Sunday, April 27, 2008

Scientific Saturday........

This was a was only a test.....

As y'all know SOME point ...the cats will be flying to Europe.

We have learned from experience...that this flight is a living hell.

(see the Sweden diary on the sidebar)

So, My plan IS to get them "used to going some where"
ie) LOVING their little travel bags.

Today was our first experiment.

We took Cavuto out on the boat.

On the walk "to the boat" while he was in his little bag .....he did the usual...screamed his head off.

Floozie 2 and G5 ,
they were out in "our cove " as well

so we all tied up together.

Lake Farmer was fishing and had caught the biggest crappy I have ever seen!

"Shit, do I look worried?Mean?Bored? Sun in my eyes? "

Let's hear your guess:))

"do I look like a crazy cat woman?"

"OMG....I have NEVER smelled so much at one time in my whole life!!!"

"I'm the Captain of this ship ,pardon me, my hand slipped"

Ha! my dad used to say that ...and then ...slap you.

A beautiful day in the neighborhood......won't you be neighbor?

Anyhow, Cavuto did GREAT!!! He loved his first boat trip.
And ...when the boat is moving's very similar to the airplane experience.
Maybe this could turn out to be a wonderful idea!!! :)))

Now..we just have to figure out how to get Monkey to LOVE it.

Wanted " adoptive parent for insane, hateful demon cat"
Loves whipped cream, loves you , until you dare to flinch , will sleep with you, until you dare to move. Will lay on the fluorescent lights all day, scream her head off when she's ready to go to bed.That means she wants YOU to go to bed, NOW!.
Will come out and "visit " her girlfriends.Hates travel, hates movement, hates everyone and every thing...pretty much.
She does LOVE black shoe strings.
Small, (vet says she's a midget) poops very little.
Will probably live until she's 30 .
Today could be your lucky day!!! Come adopt her!!!! Save us alll!!!!

I'm really kidding...(unless you HAVE the ideal situation for her and want to devote your life to a demanding bitch ...with little return)..we love that little bitch.

If YOU could love her MORE :)...please let me know. We only want what's best for her.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Make up my mind already......

Happy Saturday Ya'll,

It sure is easy to fall behind on posting. ack!

Let's see......what has happened since my last post???

Oh yeah...My husband got home early Thursday evening. And just as I suspected , he immediately wanted to go out on the boat. Floozie 2 and lake farmer came over and happy houred with us.
So after that ,we left to go out on the boat about 8 P.M.

There are only a few restaurants where you can go on the boat.We pull up to one and a guy comes out and says "sorry folks, we closed at 8:30"

We had no choice but to go to "Way too expensive grill"
We both ordered a little filet . After waiting forever .....they bring our steaks out WELL done!
Uh ...sorry ..NO!!
So we had to wait again while they cooked new ones.

During all the waiting ,I tell my husband how depressed I've been etc..bla bla bla.

We finally get home and get to bed (after my bed time) around 11:30.
Monkey wakes us up at 3 ,scratching on a box. Then Cavuto gets me UP for the day at 6. ack!

Needless to say ,I was exhausted all day yesterday. But i got no nap . We were too busy. he worked all day and I spent most of the day on the internet ,researching England.

At some point he decides we will leave Sunday for Mt Pilot . Me, him , the cats and BOTH cars.

"I can't have you sitting here all depressed"

After looking up the 2 day drive to Mt. Pilot and cringing at the very thought of it. I suddenly realize "I don't think I want to go.I think I'd rather stay home."

(yeah "I" was surprised too) lol You know you wish YOU were married to me. ha ha ha

Who knows some point ,I may change my mind again . :)

But for now, I'm stayin' home.

Last night it was rainy and thunder storming , so we stayed home. Floozie2 and Lake farmer came over and we ordered chinese food.

Yesterday the cat stroller arrived. :))
Hubby and Lake farmer finally put it together. woo hoo!!! crazy cat lady coming out today!

Cavuto and O'Reilly seem to LOVE it allready.

Hopefully ,today I'll be out there getting laughed at by all the neighbors. :)


Soul gave me a blogger award...She said :

" Smocha - at Cats On The Counter : cuz she gets through a life that people don't often see behind the masks that hang on her living room wall..."

Thanks Soul!
I'm sure everyone LOVES my attitude. LOL

If you know someone with "gratitude and attitude" feel free to give it to them.

I'll be passing it on as well, but my little mind has to have some time to think for a while, first.

I'll be back latah with some pics of the crazyness of walking the cats .

Have a great day peeps!

Luv me

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rich bitches and spam......

Happy Thursday Y'all ,

My spouse is coming home today I have a fun filled /busy day planned . Cleaning out my fridge, cleaning out my truck, cleaning out cat boxes, putting away neglected laundry.

WOO HOO!!! sounds like fun .No?

Since I have no time to sit here this morning .........I will leave you with this stuff.

This is one of Bitchypoo's most hilarious posts. (IMHO)

Years ago ,I read this at work and was just cackling out loud. Enjoy :)

(and next .....a vulgar yet funny spam generator that my oldest son made. Enjoy that too .If you dare :)

Sick of only getting 25 emails per day about enlarging augmenting your member ?
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Using this amazing spam generator, created by yours truly, you can create an unlimited supply of unique messages urging you to...
dilate your big dogg, protract your fang, adorn your beast and beautify your lad!!
Simply reload the page or hit the button on the right that says: “Click here for another email”!
Enjoy my friends.. And remember...
You will be super if you stretch your package with our kickass wonder drug! cater her yogurt pot this way and that!
Kindest Regards,
Wesley Black


Have a great day peeps!

Luv me

The great white hunter.....


Can we ever afford to go anywhere?

