Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pigs do fly ...eventually....right?

Happy Wednesday peeps,

I'm sitting here in near darkness ,trying to hen peck this post. Why , you ask? Because every time my husband is gone......every damn light bulb in the house simultaneously burns out.

Not only do I not have 20 light bulbs lying around .....I also can't reach most of them with out a ladder. ACK!

I really have nothing to post about any way. I should be packing stuff. But since his fall and then the flu, my husband is behind on getting me a list of what he wants me to pack. I have not even started the process of getting my VISA,I am waiting for the cat kennels to arrive.
I am also waiting for a nerve wracking call from my doctor. My entire life is a big limbo of waiting right now.

Last night I cleaned out and inventoried my pantry . Woo Hoo! What was the highlight of my day?Oh yeah, there wasn't one.

I am SOOO ready for my trip to Chicago.I'm going to see my babies, and shop 'til I drop and eat REAL food,and see my friend Heidi and takes oodles of pictures.So far, that's my plan. What? I'm an old lady.
My kids have stuff planned,like concerts to go , racquetball to play, tennis to play,jogging to do. Ha! I will NOT be partaking in any of those activities.Thank you.


Cavuto decided to stuff his graceful ass into the bar shelf.

Ok, I'm shuttin' up . You can wake up now. :)

Have a great day ya'll!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

No one's allowed to drink out of the glasses but Cavuto can walk amongst them? What kind of food is Chicago noted for? I know you are anxious to see kids...take pics of Emma. At her age, you know she has changed alot! aj

Mary said...

Wow, girl!!! I woke up when the lady crashed on that bike of hers! You got me that time.

I know you're feeling in limbo. I've been there, done that. It was many, many years ago but the memory is still with me. My first husband was always "on-the-move" to a "better job" He was a safety engineer at a time when they were in vogue and in demand.

Anonymous said...

Go to Chicago and eat some real food. Excuse me? You are in the South - the home of good food - soul food - catfish, grits, dirty rice, chicken n dumplings. Let me introduce you to the fluorescent light bulb. It uses 22 percent of the electricity of an incandescent at the same light output and lasts 8 times longer. I put a couple in this room 2 years ago and they are still going. In fact, I havent had to replace one yet anywhere in the house. Wally World has the best price on them but get the soft white not the daylight bulb. You are welcome. G5

Anonymous said...

A couple of years ago I, too, replaced all my bulbs. I haven't had to replace one yet! aj

SOUL: said...

i love the pic of cavuto--
i found a perfect one for you to photoshop the one of him drivin the boat into. remind me tomorrow and i'll send it.