Friday, April 4, 2008

Shiver me timbers

happy Saturday Y'all,

Well Cavuto woke me up too damn early this morning. i like to sleep in on sat. til 7 or so. ha ha

I realize that I do not like the Adams family. (that's what's on my Lucy channel ,right now) ick!

Night before last we had a HUGE thunderstorm. It started the minute my husbands plane landed. He got home from the airport right before it got really bad.

At one point the thunder was so loud (and close) I screamed , the cats ran in all directions ,the electricity went out and the car alarms out in the parking lot started going off.
I had never seen anything like it.

Yesterday ,it was cold,dark and drizzling all day.

During the morning ,we discussed the pros and cons of me going to Mayberry right now. And the cons won. I was so disappointed ,I was on the verge of tears all day.

I pretty much did NOTHING all day. Layed around and watched Lucy, read, and napped.

Due to the storm , we had no internet allll day long! :(

Later on we went to dinner at Olive garden. The main reason we went there was because we had a 25 dollar gift certificate. (a mere fraction of "our dinner out' price)
We get home and realize we forgot to use the damn gift certificate. :)

Today we're going to Aunty j's.The sun is out , the internet's back and the tears are stuffed back down. So here's hoping today will be a better day :))

Have a great day peeps!!!


myomyohi said...

Go to google and type in "banned commercials". This is perk up your day:)

simonsays said...

I'm sorry you're sad.

Hoping today is better!

Hang in Smocha, hang in!

SOUL: said...

well that sucks.. cept i like those kindsa storms.

i didn't cruise much yesterday-- so i missed this.

speaking of cons-- perhaps a new pen pal could cheer you up LOL
just kidding!

anyhow--- the gift certificate thing-- we did the same thing not too long ago. wth .. must run in the family---

happy sunday--

ps-- keel my landlawd!

Anonymous said...

Glad we were outta town during that storm. 10 tornados in Arkansas. Wow! Peeps were calling Jane at 3 in the morning asking if she was OK. She was thinkin WTH? Then they told her about the storms. Oh. We were in Ft Worth, TX. G5