Thursday, April 24, 2008

The great white hunter.....


Can we ever afford to go anywhere?

What are YOUR gas prices y'all?

Well, another exciting day here in Paradise.

I did do my chores. Then I went to a bunch of thrift stores, ate lunch , and went to Wal-hell.
Buy the time I got home it was about 2:30 and i was sooo exhausted I HAD to go take my 3 hour nap.

The highlight of the day was finding a Craftsman hammer for 2 bucks. My husband lost our hammer about 2 months ago. :)


(Insert crazy bug talk)

Cavuto has spotted a bug.

Silly bug......

"NO bug is a match for ME!"

"I will get you , you evil trespasser."

"I know you're up there."

(insert scary death music)

Chomp , chomp ,chomp.

"say hello to my tummy beeotch!!"

Hope you guys had a great day in your worlds!

luv me


Mary said...

I don't have pictures but gas is $3.59 at the station closest to our house. Filling up my car shoots the bottom out of $60. It's a good thing I live close to all the necessities - grocery, doctor, bldg supply, and garden nursery.

I always enjoy pictures of your cats. Cavuto gets more handsome all the time.

SOUL: said...

nuthin like cavuto in action !
the most action i've had around here today is soulman playin frickin xbox live--- woo hoo !!!

i'm goin ta bed -- lest my head explode----


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics of Cavuto. Can you imagine having a creature 50,000 times bigger than you, with sharp teeth, climbing a wall to get you and eat you up? Must be hell to be a bug. Congrats, Smocha, on the great hammer purchase. 2 bucks for a Craftsman - you get an A+. Here's an idea - if you want to take an afternoon siesta - take it at the pool. 3 hrs and you will have a great tan or maybe a gigantic sunburn. Whatever. G5

desert dirt diva said...

gas prices here are a whopping 381 a gal. and that was yesterdays prices, who knows what todays are and yes premeum is over 4 dollars a gal.. and no i do not go to town much...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroh and 100 dollars only gives me 3/4 of a tank./

myomyohi said...

3.56 - 3.59 here - its costing me about 20 bucks a day to drive the truck back and forth to work, so I've been driving the old beat up bonneville. The beamer gets good mileage, but I can't drive it because of the car seat. ack

Smocha said...

Mornin' y'all,

Yep gas prices are worse every day here. I NEVER fill my truck all the way up. Usually ,it gets to about 50 bucks and that's all I can stomach.
That's only about half a tank. ack!

Mary, Thanks.
Yep ,Cavuto is beautiful. But he sure is a crazy pain in the ass too. :)
Everyday at the crack of dawn ,he starts talking in my face "wa woo "
I guess that means "get the hell up!"
Then starts pawing me in the face. If that doesn't work fast enough ,he will go spill my water all over the nightstand.
Better than any alarm clock. no?

Soul, I am SOOOO glad that my spouse has NO video games. :))

G5, that's a great idea ,napping at the pool . But it's probably too hot out there.
I am writing my name all over MY new hammer:)

Have a great day peeps!

Anonymous said...

buy some pink duck tape and wrap it around hammer handle. Walmart has it in all colors. Gas here 3.449. I have to plan my trips and go everywhere at once. bummer! good pics! auntie j