Saturday, April 19, 2008

Donks,cats and Corvettes

Hi Y'all,

It was truly a beautiful day today. 81 degrees baby!!


Too bad I spent most of it in the house ,working.

Around noon I left and went to the library.

Look at this sweet car.

I saw it all over town after I spotted it at the car wash.

Then I went to the cat shelter thrift store.

I found nothing.

But i did take some pictures of these adorable homeless babies. :)

This one, obviously part Bengal.

There's probably 20 of them in that room and they all get along.

Cute little baby with no tail.

Part Abyssinian.

Maine coon? He was HUGE!

Then I came home and MY lazy babies were laying around like slugs.

Beautiful slugs. :))

Well, they're having some Corvette thing in town this weekend. They're every where.

So I'm about to go out like a grown up and eat dinner and do some people (and corvette) watching,with Eva.

I'll tell ya all about it when I get home.

Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday!

Love me

Oh P.S. When I drove by my boyfriend today he had a brand new red suitcase with him.
That's funny ,cuz i had thought about giving him a suitcase. lol
Someone beat me to it.


Anonymous said...

good pics... I'm dead. Bo had cut a HUGE pine tree and we worked all day, again, hauling parts to the burn pile and loading parts of trunk on trailer to haul off, Need help. HELP!!! auntie j

desert dirt diva said...

hmmmmmmmmmm well you tell evea to pick herself up one good looking studly... and have herself some good old fashion fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Smocha - Ask your boyfriend these:
1. Where do you sleep?
2. If outside, how do you keep from freezing in the winter?
3. What do you carry around in your sack/red suitcase?
4. Where do you eat and what do you eat?
5. How do you get money to buy ciggies?

simonsays said...

Great post. I admire your ability to go into the cat shelter, there is no way I could enter and leave without a kitty or I stay away.

I love the car, too!

Corvette shows/things are fun. I hope you had a great time doing some people and car watching!


Mary said...

Your babies are beautiful. The kitties at the shelter look well cared for. I donate a few $$ and garage sale stuff to a local animal shelter. It's always a struggle to not bring another animal home.

Boy, oh boy, are you in trouble! Some fluzzy is about to beat your time with the boyfriend. First a red suitcase....who knows what's next. Does the suitcase have a pop-up handle and wheels? If not maybe you can beat her out with a bigger suitcase that does. (You know I'm just being silly.)