Thursday, October 2, 2008

Scare me ,why don't ya.....

Hi Ya'll,

Oh crap! I just remembered there's an estate sale right down the street and it starts at 8:00.
Wonder if I should run down there in my jammies.I don't want to miss the good stuff.

Hmmm.... well I guess an hour won't hurt.


My doctor just scared the bejeezes out of me.

I know I've mentioned on here, that my white blood cell count was too high. Well, that's been going on for months now. No obvious reason for it.

So the other day I go in for a third set of blood tests and my doctor informs me that "if the white cell count is still high ,I'm going to send you to the blood doctor so he can test you for leukemia.
We'll call you back in a few days."


By yesterday afternoon ,with still NO word.....I was slowly convincing myself that I did in fact have leukemia.

Dr. Google only helped to confirm my fears.

I finally call my doctors office yesterday about 4. "Oh yeah, we just got your lab results. Your white count is better. Just a little above NORMAL now. "

Whew! I can finally let out the breath I'd been holding for 3 days.

It's something I will have to keep an eye on . (the white cell count) But for now, so far so good.

Apparently my sudden old-lady-ism , the needing a 3 hour nap everyday, is just from my lazy thyroid.

Thank God. THAT ,I can handle.

Nothing like a death scare to make you want to get out there and live your life!

Well, other than that......there isn't diddly squat going on around here.

I've got plenty of chores to do ...that I've just been too nerve wracked to do.
Good thing I like "House" and "law and order" because that's all that is ever on any more.
Even the cats are addicted to it.

I'll be back later ...hopefully with a fun, exciting day to report.

Have a great day peeps!

Luv me


Design PR said...

"Even the cats are addicted to it."



Oh, and there are tons of good shows on right now. You just don't know about them!

If you have showtime, you should check out a show called dexter.

There's a really good miniseries on HBO called "Generation Kill."

Sons of Anarchy on FX (about biker gangs)

The Office on NBC (so funny)

Reno 911 on Comedy Central (funny as hell)

Plus there are bitchin sci-fi shows that you would hate like heroes, fringe, eureka, etc.

Brad said...


Your sounding pretty clam - I would have been freaking out.

I'm VERY happy to hear your ok! Are you comfortable with that Dr? Seems like his bedside manner could use a little work!

Glad your OK!


desert dirt diva said...

so let us know what good treasures you find!

Anonymous said...

Thank God you dont have the "L" word...I tried calling you tonite at 5:45 my time...wanted to say hi...and I miss our "scrabulous" rendezvous's...I've been up and down the internet trying to find a replacement...waaahhh.
Love you-------------- Mentl

Anonymous said...

Certainly good news about the white cell count. Congrats! Hope you are not having gum problems - like gingivitis. Gingi can cause an elevated white count because it is a low grade infection. Doctors usually miss it as they don't look in your mouth and are not experienced about gum probs anyway. If you are having gum probs, see a dentist or periodontist right away and get them whipped into shape. Jes sayin. G5
PS Now get back to work! Time is fleeting.

SOUL: said...

good to hear that. but i know all about the dr google thing. i've convinced myself i was on a slab a gazillion times. google is evil!

happy weekend