Tuesday, April 1, 2008

mute Monday......


simonsays said...

Great post, LOL!

Ugh yes, Monday's suck..

But today is worse for me.

Hope your Tuesday is wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Great post? What did I miss? Write something! auntie j

SOUL: said...


i am sorry.

and, just so ya know-- if i didn't love you so much-- you wouldn't be able to hurt me.

ya know?

you'll always be "the wind beneath my wings"

and i hope you know that.

i love you.

desert dirt diva said...

glad to see you 2 made up:))))

Mary said...

I can breathe now. I'm so glad the two of you have moved on to a happy place with each other.

Cavuto is a beautiful cat. I believe I said that before. Are his eyes really gray or do they just look that was in the picture.

Tea or coffee, I can't tell but you have French press thing-um-a-jigs. (My son's words to describe mine when he was a little boy.) And I thought I was the only person left who uses them.

Smocha said...


Cavuto's eyes are blue . My red eye thingy just made them look gray.

We LOVE our coffee press's .It's the fastest coffee ever!!I HATE waiting 10 minutes for a drip coffee maker.

Soul and I have been getting in fights for 40 years. Since we're the only sibling we have ,we always have to make up. lol

My husband and his siblings NEVER fight. Totally unnatural ,is ya ask me. :))

Happy humpday!!

SOUL: said...

soulman never argues with his bros either-- even when he wants to ...
men.. go figure.

anyhow-- update hawg!

SOUL: said...

ps- i like the song btw :))