Thursday, April 3, 2008

id·i·o·syn·cra·sies ,Do YOU have any?

WordNet -

a behavioral attribute that is distinctive and peculiar to an individual

I've been thinking about doing a post on this for a while now, I've just been SOOOO busy.

Think about it , idiosyncrasies can make or break relationships. They can drive people wacko. They can endear you to people. Even animals have them. (Mine do)

So, have you ever thought about "yours" ? What are they? Do they make people love you? Make you quirky and cute? Make you seem strong? Crazy? Helpless?Manipulative? Hateful? Adorable? OCD? Annoying as hell?

Are they all "out there" for the world to see? Or do you hide them?
Chances are, you can't really hide lets spill our guts about our idiosyncrasies ,shall we?

I'll go first. :)

Ok, here are some of mine:

1. When I clean my house ,I always do it in the same order. You, dining room , living room, office, bathroom 1...etc......

2.If I don't say "outloud" that I am taking my medicine.....I won't remember ...2 minutes later ,if I took it or not. So ,I say "outloud" to the cat "I'm taking my pill Cavuto"

3.I constantly hum an unidentifiable tune , or whistle "and the casons go rolling along"

4. I talk to myself, even in PUBLIC!!!(you know you've been alone too long if...)

5.I have to have a huge "side pillow" to sleep.

6. I can't shut up during t.v. shows or movies. (yeah , my husband LOVES it) lol NOT!!

7. I frequently read ,WHILE I'm watching t.v.

8.I'm so scared of wrecking , that I drive with BOTH hands on the steering wheel in a death grip. I have calluses from driving.

9.I am constantly "picking Up" after my husband (or whoever is around) They will lay down a cup or a spoon ,for a minute thing I know ,I hear "what the hell did you do with my spoon/cup/socks/underwear/banana peel?"

"um..It's in the dishwasher/washer/trash."

10.I play with my hair . Have as long as I can remember too. Very annoying.

"stop doing that, it makes you look crazy!" (husband)

"you flick that hair at me one more time ,i'm unuh kick yer ass" (chow line,boot camp)

11.When I eat a meal, I save one bite of the yummiest thing to be my "last bite"

12.Oh, apparently ,I eat while on the phone. But truth be told, I only do that if it's my sister or poodles on the phone.:))

13. I carry a little basket from room to room (or to the neighbors)with my 3 phones and my cigarettes in it.

14. I'm totally scared of everything. I sleep with knives, guns and pepper spray. (maybe I'm kidding, maybe I'm not) Stalkers. llolol
Have it in my purse too. :)

15.When I HAVE to use a public bathroom.....I will tear off the paper that some one else "tore off" (touched)and throw it away. Then ,when i wash my hands ,I use my paper towel to open the door and if their trash is too far from the door , I'll just have to throw it on the floor.
The older I get ,the more germ- a-phobic. go figure. :)

Ok...I think that's enough for now. :)))

Sound pretty annoying? OCD? Crazy? LOL

It's human nature baby. We're all crazy. So ,consider yourselves tagged!!!

Let's hear 'em!!!

Luv me.
P.s. I got ALLL that work done today. In the right order , of course. Then I had to take a nap.


Anonymous said...

epigrammatic, :))))

Anonymous said...

Part idio, part OCD. I like -really need - to load the dishwasher in the exact same way everytime. If someone else as much as puts one glass in there in the "wrong" place I will move it to "my chosen" place before I run the dishwasher. I like to sleep with 2 pillows, partially overlapping each other. Hard to sleep if I dont do that. I also clean the house in a definite sequence - always start with the kitchen. Bathrooms are last. I always back my car in. I do not know why, I just do. I know there are more. G5
PS I didnt click on Blogspot Help! I just clicked on this one, because it had the latest timestamp. Hope I didnt miss anything important.

Design PR said...


"9.I am constantly "picking Up" after my husband (or whoever is around) They will lay down a cup or a spoon ,for a minute thing I know ,I hear "what the hell did you do with my spoon/cup/socks/underwear/banana peel?"

"um..It's in the dishwasher/washer/trash.""

SOUL: said...

i may have to do this later-- i think a couple must be hereditary!!

Anonymous said...

13. carry basket w/cig ...... so many fires are started from smoking. You need to smoke in your living area, sitting down, only. A few years ago mlou's night stand scard was covered with burn holes! She did say the other night she quit smoking in bed. Hope so! auntie j

Golden To Silver Val said...

I do #11 and PART of #15...'cept I don't ever litter. I didn't think ANYONE did the t-paper thing. I thought I was the only goofy one that did that. LOL. Paper towel to open the door..been doing that almost all my life. Mom taught me that.
Interesting post. This is why we humans are so endearing. *snicker*

desert dirt diva said...

hey you never do no.9 when i'm around.. you forgot the blessed thrift stores.. this really drives me nuts.. you have a perfect order you go , which is cool , because you do find the good stuff.. i also talk to myself, and answer myself, and talk to anyone who will listen to me to!...hmmm i'm just a fun loving type a person!

SOUL: said...

i still havent done it-- i'm brain dead- i do several of these tho

Design PR said...

Here's one that I have after being nagged at a million times as a kid for drinking all the damned diet coke:

No matter what I'm pouring.. milk, soda, tea, beer I'll leave a half of a sip in the bottom of the huge container. I have to actually force myself to pour the last drop out and throw the empty jug away.

I often roam the house while brushing my teeth and / or flossing.

I re-use paper towels that I dry my hands with while cooking. They pile up on the counters and it drives my roommate crazy.

I never remember anyone's birthday.. or any date for that matter!

I never remember anyone's name when I first meet them. I literally forget it instantly unless I repeat it to them and make a conscious effort to commit it to memory. Consequently, I know a lot of people named dude, buddy and yo.

I want to kill people who don't use their blinkers while driving.

I create excel spreadsheets for practically everything. I should create one to manage my idiosyncrasies!

I own probably 500 various cords & cables, 4 computers, over 20 hard drives, over 20 board games, less than 20 dvd's, over 5 coats (and I live in florida).

My main computer has 2.5 terabytes of storage space. (2,500 gb)

I can't get 2 minutes into any debate without consulting google.

I can settle almost any debate in less than 10 seconds once I have google pulled up.

I'm all or nothing when it comes to just about anything.

ok.. I need to get back to work.

simonsays said...

I LOVED this post!

See, I am not the only crazy one...

LOL! And thank you for taking the time to post this!