Saturday, October 11, 2008

pass the nodoze......

happy saturday ya'll,

well, could i be more sleep deprived? , i don't think i could.

yesterday ian and i went thrift shopping. then we went and ate some mexican lunch. we were supposed to meet the other kids at the indoor racing place at 2. it takes about an hour to get from point a to point b.
by the time we got to the racing place , i was sooo tired all i wanted to do was be anywhere that i could take a nap. but noooooooo.

i stood around and took some pictures. i tried to video them racing. after i watched the first race i found it to be too nerve wracking to watch.i went out to the car and tried like hell to take a nap, which was impossible because the sun was blaring right in my face the whole time.

after the races were over ian and i hit the road to head back this way. naturally it was rush hour by now. ack! it took us an hour to get back to this side of chicagoland.we had to stop at ians house first so he could get a change of clothes.
this is the first time i have seen his house.he lives there with 4 room mates.on the outside you see a nice house in a nice the front door there is about 50 pairs of one is supposed to wear them inside, so all 5 roomys have every pair of shoes they own,right by the front door.out of the 5 ,not one of them has a bed that is made. no pictures on the walls or any decor at all. the inside is kind of like a dorm or a frat house.
i was never single long enough to live like that and i think it would made me sad. :)

by the time we made it back to the hotel the plan was to go out later to the bar where gidget works. oh please ......where is my nap??
i gave ian a haircut and tried to go to sleep for a while, but with 3 boys yapping and the t.v. blaring.....that was NOT going to happen.

we left to GO to the bar at 10 p.m.! That is my bedtime people.a lot of the kids friends met us there. most of these are kids i have known since they were all like 14. so it's always good to see them. man where does the time go? these kids are pushing 30 now.

we had some french fries for dinner and the kids sang kareoke.Ian, who knows the words to nearly every song in the world....agreed (after my begging) to sing nickelbacks "animals"
OMG!the kid did not know ANY of the words. he massacred my song.

poor little gidget is working 2 jobs AND going to school. she had to wait on us all night looking like she was ready to drop from exhaustion.

i know I was about ready to die.

we stayed there until 2 a.m. !the kids actually wanted to go to another place THEN! i siad "give me the keys then, i am not waking up and being car-less while you guys sleep all day."

well, wes would not let me drive after my 3 whole drinks (in 4 hours) so he drove me home, while eric,logan and matt followed us (so they could take wes with them)
by the time we got here, wes was ready to poop out and just stay here. we both realized "if you poop out now after they just followed us here for half an hour they're gonna kill you"

so, as tired as he was, he had to go with them. they all called me at 3;30 to let me know they were all at logans house, safe.

whew! i feel so refreshed after my 4 hours of sleep. NOT!
hubby called and woke me up at 7:30.

so, i imagine they should all be sleeping in today. i am going to clean up this room(which also looks like a frathouse) and then head out on my own for some peaceful shopping. and i pary that by 1 or 2 i am right here taking a nice 3 hour nap.

i am going to throw up some pictures ...but keep in mind ....i do not have my OWN photo program here and no way to correct or crop anything. so these pics are hideous!


Anonymous said...

I wish I could be there, too.
I hope the rest of your visit goes

desert dirt diva said...

that sounds.. hmm interesting

desert dirt diva said...

o.k so i just read your post it sounds fun exhausting but allot of fun and the boys have gotten so menish..oh because they are.. are they really pushing 30.. damn time does fly...wendi hates it when i remind her she is gonna be 26...have a great day.....and i can't believe you nap so much.. i remember the day a NAP was FORBIDDEN!;)

SOUL: said...

i wanna be 26 -28 gain. actually 24 was my best year. i wanna go back and be 24 forevah !!!
i was fun , people liked me, men thought i was hot :)), i danced, i was spontaneous, and i wasn't mental.
what more could i ask for?
make it happen smocha-- give it back.

remember the wild week in san diego when all we did was go crazy? kidless, jobless, and full of cash, and doin whatever the hell we wanted?

wreckless abandon. that's what i want.

where did it go.

oh ya, i got married, and had a kid, and lost my mind. hmmm. yep, that'll change a few things won't it.

happy chicago humpday;.

ps-- haha-- thanks to your responsible weis for bein your designated driver !!!!

tell your clan they should come here for thanksgiving if you are not in england-- y'all should.. we have room!
i'll even clean--- maybe even bring in my maid LOL

otherwise, i'm just gona get cornish hens and pie. or mcdonalds. whichever i feel like . dunno yet-- but we can't leave town til after all the court crap is done with-- after dec 29th;

so it's yo turn to come see US!