Monday, April 14, 2008

I am moron...

Happy Monday Y'all,

This morning all 3 of the little darlings are going to the Vet.

Cavuto is getting microchipped (the other 2 already are)and they're all getting their shots.

I'm sure it's going to be a real blast. NOT!

Remember ,Cavuto is the one who had a grand mal seizure when i took him to get neutered.

I'll be giving him a valium an hour before we leave.

THEN>..the fun of trying to get all 3 of them in one carrier .

I REALLY need one of these.

Or These.

"hello Mothers day!!!"


Have you ever had an experience that left you convinced ,you are an absolute moron?

Picture it.....months ago....after Christmas.

Me "We need a new damn vacuum ,this thing does NOTHING! It doesn't even lift up the fibers anymore."

Spouse" We probably just need a new beater brush."

Well, HE never ordered a new one. Did "I" know how to figure that out and do it? Um NO!

I did however take the entire vacuum apart using a mini screwdriver ...and look for clogs. There were none.

All these months my carpet has looked like something I found in the garbage.

Yesterday, i prepare to do my usual "go ahead and vacuum , even though it does no good" vacuuming.

I notice that stupid little slider that say "High" and "low"
Just for shits and grins ,I move the slider over to "high" (that's for SHAG carpet ,right?)Which I do NOT have.

Well, imagine my surprise ,when doing that simple little thing makes the damn vacuum work!!
After ALL this time.

I vacuumed the whole house , looking at the fibers actually standing up for the first time in months, while shaking my head and saying "You are a freaking moron!!"

Duh...duh ..duh.... I feel SOOOOO stupid. lol

Sometimes really is the simple thing ;)

Have a great day peeps!

luv me


Anonymous said...

Have fun at the vet. I, too, am going to the vet. Rocky is due his shots and he keeps getting a pus filled blimp the vet has to lance and drain. Luckily it doesn't hurt or bother him. cold outside --- 32 degrees! auntie j

SOUL: said...

i have never seen a pet stroller ! my gawd what WILL they think of next???
or dare i ask?

and hmmm.. the vac thing-- i wonder if your thing is backwards? hi-lo i mean. dunno.

anyhow-- enjoy the vet visit. :))


myomyohi said...

Just think, it could have been worse..... your doting spouse could have been the one to say "have you tried adjusting the height to see what happens?" at least you had the vision, albeit a bit late, to figure it out on your own. Kudos. :)