Sunday, April 20, 2008

Night time is for young people.....

We got this new beer for wasn't bad either. Apparently it's Jimmy Buffets beer.

It just happened to be prom night. How special.

My camera stinks at "after dark " pictures.:(

There were fireworks.....


Don't know if that was for prom or the corvettes.


Old ladies belong in their damn pajamas by 5 p.m.

Happy Sunday y'all.


My husband just said I can buy this sweet cat stroller.
*insane laughter*

Look out ain't seen a crazy cat lady yet!


SOUL: said...

i guess that means i am old-- cuz that IS about when i get in my jammies-- well IF i get out of them at all!
i just updated.

Smocha said...

I just P.s.'d
go back and see:))

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the cat stroller but will you be able to take all 3 ?? auntie j

desert dirt diva said...

and were do u plan on taking the babies????i can hardley wait to see you strolling with that thing!

Mary said...

My pajamas and I form a bond around 5 p.m. When we go out - once in a blue moon - I'm always glad to get home and comfy.

I do like being out at a favorite restaurant on prom night. It's so much fun to watch the kids. The girls are trying to be glamorous and the boys are looking like a deer caught in the headlights. I have to admit that on more than one occasion I've wondered where the parents were when some of the girls bought those dresses.

Smocha said...

Mornin' Y'all,

Yep I vote for p.j.s by 5 P.M.
It ought to be a law for everyone over 40.

Auntie j, all 3 should fit in the cat stroller .It can hold 2 40 pound pets.

The reason for the cat
someday they'll be taking a trip to Europe with us. And I want to get them used to "going" somewhere.Without them freaking out and making everyone's trip a living hell. :)

I plan to start taking them out on the boat with us.

Wish me luck. :)))

Happy Monday Peeps!

simonsays said...

I agree on the jammies by five...and a beer or two by then, as well.

I love the kitty stroller, what a great idea! I want to see photos of you and yours...happily strolling, k?