Thursday, October 30, 2008

What a lovely toilet you have there......

I found 'em! I found 'em!!!!

I found the beautiful toilets ya'll! It's called Talavera ,just like the tiles and some of them also come with a matching sink.

My favorites are this red one and this black one.

Which could be mine for the measly sum of $855.00

This one is pretty too. but a little wild.

(click on the pictures to see full size)

I never thought I would say "what a beautiful toilet" :)


The websites over in England have got their Christmas catalogs up! I was looking through them seeing what kind of nifty stuff I might want for Christmas when I came across a couple of very disturbing gifts.

Pink spider catcher :

Remove a spider using a vacuum without causing injury to the spider.

Um, excuse me? Is there going to be THAT many wayward spiders in our house?

This white fluffy hottie is a great alternative to the traditional hot water bottle. Just heat in the microwave for a few minutes to release the vanilla pure essential oil fragrance. This coupled with the snuggly warmth will help you to drift gently off to sleep.

Um, excuse me, does this mean it's going to be so cold in the house that we will be sitting around with hot water bottles? Seriously, did you even know they still made those?

How about this?

Reversible tree:

You can either have it standing the traditional way or the modern way with the tip down. Includes stand. Excludes lights and decorations.

I did have a black tree last year but I've never had an upside down tree. Hmmm.
I don't think I like it upside down.

Well, do YOU dare to be in British style this Christmas?

More Mamie.....the talking cat....

Have a wonderful day ya'll!


simonsays said...

Love Mamie, and the upside down tree is a little too wild for me. Now, I LOVE the toilets...

Have a happy Friday Smocha.



SOUL: said...

i thought you liked the upside down tree? i never heard of one til you mentioned it when we had chunky. i have never seen one tho. odd. not for me.
besides--- i am still trying to decide how eevee will react to a tree.
we can never have normal animals.

ps--when you leavin? i just dont see me travelin by T-day-- i can barely get to the doctor office on my own feet--and haven't driven yet. this wasn't just a simple thing that happened. wish it was. it rather sucks.

y'all can come here??
i just don't see us goin anywhere. besides-- i have a kid doin community service -- and rehab... remambah? thru december.

haaapppeeee holidaaaays.
love me

SOUL: said...

ps-- i like the toilets too!

Anonymous said...

There was an upside down tree year before last at a luncheion I went to. Beautiful! Last year, or was it year b4 last, I hung my perfume tree in my bathroom from the ceiling. Remember? Different and I liked it. soul, update your blog! auntie j