Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mama's new shoes

Happy hump day y'all ,

Today was technically too boring to talk about picture post it is!

My latest find. What do you think I paid for it?? Go on ,guess.
(it's huge)

Greek lemon chicken and angel hair pasta for dinner.

"this box is AWESOME!"

"it's lulling me to sleep ,it's so comfortable."

"I'm dying of t'urwtey!"

Because he refuses to drink anything but running water .Can we get any more SPOILED?

I think NOT!

"what???I didn't do it."

Mama needs a new pair of shoes.

Cavuto agrees.

These are all the "summer ones" that I have :(

Flip flops don't count as shoes.

Ah! There they are my NEW summer shoes.

Yes, i know they're ugly. But they're so ugly they're cute. :)

Show me your shoes people. Let's see 'em!!!

Hope you had a great day peeps!!

Love me


Anonymous said...

I say a $1.40, if I win do I get the Shoes? LOL

desert dirt diva said...

i say 50.cents and thats too much at that!

I can't belive you got ur damn shoes mine are suppose to be here on the 20... we will see.. maybe i will call them and see if they have your color lefty... there not to bad

SOUL: said...

where did you get your shoe-a - holism??? that's what i want to know. i'm a cheapskate when it comes to shoes-- i have just what i need and no more. wth?? either we were deprived of shoes as kids-- and you overcompensate --- and i feel unworthy-- or-- you were spoiled and got shoes on every occasion-- and i got none-- and still, feel unworthy...
or-- well... i have no other psychological observation to offer. maybe you're just OCD when it comes to shoes.?? i have never seen so many shoes in one persons possession !

as for the mask-- what do i win?? i say 3 bucks-- even tho-- i think it's hideous and scary. where are you gonna put it???


Smocha said...

You knuckleheads...i meant a REALISTIC estimate on the mask.

If I bought that new ,it would be 50 - a hundred bucks.

It IS put somewhere's on the wall ,by the T.v.

I believe it was this one "kids-- and you overcompensate "

We rarely got new shoes , but even when I was like 5, nothing thrilled me more than a pair of shiney ,good smellin' new shoes. :)

DD, you better get yours a half a size bigger than you normally wear.
If I'd gotten my regular size ,those things would be too tight.

My dahlink gets home this evening. Which means I'll be de-smoking my house
Hello pine sol and fabreeze!

Happy Thursday !

luv me

Golden To Silver Val said...

My cat was the same way...she would jump up on the bathroom counter and wait for someone to turn on the water. She also "asked" to go outside when she had to potty...did not like litter boxes. She would rattle the doorknob to let us know. She was the best cat evah!!! She lived to be over 17 years old. Half angora and half Siamese...but she looked like all angora..pure white. Whatta cat! I miss her.....(sob)

SOUL: said...

hmmmm... so what DID you pay for it then???
it's still scary. :))

I overcompensate? huh? with shoes? nuh uh.

i'm tiahd.

myomyohi said...

I say set those piggies free!

BTW, love the mask & $14.99?

Design PR said...