What are YOUR gas prices y'all?

Well, another exciting day here in Paradise.

I did do my chores. Then I went to a bunch of thrift stores, ate lunch , and went to Wal-hell.
Buy the time I got home it was about 2:30 and i was sooo exhausted I HAD to go take my 3 hour nap.

The highlight of the day was finding a Craftsman hammer for 2 bucks. My husband lost our hammer about 2 months ago. :)


(Insert crazy bug talk)

Cavuto has spotted a bug.

Silly bug......

"NO bug is a match for ME!"

"I will get you , you evil trespasser."

"I know you're up there."

(insert scary death music)

Chomp , chomp ,chomp.

"say hello to my tummy beeotch!!"

Hope you guys had a great day in your worlds!

luv me

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I got nuthin' Part 2

Damn blogger screw ups!

Anyhow....Today I am going to drag myself up and try to do SOMETHING> Besides scrub my bathrooms and wash my sheets. :)

Although that does sound oh so fun.

I've started buying all this scrapbooking stuff. When I look at it though, I have no brilliant or creative ideas popping into my head. Nothing! It would help if I could sit still for more than 5 minutes.

I think my aunts got all the creative genes for the whole female side of this family.What a rip!

Ok, I'm shuttin' up :)

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Luv me

I got nuthin'

Hi Y'all,

Yep , I know I'm behind on posting.It's been a depression crash week. For no damn reason. Bleah!

Well , actually there is a reason ,it's just dumb. A long time ago I said that "depression is like having the blinders stripped off" and you see too much of "everyone else's pain"

Several people I know are having very bad times right now. So, I know that's part of it.

And I've been in limbo so long ,as far as going to Mayberry...etc... I think ,that is also bumming me out.
Unwanted pity party. lol

So, here it is ...FINALLY all warm and wonderful out and what do I do? Have I taken the boat out?

Um NO!

Have I gone and layed on the dock? um No!

I've spent my afternoons sleeping my lazy ass off.I could literally sleep all day if I let myself.

I have done nothing at all to blog about. Cleaning my house just isn't all that exciting.

When roadkill makes ya cry know you're depressed. :)

My neighbor just got 2 Dachshund puppies. OMG! They are soooo stinkin' cute!
They look like this guy. And they have huge little feet. :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Night time is for young people.....

We got this new beer for wasn't bad either. Apparently it's Jimmy Buffets beer.

It just happened to be prom night. How special.

My camera stinks at "after dark " pictures.:(

There were fireworks.....


Don't know if that was for prom or the corvettes.


Old ladies belong in their damn pajamas by 5 p.m.

Happy Sunday y'all.


My husband just said I can buy this sweet cat stroller.
*insane laughter*

Look out ain't seen a crazy cat lady yet!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Donks,cats and Corvettes

Hi Y'all,

It was truly a beautiful day today. 81 degrees baby!!


Too bad I spent most of it in the house ,working.

Around noon I left and went to the library.

Look at this sweet car.

I saw it all over town after I spotted it at the car wash.

Then I went to the cat shelter thrift store.

I found nothing.

But i did take some pictures of these adorable homeless babies. :)

This one, obviously part Bengal.

There's probably 20 of them in that room and they all get along.

Cute little baby with no tail.

Part Abyssinian.

Maine coon? He was HUGE!

Then I came home and MY lazy babies were laying around like slugs.

Beautiful slugs. :))

Well, they're having some Corvette thing in town this weekend. They're every where.

So I'm about to go out like a grown up and eat dinner and do some people (and corvette) watching,with Eva.

I'll tell ya all about it when I get home.

Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday!

Love me

Oh P.S. When I drove by my boyfriend today he had a brand new red suitcase with him.
That's funny ,cuz i had thought about giving him a suitcase. lol
Someone beat me to it.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Rip offs and my boyfriend................

View larger picture

Buy It Now price: US $585.00

I swear, I hate ebay. What a damn ripoff!
BTW ,I paid 13 dollars for MY mask. :)) SCORE!!!!!

Yesterday , I was getting gas at the Walmart gas station and who do you suppose was right in front of me ,when I paid?
That's right ....."my boyfriend"
He had a handful of money and was buying 5 packs of Winstons.
I'm more curious than ever now. I knew he had money from somewhere. So, why does he live like that?

When I first moved here ,Floozie1 and I used to jokingly call him my boyfriend. Now EVERYONE I know calls him that.

They'll be "Oh , hey i saw your boyfriend today."

My spouses trip home was delayed. So...what will i do with myself today???

Not sure yet , but I'm running late already. Cavuto woke me up at frekin 4 A.M.!!!
Little brat!!!

It's raining AGAIN. and WINDY again !!!Is SPRING ever really coming this year???
I'm starting to have some doubts about it.

Well, I bettah get busy. Friday means nothing here, but for those of you to whom it does mean "something" Happy Friday!!!

Later peeeps:)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mama's new shoes

Happy hump day y'all ,

Today was technically too boring to talk about picture post it is!

My latest find. What do you think I paid for it?? Go on ,guess.
(it's huge)

Greek lemon chicken and angel hair pasta for dinner.

"this box is AWESOME!"

"it's lulling me to sleep ,it's so comfortable."

"I'm dying of t'urwtey!"

Because he refuses to drink anything but running water .Can we get any more SPOILED?

I think NOT!

"what???I didn't do it."

Mama needs a new pair of shoes.

Cavuto agrees.

These are all the "summer ones" that I have :(

Flip flops don't count as shoes.

Ah! There they are my NEW summer shoes.

Yes, i know they're ugly. But they're so ugly they're cute. :)

Show me your shoes people. Let's see 'em!!!

Hope you had a great day peeps!!

Love me