . I really enjoyed and appreciate your telling us about Grull. Our pets become real members of our family.

Zinnia woke me up at 2.45 AM this morning. She wanted a drink and wanted me to with her to her water cup. I sure hope this phase passes.

Brad said...

I assume you will be found in all the better English pubs soon, with the wrong type of football tucked under your arm. Right? Because that purse is just YOU! - right?




desert dirt diva said...

is he getting bigger, michelle has that same build a bear bed,lol,can't wait to see wes pic.. go comment on my blog...or have you not read it of late??????

Anonymous said...

Very interesting church! It is a shame it is in disrepair. If you want lively, find a country black church. They really get into it. As Christians, you will be welcome anywhere you go except maybe the south side of Chicago, certain parts of Philadelpia and inner Harlem. You will be welcome anywhere in the south. But if you plan to come back, put something in the plate and wear a hat. G5

SOUL: said...

maaan.. i hadn't realized how long it's been since i been over here.. oops.
i'm tryin to get my life together.. so far , it's not workin out too well.
pass the prozac---
luv me