Monday, April 14, 2008

Petrified cats and screaming mee mee's...oh my

I'm back from the Vet. That was horrible.

I actually thought it was going to be a piece of cake . (silly me)

The reason I thought that was because at first, it seemed so easy. At 9:30 I gave Cavuto his valium. He was sleeping on the back of the couch. I just went over ,opened his mouth and popped the pill right down his throat. Sa-weet!

I waited until he started getting uncoordinated , then popped him in the cage. Next i grabbed O'reilly and popped him in the cage with him.
Whew! That was easy. :)

Then it's time to get monkey . She was to be traveling in her own sherpa bag , by herself.
She had been laying on the cable box all morning.

So ,I'm thinking "all I have to do now is pop her into her, this is going sooo smoothe."
I should have known better. ha ha ha .

I go bee-boppin into the bedroom and the cable box is bare. Wonderful. I search the house for the little witch. I finally find her ,hiding under the bed. She knows I am up to no good. So she refuses to come anywhere near where i can grab her.

I jiggle some shoes strings for about 10 minutes and finally am able to grab her. and strangle mean put her in the carrier.

Cavuto is acting drunk as a skunk ,but in NO way tranquilized. I get them all loaded into the truck. Moneky is shrieking the entire way to the Vets.

As soon as we walk in the door ,she went into her "flattened out, stiff as a board " mode and shut up.

She gets her shot first . She's silent and like a piece of petrified wood .

Then O'Reilly fights me when i try to remove him from the carrier. (you're supposed to fight on the way IN!, dummy)

He gets his shot and goes right back into the carrier.

Then it's Cavuto's turn. (he is getting the shot AND microchipped)
Well ,he's acting drunk as a skunk ,I put him on the table.

The doctor says "Have you seen the size of this needle?" (the microchip needle)

"Um, no ,and I don't think I want to."

So ,I stand to the side and pet his head while the "nurse" holds him down. The minute they touched him he SCREAMED bloody murder. I'm not talking meowing here, I mean one
ear shattering ,continuous, minute long scream.

It was AWFUL! The other cats were horrified (as I'm sure ,were any other animals in the building)

They get to go back in 2 weeks for more. Damn!!!

This time we got valium for everyone. (except ME! ) lol

As you can see from the video. Valium does not knock one out and make one drowsy ,as you would expect. More like hyper and drunk.

So, I have errands to run , but I must stick around until Cavuto "sobers Up".

Man , I wish Vets made house calls .

It would also be nice ,for once , to have a sane animal :)


desert dirt diva said...

that poor boy... how is he doing now???

SOUL: said...

a sane animal? not in this family-- or lifetime. ever notices every animal either of us has ever owned has been mental???

btw-- you talk like a cat!

Anonymous said...

Cody never goes in the car unless it's to the vet so he meows a deep, long meoooooooooowwwwwwww the entire time. I, too, have to fight to put him in and out of the carrier. Taking Rocky to the vet this morning for yearly shots and check up is never a problem. thank goodness! auntie j

simonsays said...

You poor thing, you are far braver than I. I think men were put on this earth to take animals to the ver...and women take kids to the doctor, not that it's any easier, but now, in my old age, my kids are grown...Mark takes all of them. YES!

myomyohi said...

Life would be boring as hell if you had normal cats. How entertaining would that be? And, Who wants to be normal???

Mary said...

Poor baby, poor siblings (the other cats), poor mommy! Cavuto looks like he may be drunk for a week.

We do have vets who make housecalls in a van. Zennea is a willing patient so we just go to the office. She's only crazy at home.

Anonymous said...

Three cats that never leave the condo and they are chipped? Animal cruelty. Or maybe the chips are useful in finding said cats when they hide. Take a cat finder (looks like a TV remote), turn it on and go room to room. When it beeps and lights up you have found your cat. Hasn't been invented yet, but it sure would be neat.Invent that and retire on the royalties of a million per year. G5

Smocha said...

Hi Y'all,

Well poor Cavuto is finally back to normal this morning. And by normal , I mean ,he was well enough to spill my water and paw me awake at 5:30 this morning.

I think he had too much valium. It seems like it should have worn off in maybe 4 hours or so, not 15.
Next time I'm only giving him half a pill.

G5 is right , they don't leave the condo. But they must be micro chipped to go over seas. which we plan to do at some point.

And also ,if they ever happened to get out the chip would make it easy to find out where they belong.

O'reilly and Monkey certainly didn't react the way Cavuto did.
they stoically sat there, like it was any old shot.

The doctor assured me that Cavuto started screaming BEFORE he even got near him with the needle.

Thank God that's over. :)

Have a great Tuesday peeps!

luv me