Monday, October 13, 2008

Save me....I'm old ......

Happy Monday peeps,

I thought it was going to be cold I brought all these long sleeved sweaters and stuff. Well, naturally they're having a heatwave. lol

So, going to do laundry is on the agenda for today. yippeee!!!

The rental car is a convertible. It's been warm enough to drive around with the top down.Who'd a thunk it?

Today is the day we were supposed to go to Milwaukee . NOW, no body wants to go.Every time you go anywhere around here lots of driving is involved. So , they all said "we're sick of driving.'"

Nobody wants to go to the casino either.:(

Today is also the day we have to check out and switch hotels.I just got up and packed all our stuff. Then Wes and Logan show up with their giant iced coffees from dunkin donuts. did they bring ME one?! I can not believe the rudeness. I did not raise them like that.

They left here last night at 11 p.m. to go play poker at Ians house. Can you imagine ...starting a poker game at midnight?
Not me buddy!

I hope they don't charge me to check my eye bags onto the plane.

It sure sounds like I am just totally bitching ,doesn't it? Really, I'm not. I'm having a great time. I just wish more old lady sleep was involved.:)

Emma (my friends lil girl)

Ians house

I'm going to go see the little zoo where Gidget is working this morning. Hopefully they'll let me take pictures.

Oh yeah , there's a starbucks in the lobby of our new hotel. YEE HAW!!!

have a great day ya'll,
Luv me


SOUL: said...

come see my office-- this is where we will have coffee and hide from the other soul peeps when you come out.

i have to come back to catch up-- soulkid dr is waiting,.
luv me

SOUL: said...

emma was in a bar?
ians has an ice rink in his house?
wth.. i think yo pix are not in line with the descriptions.

how old is emma these days? geesh WE ARE gettin ooold.

what's todays plan?