Saturday, October 18, 2008

I got nothing, no seriously......

Ahhh, nothing like getting up at 5:30 on a Saturday morning. NOT!
Thanks Cavuto.

I've been wondering if i am going to dress up for Halloween. Any of you going to? If so, what are you going to be?

I think I'm gonna be Madonna ,in the 80's.

Like this. Or not.

Not that I have anywhere to go ,or any plans for Halloween.

Damn,I'm exciting.

I still haven't recovered from the sleep deprivation of my trip. Speaking of which, this is all I bought on my trip.

Vintage Panda figurine.

Stuffed grape leaves. These things are awesome.
You can make a quiche out of them and that is awesome too.

Kathy Van Zealand purse for 5 bucks.

Brand new BASS shoes , also 5 bucks.

My suitcase was full to begin with so I had little room for shopping. Damn airlines and their new luggage fees.


It's a rough life around here.

I have nothing to post about ya'll .

Guess since I'm up so damn early I may as well go yard saleing.

I'll shut up now. ok. :)

Have a great weekend!

Luv me


Mary said...

I planned to go yard saleing but was too darn lazy. Anyway if there's anything I don't need it's something else in this house. Combining two households is tough - lots of decisions to make.

Glad you're home and that you enjoyed the trip even if you did loose sleep.

Halloween - I think I'll just dress up as me and go as a witchy old fart. We're not going out but the kids will come through here like a hurricane.

SOUL: said...

those damn grape leaves make me gag... i trusted you and you're talk of how yummy they are-- so i just had to try em. ugh. me and soulman both almost ralphed over em. never again.

anyhow-- i hope your weekend picked up.

simonsays said...

Love the panda, and the kitties -- always, always love the kitties!

Hope you caught up on your sleep and had a good weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Sounds like you had a good and exhausting time with your boys. Stuffed grape leaves. Yummmm! If you don't eat them all by time you go over the pond I will take them off your hands. Surely, they wouldnt be any good when you come back. G5

Brad said...

Tell Cavuto he forgot to tip the stripper...

And boy is that dude pissed....

Design PR said...

Ooh, send me the recipe for grape leaves quiche.

Bonnie said...

you got a kathy bag for $5?? mine was $38. nice work!