Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Discombobulated babble....

Ola Peeps,

ahhh...the damn underlining is back. ignore it.

I think I have aged about 10 years in the last week. Wes ,Logan and Andy were in my hotel room last night ,playing scrabble until 2 a.m.
I took a unisom from Wes's traveling pharmacy and tried to sleep while they were in the background, yelling, cussing, and cackling.

My hubby called this morning at 6:30 and woke me up.

Naturally ,since I have to go downstairs to smoke, my hair looked like a dolly parton wig that someone had run thru the garbage disposal.The bags under my eyes are big enough to pack. I have never looked worse!
I drag my skuzzy looking self down there by the front entrance and all the OTHER people are all dressed up and madeup, in suits and dress clothes.
WHY in the hell didn't these people make a smoking area out some back door? So old ladies could sneak down there in their pajamas?WTH??

I am flying home this afternoon. and MAN am I ready for it.
I need a weeks nap. LOL


note the pile of pvc pipes.

they became this fully jointed ,pose able 6 foot tall man.

He is now crammed in Weis's suitcase ready for his trip to Florida.


The Celicas new upholstery.
Click on the pics.

Ian did this himself.

My kids are genius's .....but they sure are annoying:)

Have a great day ya'll , I'll hollar at ya from HOME sweet home.

Luv me


desert dirt diva said...

Ian you missed your calling your should of been a designer of clothes or the stick man too...

Brad said...

DDD is right - tell Ian he's got work out here in WA.

SOUL: said...

i just left a comment here and clicked out before saving it-- im such a dumbass.
anyhow-- now i dont know what i said.
cept that england could make me some dark colored toyota camry seat covers for my christmas present. :)) or i could pay him. whichever. toyota wants a fortune for them, and i aint pain it.

love the skeleton!

where did all that talent come from?

i have no artistic qualities whatsoever.

anyhow-- welcome home--
and that's all i can remember.
c ya

Anonymous said...

LOVE the stick man! That child DOES have talent! aj